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Basics of SAP Module Pool
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    Module Pool Definition Module Pool is also known as Dialog Programming or Screen Programming. It is useful to develop GUI(application). Creating GUI between the system and the user. Transaction code creation is mandatory to execute a Module Pool Program. 3 Types Main Program: declarations, validations, selections, processing's Flow Logic: it is just an interface b/w main program and screen. It consists of mandatory fields. Screen: is also known as dynpro. we can include push button, table controls. we can give commands only here. we design the screen. Module Pool Events Process before output (PBO): Created by default and mandatory fields in flow logic, first step to get triggered in debugging process. Process after input (PAI): Created by default and mandatory fields in flow logic, execution will be done in this step. Process on value-request (POV): F4 Functionality. Process on help-request (POH) F1 Functionality. Creation of Module Pool Program SE38 or SE80 SE38:  Program - zmodule_pool01 and click on create Select Module Pool in the Type of Attributes Click on Save and save it in local object. Program: zmodule_pool01 *declarations * data: var 1 type i, var 2 type i, var 3 type i.  click on activate button (ctrl+F3) Go to screen painter (SE51) to create screen Give the program name and key in random program number program: zmodule_pool01 screen number:0100 select flow logic radio button Click on create button Attributes tab: Short description : additions select normal in screen type click on layout button(tool box) click on dictionary /program fields window (F6) Specify Table/Field name as * and click on Get from Program and the variables specified in SE38 screen will be displayed, select var1, var2, var3 fields and press enter button and delete the input/output field boxes and drag & drop new input/output fields. select 3 text fields as: specify any name E.g.: VAR1 and text E.g.: Input Field One (double click on input/output field, go to program tab in attributes and select required instead of possible from the drop down list.) specify any name E.g.: VAR2 and text E.g.: Input Field Two specify any name E.g.: VAR3 and text E.g.: Result (in order to disable uncheck input field in attributes program tab) select the INT4 Format for above variables select the push button, drag and drop into the screen (for output processing), double click on push button and specify the name E.g.: Submit, text E.g.: Submit FoCode E.g.: Submit (name and FoCode description should be same) Save the entire process and click on flow logic (back to f9) un command Process after input (ctrl+>)activate and double click on user_command_100, it shows a pop-up (PAI Module USER_COMMAND_0100 does not exist Create object) and click on yes button, it shows another dialog screen, select the Main Program: ZMODULE_POOL01 and click on enter. Save it. IF SY-UCOMM = 'SUBMIT'.  VAR3 = VAR1 + VAR2 ENDIF. Activate the program (Ctrl+F3) on parallel with activate the screen program (se51). T.Code to create the Transaction Tode - SE93 Specify the Transaction Code E.g.: ZMOD1 and click on create button Specify the short text E.g.: TCODE FOR MODULE_POOL01 Check Program and screen (dialog transaction) and Save it. ( The object will be created in the srcinal language English (EN)) Specify the Program name: ZMODULE_POOL01 Screen number:0100 Check all the three radio buttons under GUI support and save it in $tmp temporary local object. Copy ZMOD1 and open a new session and enter ZMOD1 in command screen. INPUT FIELD ONE 100 INPUT FIELD TWO 200 RESULT 300 SUBMIT Inorder to insert any back or any other button go to screen painter and create a push button and specify the name, text and Focode as EXIT. Activate the se38 and se51. Un command MODULE STATUS_0100, Activate and double click on it. it shows a pop-up (PBO Module USER_COMMAND_0100 does not exist Create object) and click on yes button, it shows another dialog screen, select the Main Program: ZMODULE_POOL01 and click on enter. Save it. Un command SET PF-STATUS 'xxxxxxxxx'. edit the name painter as 'ZCO1'. (name should start with z or y), save and double click on it and click on yes button . Specify Short Text as APPLN BAR, select normal screen and save it. Select Function Keys as BACK EXIT and CANC and go back (F3) Activate the Main Program.(SE51)  IF SY-UCOMM = 'SUBMIT'. VAR3 = VAR1 + VAR2. ELSEIF SY-UCOMM = 'EXIT'. LEAVE TO SCREEN 0. AND ACTIVATE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM (SE38 and SE51)  SEE THE FINAL OUTPUT.

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Jul 23, 2017
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