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   A LA CARTE SALAD -- MENU SELECTION EventMaster Menu Item Code 1 CHEF'S SALAD FT 391 2 CAESAR SALAD FT 5 4 3 SOUTHWEST CHICKEN SALAD FT 21 SOUTHWEST CHICKEN BREAST FT 12  AVOCADO RANCH DRESSING FT 298 4 FRIED CHICKEN SALAD FT 87 5 TRIOI SALAD FT 257 TUNA SALAD FT 367 CHICKEN SALAD FT 225 GARDEN MIXED GREENS FT 396 FRESH FRUIT CUP FT 348 PARMESAN CROSTINI FT 433  Yield Portion Size: 100112 CaloriesProteinFatCholesterolCarbohydratesSodiumCalci * Note: Nutritional Information is indicated for one serving size. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATIONPortion Size: Micro Greens(1/4 oz. ea.)8 oz.Salt5 tbspBalsamic Glaze (0.75 oz. ea.)1 Gal.Garlic, Roasted1/2 cup (= 4 ounce)On small plate place in o Pepper3 tbspTop tower with micro gr Basil, Fresh, chopped2 cupOlive Oil(1.5 oz. ea)1.25 Gal.For Tower:Fresh Mozzarella, Sliced 1 oz. ea.(2 ea.)200 ea.For Basil Oil: Tomato Roma, Sliced 1/4 in.(3 ea.)300 slicesBlend together, basil, oil INGREDIENTSQUANTITY REQUIRED MEASURE 1. RECIPE PART : This part contains ingredients, requried quantity for ea instructions. MENU ITEM RECIPE PREPARATION MENU ITEM: Caprese Tower Name of the Menu Item How many g to serve. List of Ingredients Required to Quantity for each ingredient to serve the Yield Portion size indicated #1 . 1  Serving Size: 1 Ea. QUANTITYSERVING SIZEPORTION COST 1139.86$ umRemark RECIPE YIELD 1 Each PREPARED BY: 1/2 cup = 8 tbsp 1 gal = 128 ounce1 Med Garlic Head = 2 tbsp1 cup = 8 ounceMicro Greens(1/4 oz. ea.)SaltBalsamic Glaze (0.75 oz. ea.) rder 1 tomato, 1 mozz slice, 1 tomato, 1 mozz slice, 1 tomato.Garlic, Roasted eens and drizzle with basil oil and then balsamic glaze and serve.PepperBasil, Fresh, choppedOlive Oil(1.5 oz. ea) Fresh Mozzarella, Sliced 1 oz. ea.(2 ea. , garlic, salt and pepper until smooth.Tomato Roma, Sliced 1/4 in.(3 ea.) PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS INGREDIENTS  h ingredients, and preparation 2. RECIPE COST C each ingredient b suggested selling MENU ITEM: Caprese T     uests you need Serving Size per guest. Preparation Instructions Recipe Quantity item based on the If you change the Yield Portion Size at Recipe part, the yield portion size at Cost Calculation part will be changed automatically. 4  Yield Portion Size: 100Serving Portion 0 QUANTITY / ONE PORTIONUNITRECIPE QUANTITYQUANTITY REQUIREDPURCHASE WEIGHTPURCHASED PRICE / CASE PER UNITTOTAL COST AS PURCHASED2Ounce200200.0lb3.82$ 12.50lb47.75$ 1Ounce100.00109.89lb0.75$ 6.87lb5.15$ 0.02cup22.00lb7.31$ 1.00lb7.31$ 1.5Ounce150150.00gal17.12$ 1.17gal20.06$ 0.005cup0.50.50head0.50$ 4.00head2.00$ 0.03tbsp33.008 oz. Btl3.62$ 0.19btl0.68$ 0.05tbsp55.0048oz.Pk1.89$ 0.05pk0.10$ 0.75Ounce7575.0012.9oz. Btl4.56$ 75oz26.51$ 0.08Ounce88.008 oz. Pk17.58$ 1.00pk17.58$ CONDIMENT COST 10%TOTAL COST OF ITEM SIDE ITEM COST -$ 4.66$ $139.86 COST PER PERSON COMBINED MEAL COST SELLING PRICE PER PERSON  SUBTOTAL REQUIRED WEIGHT or COUNT BY PURCHASED UNIT )  0  LCULATION PART: This working sheet automatically calculate 1) requried quantity sed on Yield portion size, cost per one serving portion, total cost, and rice based on the food cost you desire. MENU ITEM RECIPE COST CARD  ower     will be calculated proper amount for each Yield Portion Size or serving size. If your purchased weight is different than recipe quantity unit, you need to change the formula accordingly. For example, your purchased weight is lb, but your recipe unit is oz. Then you need to change the formula from pound to ounce. (1 lb = 16oz).   a. Purchas per unit : wh pay for each a 1 4 1 2 3
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