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  1.Introduction:2.Problem Statement - Guru3.Problem analysis and description - Preetham4.Critical need to solve problem - Preetham.Possible solutions and comparison -Chetan!. ecommend solution description and bene#t - Chetan$.Solution implementation plan% timelines% support re&uired - 'P(.Summary ) a*u Introduction:  +i% Good mornin,% I hope everybody is doin, ,ood today. his is Guruprasad S rom /-serve team and I 0ould lie to share a reoccurrin, problem 0e are acin, 0ith poor sound &uality in our /IP line and 0e have a fantastic  s olution or this problem .(energy words) Firstly,  I 0ill be talin, about the introduction o the issue. ater% Preetham 0ill tae over and 0ill ,ive detail inormation re,ardin, the problem analysis and description. lso% Critical need to solve problem. 5e6t% 'ayapraash and Chetan 0ill describe this antastic solution to you and #nally% the presentation 0ill be summari7ed by a*u. his complete presentation 0ould tae appro6imately 28 minutes% i you have any &uestions please as it at the end o the presentation. ne o us 0ill ans0er all your &ueries.  Just to summarize the problem ……The issue is voice clarity in the!I line hence the customers are not able to understand us properly onthe support call.   Background to problem Let me begin by   describin, the environment in 0hich our calls tae placeCurrent situation 1 ) pea hours Firstly - his issue happens or most calls durin, our pea hours. here is notrend as such% as this issue can happen anytime the call comes in at the pea hour. Imean durin, the pea hours bet0een 1:38 pm ) 18:38 pm the usa,e o internetband0idth is very hi,h. 5o0 - I 0ould lie to hand over the presentation to Preetham...Current situation 2 - 9orei,n customers e receive calls rom round the ,lobe; 0e come across customer rom 5orthmerica and <uropean customer. e also deal 0ith Spanish or 9rench customer 0hocan spea only broen <n,lish 0ith a heavy re,ional accent.1  Current situation ) call types Next ===e also ace simple issues lie pass0ord reset% pa,e cannot bedisplayed% deletin, cooies.5umber o callse receive appro6imately  to 18 calls a 0ee or 188 calls a month. Therefore ) what really is the problem with VOIP? (rhetorical question roblem statement  he main issue as 0e e6plained is poor voice clarity leadin, to len,thy callsand irate customers The Current Scenario – problem description Let me now !escribe this problem in !etails to you #o start with % - e ace simple issues lie 1 - pass0ord reset; 2 - pa,e cannot be displayed% and 3 - deletin, cooies. hich ,enerally taes not more than # $ %& minutes  to cover this issue% because o this problem it 0ould tae about but today it is tain, a lot o time as much as %# $ '& minutes . (stats)  It a>ects us terribly as 0ell as the customers.  his problem denitely  maes the customer irate. It also maes us repeat the conversation over and over a,ain. $ost importantly  % it impacts our business as 0ell as customer?s satisaction.  %econ!ly as 0e receive calls rom round the ,lobe% 0e have a lot o issues 0ith the sound &uality rom the /IP telephone line. e are dealin, 0ith Spanish or 9rench customer 0ho can spea only broen <n,lish 0ith a heavy re,ional accent. e no0that understandin, these <uropean accents are very di@cult ) and no0 let?s add another problem o a poor line hat is the result*  Arhetorical &uestionB I have to as him to repeat over and overa,ain and the Spanish ,uy is ,ettin, totally  irritated. his also signicantly  increases our call time from ve to ten minutes .  0aste o time or him and orus +et me ta,e you through a real life e-ample   his issue occurred last 9riday 0hen Peter 0as communicatin, 0ith his customer; Iheard he 0as repeatin, the same dialo,ues. ) Peter immediately called us and 0asvery upset and vented his an,er  nother e6ample - Des 0e had aced a Spanish customer 0ho can barely spea<n,lish. +e 0ould spea in broen <n,lish and because o the poor sound &uality 0e0ere not able to hear him. +e 0as irate as 0e do not have Spanish support uponthat he has to repeat his &uery a,ain and a,ain. s his <n,lish is broen I do not0ant to &uote his 0ords. 2  eed of the hour So =0e have been livin, 0ith this problem or about three months. /o we need todo anything about this*  e certainly do ==  lthou,h 0e don?t have any a #6ed S as the call Eo0 is less ri,ht no0. It 0ould de#nitely a>ect the customers precious  time as he has to repeat his &uestion or &uery a,ain and a,ain. Des% 0e have received complaints rom customers that thereis lot o noise in the telephone conversation rom our end. e have also received complaints rom perations head o the pro*ect sayin, that his clients are acin, problem understandin, the technical support e6ecutives. hey have to rerame or paraphrase there &ueries or concerns more number o times. So 0e need to do somethin, ri,ht a0ay.   o provide a ,ood &uality support and create more orders this problem should be#6ed. I this is not #6ed 0e 0ill de#nitely loose lose our customers and business.  0o how have we coped so far*  1-amples for pain points   he present state o this issue still remains same. e eep receivin, customer?scomplaints re,ardin, /IP &uality% due to this issue 0e have to perorm a test call0ithin us every 2 hours ) and shoot a mail   e have to brin, chan,es in the source that 0e currently have in place.  e receive appro6imately # to %& calls a wee, or %&& calls a month . ooin, at the volume% 0e eel that the issue should de#nitely be taen care at the earliest.I 0ould lie to hand over the presentation to Chetan.. 0olution /escription  o tae care o these issues I 0ould lie to introduce a superb  ne0 technolo,y called IPC International private lease circuit. e could replace the /IP line to IPC.s 0e no0 that the /IP A/oice ver Internet ProtocolB 0ors in the internet. n a hi,h internet usa,e hour the band0idth 0ill reduce or individual users% 0hich 0ill result in poor si,nal stren,th. So% by usin, IPC line 0e can overcome rom this indo issue. he IPC is not dependin, on internet and thereore it can ,ive best si,nal stren,th Ae6plain 0ith numberB and voice &uality. 2eatures I 0ould lie to <6pand more on the ma*or eatures o IPC%3  #he &rst thing is 2ull duple- operation :IPC serves as an ideal communication path0ay or businesses that re,ularlyre&uire simultaneously sendin, and receivin, lar,e volume o tra@c 0orld0ide. IPCthus saves time and eliminates the inconvenience o 0aitin, to send 0hile receivin,tra@c and vice versa. %econ!ly 3 0peeds:  Fuality net can provide a 0ide ran,e o IPCs transmission speeds% rom !4bpsand multiples o !4 bps% to cater or all applications% 0hich are seamless% and cost-e>ective mi,ration paths into the uture 0ith a hi,hly reliable core net0or andadded resilience or critical communications lins.Secondly #hir! '  4hoice of operating speed: IPC o>ers a 0ide variety o operatin, speeds to suit customer?s needs. hesespeeds can be easily up,raded as and 0hen the volume o tra@c ,ro0s in theuture. Next 3 5uality 0ervice through 0ervice +evel 6greements:  It assures 0orld-class customer support on all their products and services. IPC issupported by Service evel ,reement% 0hich ensures ,uaranteed &uality serviceand de#ned service availability to customers. Finally  4ustomer 0ervices:  he Hata Services Customer +elp Hes is available 24 hours a day% 3! days a yearor ault reportin, and handlin,% 0hile the 5et0or peration Canter is availableround the cloc to perorm circuit testin, and ault mana,ement. 4ost 0aving: IPC customers are char,ed a #6ed monthly rental irrespective o usa,e. he more acircuit is used% the more economical it becomes. eter story and 0panish story 3 ma,e it a positive story Implementation of I +4:  o implement use o IPC by companies in the past% each company had to #le anapplication 0ith one carrier to carry one private leased circuit line in one country%0hile contactin, a di>erent carrier in another country to carry the second privateleased circuit ) so essentially% the company 0ould have to create one invoice per carrier percountry.  IPC is a H circuit% usin, ime Hivision ultiple6in, to cost-e>ectively shareyour circuit 0ith others on a carrier net0or. o unction% you need a CSJKHSJ.4
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