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  Table 5General Ledger / Chart of Accounts Transaction CodesTransaction CodeDescriptionOBD4Account GroupsOB53Retained Earnings VariantOB15Sample Account Rule TypesFSK2Sample Account Data Transfer RulesOB67Allocate a Company Code to a Sample Account Rule TypeOBY9Transport Chart of AccountsOBY2Copy GL Accounts from the Chart to the Company CodeOBC4Field Status VariantsOB41Posting KeysFBKPAutomatic Account AssignmentsOB40Define Tax AccountsOBYACross Company Code Automatic Account AssignmentOBYCMM Automatic Account AssignmentVKOASD Revenue Account AssignmentOB58Financial Statement VersionO7Z3Line Item LayoutsOBVUSpecial FieldsO7S7Sort VariantsO7R1Totals VariantsOBA4Tolerance GroupsOB57Allocate Users to Tolerance GroupsFBN1GL Number Ranges  OBA7Document TypesOBU1Assign Default Posting Keys to Document TypesO7E6Fast Entry ScreensORFBFinancial Accounting Configuration MenuOBL1Automatic Postings DocumentationOB32Maintain Document Change RulesTable 6General Ledger / Chart of Accounts ProgrammsTransaction CodeDescriptionRFBISA10RFBISA20RFTAXIMPTable 7General Ledger / Chart of Accounts TablesTransaction CodeDescriptionBSEGGL Document Line Item TableTTXDTax Jurisdiction Code Structure TableT030Automatic Account Assignments TableTZUNGL Account Sort Key (Allocation Field) TableTable 8Accounts Payable Transaction CodesTransaction CodeDescriptionFI12House BanksFCHICheck LotsFCHVVoid Reason CodesFBZPPayment ProgrammeOBD3Vendor Groups  XKN1Create Number Ranges for Vendor GroupsOBASAssign Number Ranges to Vendor Account GroupsFK15Copy Vendor Master Records Creation ProgrammeFK16Copy Vendor Master Records Creation ProgrammeTable 9Accounts Receivable and Credit Management Transaction CodesTransaction CodeDescriptionOBB8Terms of Payment AP and AROB46Interest IndicatorOB82Make Interest Indicator Available to the Interest Calculation ProgramOBACReference Interest RatesOB81Assign Reference Interest Rates to Interest IndicatorsOBV1Interest Calculation Automatic Account AssignmentOBBEReason CodesOBCRReason Code Conversion VersionOBCSMap External Reason Codes to Internal Reason CodesOBXLAssign GL Accounts to Reason Codes  OBXICash Discount AmountOBA3Customer Tolerance GroupsOB45Credit Control AreasOB01Credit Risk CategoriesOB02Credit Representative GroupsOB51Assign Employees to Credit Representative GroupsOB39Days in Arrears CalculationOBD2Customer GroupsTable 10Treasury Transaction CodesTransaction CodeDescriptionOB10Create Lockbox AccountsOBAYDefine Lockbox Control ParametersOBAXLockbox Posting DataOT05Source SymbolsOT14Planning LevelsOT13Planning GroupsOT47Assign Logistics Transactions to Planning LevelsOT17Treasury GroupingsOT18Treasury Grouping HeadersOT16Cash Management Account NamesOT29Activate Company Code Treasury UpdatesOBBYElectronic Bank Statement Transaction Types
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