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  15.08.2013Page 1 of 2  SAP Note 624221 -Performance Problems with the Upload ofService Contracts  Note Language: EnglishVersion: 1 Validity: Valid Since 19.05.2003 Summary Symptom  The performance of the service contract upload via the data transferworkbench is unacceptable. Other terms SXDA LSMW Reason and PrerequisitesSolution The following tips should improve performance:make the following settings in the data workbench:1.- set the checkbox 'Log Error Messages Only'2.- click the radiobutton 'Parallel loading in server group' and choosea server. When you choose this option the input files are assigned todialog processes. An optimal no. of input files is 4-6. There shouldbe 3 extra dialog processes on your server. This means that thereshould be 7-9 available dialog processes for the run.3.The function module CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE is used for the upload. Thisfunction module calls a mapping module CRMXIF_ORDER_MAP_FROM. Thismodule calls a BADI :CALL METHOD LV_EXIT1_OBJ->CHANGE_DATA_FOR_PURCHASE CHANGING IS_DATA = <BUS_TRANS>.<BUS_TRANS> has the structure CRMXIF_ACTIVE_SWITCH. Check that thestructure is up-to-date. By setting the value of the fields in thisstructure to 'A', you can switch off various checks in CRM, such as Pricingor Partner determiniation. This can save a lot of time. You should onlyactivate the functions you really need. All functions are active asdefault.4.If the contracts contain a lot of line items, memory problems mayoccur. This is largely due to the fact that the PPR component and thecondition checks write messages for each item created. If you checkthe memory usage, table (saplsbal)g_t-ldat will probably beresponsible for about 50% of used memory. The total no. of contractheaders and line items in a sub-project should not exceed 100,000.5.Extra hardware usually helps. If possible, install an extra serverspecifically for the upload.6.Expected results: In tests, we managed to upload approx. 2000 servicecontracts with 18000 line items per CPU per hour. Testing was donewith 2, 4 and 6 CPUs. The results were more or less linear. This wasachieved by switching off ALL checks using theCHANGE_DATA_FOR_PURCHASE BADI and by making the settings describedabove. Additionally, a package size of between 25 and 50 was found tobe optimal (if you have more than 4-5 line items per contract, choose25, if you have less, choose 50).  15.08.2013Page 2 of 2  SAP Note 624221 -Performance Problems with the Upload ofService Contracts 7.Additional info: The performance of mass data processing in CRM wasgreatly improved with CRM 3.0 SP11. Header Data Release Status:Released for CustomerReleased on:30.06.2003 14:20:45Master Language:EnglishPriority:Recommendations/additional infoCategory:ConsultingPrimary Component:CRM-BTX-COI-SRV Controlling Integration Service The Note is release-independent

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Jul 23, 2017
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