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  30.07.2012Page 1 of 4  SAP Note 940893 -Analysis of errors within the startupof J2EE Engine 6.40  Note Language: EnglishVersion: 10 Validity: Valid Since 17.11.2008 Summary Symptom  A problem occurs when you start J2EE Engine 6.40 or 7.00. As of 6.40Support Package 17 and 7.00 Support Package 8, the trace file of thestartup framework references this note for further analysis. Other terms error 193 LoadLibrary jvm.dll Reason and Prerequisites Since the start process of the J2EE Engine combines various SAP Supportcomponents, this note should help you to fine the correct queue to ensurethat you receive support more quickly. For this reason, the 'Solution'section is also divided into the individual steps for the startup and therelevant components. Solution The first step in starting the J2EE Engine is to create the Java virtualmachine. For this, you require the correct version of the JDK (refer to thesection entitled 'Confirmation of the VM in use' in Note 943498). It is notsufficient to just have the Java Runtime JRE because you need the full JDK(including the Java Comiler javac) to compile the JSPs and EJB Stubs. 1. JDK detection issues The engine is not able to start due to problems detecting the JDK. - Check that you have installed the correct JDK version. Read the section entitled 'Confirmation of the VM in use' in Note943498 to find the appropriate platform-specific note.To identify the current version of the JDK, execute the following commandat command line level: java -version Youmust have installed the complete JDK/JSDK (including the Java Compilerjavac). - Check if there are redundant JDK versions and make sure that the SAPJ2EE Engine uses the correct JDK version. Therefore, verify thecorresponding parameter in the instance profile /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/<SID>_JC<num>_<host> jstartup/vm/home = <jdk home directory>.This parameter has a higher priority than the environment variableJAVA_HOME. - On Unixsystems, it is important to verify the user rights.If you experience problems with the JDK, open a message under the component  30.07.2012Page 2 of 4  SAP Note 940893 -Analysis of errors within the startupof J2EE Engine 6.40 for the relevant JDK provider (for example, BC-OP-SUN-JSE).Helpful Notes:718901 How to change the JDK of the J2EE Engine817991 Startup Framework fails when starting a JLaunch process741289 Profile parameters of the J2EE Engine are lost943498 J2EE Engine does not start 6.40 and 7.0THe JDK detection results will be stored in the configuration files *.vmprop(for example, these files contain the wrong information (for example, the path iswrong due to an upgrade), they can be deleted. Be careful not  to deletethe corresponding properties file. 2. Java VM shared library issues - Check whether the *.vmprop files contain the correct information. If not, delete them. They will be created again the next time youstart the engine.- In Windows systems, error code 193 indicates that the wrong version ofJDK was applied (incorrect bit lengths). On 64-bit systems, make sure that the JDK is also 64 bit. The trace fie contains the following error entry:*** ERROR => DlLoadLib: LoadLibrary(jvm.dll) Error 193- Unix systems issue the following error message: cannot open file . Even though the file exists, this may also occur because the bitlength is incorrect for JDK. Check to see if this is the case.If you experience problems with the properties files, open a message underthe component BC-JAS-SF.Helpful Notes:861215 Recommended Settings for the Linux on AMD64/EM64T JVM722520 Recommended JVM and VM Settings for the Tru64 VM 3. Java VM initialization issues Problems with initializing the VM are often caused by incorrect parametersin the VM. For more detailed information, refer to the dev_<node> tracefile (for example, dev_server0) or std_<node>.out trace file (for example,std_server0.out).If std_<node>.out does not exist, check whether the checkmark for theconsole is set in the config tool. You can also verify this in file. The parameter console is set to 'Yes'. Changethis using the config tool.Examples of incorrect parameters: - The defined heap is too big. There is not enough contiguous virtualaddress space to define the heap.  30.07.2012Page 3 of 4  SAP Note 940893 -Analysis of errors within the startupof J2EE Engine 6.40  As a result, the system issues the following error message: could not reserve enough space for object heap. This error often occurs on 32-bit Windows systems (Note 835704). You can use the address space viewer (Note 736462) and preload DLL(Note 853696) to resolve this issue. - Unknown parameters, for example, -XX:<name> on IBM JDK result in thefollowing error messages: Command-line option unrecognised: -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps These error messages are in std_bootstrap.out. If the system issues this type of error message, open file and delete the parameter. The bootstrap processdoes not read this information from the database, but from this file.When you adjust the memory settings after the installation, note that theapplication-specific recommendations have priority over theplatform-specific and general settings.On Windows platforms, you cannot initialize the JVM if a copy of JVM.DLLexists in the %windir%\system32 directory. The error message indev_bootstrap is: *** ERROR => JHVM_LoadJavaVM: Cannot create Java VM (rc=-1) *** ERROR => Cannot load Java VM (server) (rc=-1) JLaunchCloseProgram: good bye (exitcode=-1)To confirm this, set the trace level to 3 and restart the engine. Thesystem issues the following error message: load shared library (jvm.dll), hdl 0 using C:\WINDOWS\system32\jvm.dll Delete the copy in the %windir%\system32 directory.If you experience problems in this step, open a message detailing the errorunder the component BC-JAS-COR.Helpful Notes:709140 Recommended JDK and VM Settings for the WebAS630/640 SP4723909 Java VM Settings for J2EE 6.30/6.40/7.0716604 Access to Sun J2SE and recommended J2SE options 4. Java VM terminated with a non-zero exit code These errors require a more detailed analysis.Therefore, send the complete compressed content of the work directory andthe log of the node affected (for example, the content of \usr\sap\SID\inst<No>\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\system\server0.log) to SAPSupport.Note for Support employees: See internal Note <999112>.Helpful Notes:716604 Access to Sun J2SE and recommended J2SE options709140 Recommended JDK and VM Settings for the WebAS630/640 SP4723909 Java VM Settings for J2EE 6.30/6.40/7.0  30.07.2012Page 4 of 4  SAP Note 940893 -Analysis of errors within the startupof J2EE Engine 6.40Header Data Release Status:Released for CustomerReleased on:18.11.2008 08:31:19Master Language:GermanPriority:Recommendations/additional infoCategory:Help for error analysisPrimary Component:BC-JAS-SF Startup Framework  Valid Releases Software ComponentReleaseFrom ReleaseToReleaseand Subsequent SAP-JEECOR6.406.406.40
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