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    Water Formed Scales “Main Topics”   o Why Scales Form o Common Scales o Predicting Scale Formation o Compatibility o Scale Formation Prevention o Scale Removal Methods    Inorganic Polyphosphates   o Non crystalline inorganic solids o Two types: Plain polyphosphates Controlled solubility o Plain polyphosphates dissolve in water fairly rapidly o Controlled solubility dissolve slowly in water    Inorganic Polyphosphates cont.)   o Disadvantages: 1.With time, they hydrolyze to orthophosphates 2.This reacts with Ca to form insoluble calcium phosphates and cause plugging problems 2.This reversion depends on pH and T 3.The lower the pH and the hotter the water, the higher the reversion    Selection and Evaluation of Scale Inhibitors   o Factors should be considered : 1.Chemical composition 2.Severity of scale 2.Temperature 3.pH 4.Compatibility with other chemicals


Jul 23, 2017
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