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  TANA IT Fresher PH: +91-7799999999 CAREER OBJECTIVE Looking for an opportunity in a progressive organization ! ere # can $e a part of %evelopment & system analysis an% ave valua$le a%%itions to my kno!le%ge $y !orking!it a team of professionals an% meet t e c allenging environments an% ac ieve gro!t -oriente% ACADEMIC  2010 - 2013Master of Computer Application with  80% Raghu Engineering College, JNTU, Visakhapatnam, India  2007 - 2010Bachelor of Science– Computer & Statistics with  64% Sri MuraliKrishna College, AU, Visakhapatnam, INDIA  2005 - 2007Intermediate, Board of Intermediate Education with  62% Vikas Junior College, Visakhapatnam, AP. INDIA  2004 - 2005X class, Board of Secondary Education with  69% Kumars Public School, Visakhapatnam, AP. INDIA TECHNICAL SKILLS    Programming Languages ' '( .)et *.)et ,.)et  /e$ 0ec nologies ,P.)et  2arkup Languages H02L 3H02L an% 32L.  ata$ases 4L erver .  Packages 2 ffice - /or% 56cel Po!er Point TACIT KNOWLEDGE ã Curiosity emonstrate% interest in a !i%e range of su$ects going $eyon% t eimme%iate specialization8 !ork assignment8 active in professional net!orks8 openness tone! i%eas8 mo%els !it fast %evelopment of ne! e6pertise ! ere reuire% an%commitment to eual opportunities. ã !o iti#$ Se%siti&ity no!le%ge an% sure u%gment a$out t e %imensions of proect;san% situations8 a$ility to anticipate an% accept ne! %eman%s & c allenges8 !orkconstructively un%er stress an% in unclear situations8 liking of c allenging assignmentsan% searc for ne! responsi$ilities. ã Se '(Dire#tio% elf-motivation & result orientation8 track latest %evelopments8recognize o!n strengt s & !eaknesses an% take appropriate %evelopment actions8 ig !ork %iscipline & a$ility to !ork in%epen%ently. ã Co))u%i#$tio% 5ffective & tactful communication !it clearly an% succinctly orallyan% in !riting8 a$ility to esta$lis relations ips $ase% on an a!areness an% recognitionof t e values an% perspectives of ot ers in a multicultural environment8 goo% listeningskills8 e6perience in managing non- ierarc ical $e avior.  ã Te$) Wor* + Co e,i$ ity ,$ility to !ork co-operatively an% effectively in multi-cultural & multi-%isciplinary teams an% a$ility to motivate ot ers an% $uil% team ACADEMIC !ROJECT Title : CLOSENESS:A NEW PRIVACY MEASURE FOR DATA PUBLISHINGDuratio : ! Mot #Do$ai : DataMii%A&&li'atio Tool# : C( Wi)o*# For$#+ASP,NETData-a#e : MS.S/L Ser0er 1223O&erati% S4#te$# : Wi)o*# 5P6122261227 !ro-e#t Des#ritio% : 0 e k-anonymity privacy reuirement for pu$lis ing micro%ata reuires t at eac euivalence class <i.e. a set of recor%s t at are in%istinguis a$le from eac ot er !it respect to certain =i%entifying> attri$utes? contains at least k recor%s. ecently several aut ors ave recognize% t at k-anonymity cannot prevent attri$ute %isclosure. 0 e notion of Al-%iversity as $een propose% to a%%ress t is Al-%iversity reuires t at eac euivalence class as at least  A !ell-represente% values for eac sensitive attri$ute. Responsibilities:   I0ol0e) i Re8uire$et# %at eri%   &ri0a'4   U#er Iter9a'e De#i%   I0ol0e) i De0elo&$et   Data-a#e $a&&i% Ro e :  'o%ing & #mplementing 2o%ules using ,P.)50.  esign ata$ase arc itecture as per specifications.  Provi%e maintenanceprivacy an% support to clients. CHARACTERSTICS  'onfi%ent assertive %ecisive tactful & creative !it goo% presentation & communication skills.  'onsultative lea%er ! o is realistic an% practical an% concerne% !it t e !ell $eing of ot ers !ERSONAL DETAILS  INDIAN N$tio%$  B 2', Cres er Cemale DE-years ol% $orn on 11 C5 199F unmarrie%!it fluency in 5nglis  0elugu &Hin%i  DECALARATION # ere$y %eclare t at t e a$ove-mentione% information is correct up to my kno!le%ge an% # $ear t e responsi$ility for t e correctness of t e a$ove-mentione% particulars.  Your# trul4+  XXXXX.  
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