saskrit parser presentation CSE

It is a presentation on saskrit parser .... given in 4rth year by NIT silchar students.
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  SANSKRIT PARSER (PARSING A SANSKRIT SENTENCE IN SOME RECOGNIZABLE FORMAT) Project GuideMr. Pantha Nath Aman Singhai Ashish Mani TripathiMukesh Kumar Nitish Kumar Prasoon  स  त  World's First ProgrammingLanguage  Why we chose this project   According to many researchers Sanskrit is a !ery scienti ic #anguage.  Sanskrit $eha!es !ery c#ose#y as programming #anguage.  So i %e are a$#e to make a trans#ator that trans#ates Sanskrit into machine code then it %ou#d pro!e to $e a signi icant de!e#opment in the ie#d o N&P'Natura# &anguage Processing(.  Why we became interested ) NASA scientist Rick Briggs had invited 1,000Sanskrit scholars from India for working at NASA. But scholars refused to allow the language to be ut to foreign use *+ ,ainik -eing a computer and human understanda$#e Sanskrit %as considered use u# in space and many other natura# #anguage processing App#ications.


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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