SAP CRM Transaction Codes List 3

10/15/2014 SAP CRM Transaction Codes List 3 1/7 SAP CRM Transaction Codes List 3 CRMD_AR_MAINTAIN Process Product Association Rule CRMD_BILLING Transfer Invoice Data to R/3 CRMD_BILL_REV Cancel Billing Document CRMD_BUS2000107 Process Framework Agreements CRMD_BUS2000108 Maintain Leads CRMD_BUS2000111 Maintain Opportunities CRMD_BUS2000112 Maintain Service Contracts CRMD_BUS2000113 Process Purchase Contracts CRMD_BUS2000114
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  10/15/2014 SAP CRM Transaction Codes List 3 1/7   SAP CRM Transaction Codes List 3 CRMD_AR_MAINTAIN Process Product Association RuleCRMD_BILLING Transfer Invoice Data to R/3CRMD_BILL_REV Cancel Billing DocumentCRMD_BUS2000107 Process Framework AgreementsCRMD_BUS2000108 Maintain LeadsCRMD_BUS2000111 Maintain OpportunitiesCRMD_BUS2000112 Maintain Service ContractsCRMD_BUS2000113 Process Purchase ContractsCRMD_BUS2000114 Maintain Sales ContractsCRMD_BUS2000115 Maintain Sales TransactionsCRMD_BUS2000116 Edit Service ProcessesCRMD_BUS2000117 Process Service ConfirmationsCRMD_BUS2000120 Process ComplaintsCRMD_BUS2000121 Maintain Sales ContractsCRMD_BUS2000126 Maintain ActivitiesCRMD_BUS2000210 Maintain Product Service Letter CRMD_BUS2000220 Maintain Partner Design ProjectCRMD_BUS2000230 Maintain License Sales ContractsCRMD_BUS2000231 Edit License Acquisition ContractsCRMD_BUS2000232 Edit License Usage ConfirmationCRMD_CALL_LIST Generation of Call ListsCRMD_CC Currency ChangeCRMD_CCKPT_VIEWCUST customizing for role default viewsCRMD_CD Display of Document ChangesCRMD_CODEX CRM Codex : Evaluation  10/15/2014 SAP CRM Transaction Codes List 3 2/7 CRMD_CSDR_PROJ_FAST Fast entry screen for ProjectCRMD_DOWNLOAD_OM CRM Mobile Client Download (Online)CRMD_DOWNLOAD_SB Download Sales Bundling Data to CDBCRMD_EMAIL Maintain Mail FormCRMD_EMAIL_LIST Display Marketing Bus. Activity ListCRMD_EMAIL_TEMPL Maintain Mail TemplateCRMD_EMAIL_TEMPL1 Maintain Mail FormCRMD_EVENT_CHECK EH:Callback for Trans.Type/Item Cat.CRMD_EVENT_TRACE Evaluate Transaction Event TraceCRMD_IIA_FAQ Maintain Frequently Asked QuestionsCRMD_IIA_REPORT Generate Statistics ReportsCRMD_IM_MAIL_DELETE Delete Marketing Bus. Activity ListCRMD_INDEX_OM Index structure search OMCRMD_IPM_AVAILABLE Analyze Rights AvailabilityCRMD_IPM_EVENT Date/Event ManagementCRMD_IPM_HIER Maintain Hierarchical AttributesCRMD_IPM_HIER_VIEW Maintain Hier.Attributes ViewsCRMD_IPM_RD_PCUI_GEN IPM: Generate People Centric UICRMD_ISA_AUC_ATT Web Auction Attributes SetupCRMD_ISA_EAUCTION Manage Web AuctionsCRMD_LEAD_FREE_SEL Lead Monitor: Free SelectionCRMD_LEAD_MONITOR Lead Monitor – Organizational ViewCRMD_LEAS_ME_ACCRUAL Month-End AccrualsCRMD_MINIPROCESS Process a Transaction from MiniAppCRMD_MKTDS Data Sources for Segment Builder CRMD_MKTDS_WIZARD Data Source WizardCRMD_MKTLIST External List Management  10/15/2014 SAP CRM Transaction Codes List 3 3/7 CRMD_MKTLIST_MAP CRM Marketing : ELM Mapping ToolCRMD_MKTPL_AL00 CRM: Allocation ApplicationCRMD_MKTPL_AL02 CRM: Allocation RulesCRMD_MKTPL_AL03 CRM: Allocation PrioritiesCRMD_MKTPL_AL04 CRM: Status of actual quantitiesCRMD_MKTSEG Segment Builder CRMD_MKTSEG_MGR Edit Master Groups/SamplesCRMD_MKT_EXP CRM Marketing: Export Target GroupCRMD_MKT_PROC Create Business TransactionsCRMD_MKT_TOOLS Marketing ToolsCRMD_MKT_TRANS CRM Marketing: Transport to ChannelsCRMD_OPPORT_FAST My opportunities – fast changeCRMD_ORDER Transaction ProcessingCRMD_ORDER_BP Business Partner CockpitCRMD_ORDER_LEAS_WOFF Write-Offs Mass Update LeasingCRMD_ORDER_OBJLINK CRM Order via BUS Type and Number CRMD_ORDER_PA Dialog Transaction CRMD_ORDER CRMD_PROF_BP Business Partner AttributesCRMD_PROF_CHAR Attribute MaintenanceCRMD_PROF_TEMPL Maintain Attribute SetsCRMD_ROUTING_PROFILE Maintain Profiles and AttributesCRMD_SDB_PRMN Maintain Info. Security ProfileCRMD_SDB_PROF Assign Profile to User CRMD_SERV_CYCLE Define Service CyclesCRMD_SERV_FORECAST Service Plan ForecastingCRMD_SERV_SLA Availability and Response TimesCRMD_SRWWW Internet Transaction Service Request  10/15/2014 SAP CRM Transaction Codes List 3 4/7 CRMD_TG_IMPORT Import External Target GroupsCRMD_TM_CLDIST Call List MaintenanceCRMD_TM_CLMS Call List ManagementCRMD_TRACE_EVAL Evaluation of API TraceCRMD_TRACE_SET Activate/Deactivate API TraceCRMD_TRACE_WATCHP Setting/Deletion of WatchpointCRMD_TRANSLATE Translate Mail FormCRMD_TRANS_OM Translate Short Text for Org UnitsCRMD_WEBREQ_CUST_OVW Customizing Evaluation: Web RequestsCRMD_WEBREQ_GEN_EXIT Generate start_exit PageCRMD_WEBREQ_MONITOR Monitor for Web RequestsCRMD_WEBREQ_SIG_SHOW Display Digital SignatureCRMINIT First steps in middleware servers CRMMDCS MAINT. DECISION TREECRMMDTREE The Overall MaintenanceCRMMNODE Transcation of maint. script nodeCRMMNODET Transcation of maint. script nodeCRMMONITOR Monitoring Middleware SystemCRMMOPTION Maint. Tansaction to script optionCRMMSCRCHECK CHECK SCRIPT CONSISTENCYCRMMTREE SCRPT TREE MAINTENCECRMMTREET SCRPT TREE MAINTENCECRMM_BPCURR Currency Changeover Business Partner CRMM_BPD Business Partner DiagnosisCRMM_BUPA_MAP Business partner data exchangeCRMM_BUPA_SEND Business Partner: Sending Directly
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