WinPE Bootable OS Image Create Win PE Bootable OS Image Step by step instruction for implementing a basic image deployment -using WinPE -Microsoft Operating systems (includes Win XP!ista ##$ ##%&' We need t(e follo)ing re*uirements to proceed' Required: Microsoft OS product +!+ (XP!ista& Windo)s ,utomated Installation -it (Windo)s ,I-&. /ec(nician computer -/o install t(e Windo)s ,I- Master computer -0eference computer One blan1. )ritable C+-0OM 2et)or1 connecti3ity Step#1+o)nload t(e Windo)s
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  WinPE Bootable OS Image Create Win PE Bootable OS Image Step by step instruction for implementing a basic imagedeployment -using  WinPE -Microsoft Operating systems (includes Win XP!ista ##$ ##%&'  We need te follo)ing re*uirements to proceed' Required: Microsoft OS product +!+(XP!ista& Windo)s ,utomated Installation it (Windo)s ,I&./ecnician computer -/o install te Windo)s ,I Master computer -0eference computerOne blan1. )ritable C+-0OM2et)or1 connecti3ity  Step#1 +o)nload te Windo)s ,utomated Installation it ( Windo)s ,I & Step#2 Building an ,ns)er 4ile. ,n ans)er file stores te custom settings tat are applied during Windo)s installation. We need  Windo)s System Image Manager (Windo)s SIM&' Step#3  Building a Master Installation. Insallation OS tat you  )ant to clone and you can use ans)er file to create'4rom te command prompt. type te follo)ing command to reseal (generali5e& and sut do)n te computer6C67Windo)s7System% 7Sysprep7Sysprep'e8e oobe generali5e sutdo)n/e Sysprep tool command prepares te image for capture by cleaning up 3arious user and macine settings (uni*ue SI+& and log files'/e master installation is complete and ready to be imaged' Step#4  Create a Windo)s PE C+ to capture an image of your Topics SCCM BASICS -FAQ SCCMSCCM FAQSMS 2003 WinPE Bootable OS Image VB ScriptsPrivacy PolicySoftware Applicatin & Paca!in! FAQ GreetingsFollowers Join this site with Google Friend Connect Members (20)  Already a member?Sign in Follow by EmailSearch Blog   Search Flags 0 MoreNext Blog»Create BlogSign In SCCM Basics & F!  This blog provides quick understanding knowledge on SCCM 2007. I finall put ! efforts to bring a short notes on SCCM 2007 to help those who are alread fa!iliar with Sste!s Manage!ent Server #SMS$ 200% and who wish to quickl develop understanding knowledge on &Microsoft Sste! Center Configuration Manager2007&. Submit Page 1 of 3SCCM Basics & FAQ: WinPE Bootable OS Image83! 1#$tt%:sccmfa'blogs%ot'in%(in)%e)bootable)os)image'$tml  master computer4rom your tecnician computer. run command line'Cd Program 4iles7Windo)s ,I7/ools7PE/ools7copype'cmd 8$9 c67)inpe:8$9/o add ImageX (a tool for capturing and applying images during deployment&Copy ;C67Program 4iles7Windo)s ,I7/ools78$97image8'e8e; C67)inpe:8$97iso7 Step#5 /o created an e8clusion list follo) te instructions in Step < of te Wal1troug6Create a Bootable Windo)s PE 0,M +is1 on a C+-0omCopy tis to a notepad6=E8clusion>ist?ntfs'logiberfil'syspagefile'sys;System !olume Information;0EC@C>E0  Windo)s7CSC=CompressionE8clusion>ist?A'mp%A'5ipA'cab7WI2+OWS7inf7A'pnf ten )e need to sa3e it as Wimscript'ini to te )inpe:8$97 ISO directory' Step#6 /e command to create a bootable C+ 0om type6oscdimg -n -b c67)inpe:8$97etfsboot'com c67)inpe:8$97ISO c67)inpe:8$97)inpe:8$9'iso/o capture te image of a C6 dri3e to a specific  WIM file )ritten to dri3e C6 or anotertarget dri3e. te simplest command-line for ImageX )ould be similar to6image8 capture c6 c67c:dri3e')im ;My:C:+ri3e;  Apply  +eploy te image to oter computers. )ic brings us to te apply function'image8 apply d67images7c:dri3e')im  c67  Append  ,ppend is function of ImageX tat )ill add te contents of a dis1 3olume to an e8isting WIM file' >ets say  you3e created an image of a C6 dri3e containing an operating system. preinstalled applications. and desired configuration'  @ou add a +6 dri3e containing a 3ariety of data files and peraps some additional application pac1ages' Dsing ImageX  )it te append option lets you add te contents of te +6 dri3e to te WIM file of te C6 dri3e--combining t)o 3olumes into one ImageX file'E8ample command to append imagesusing ImageX )ould be6image8 append d6 c67data:dri3e')im i#e Fee$Blog rchi#e ► 20 0# $ %'()* View %y co%plete profile Live Traffic FeedReal-time view · MenuA visitor from Pune, Maharashtra left SCCM asics ! FA# SCCM FA via a$$lication$ac%a& in&'asics('lo&s$o t(in) mins a&o   A visitor from Pune, Maharashtra viewed SCCM asics ! FA *+ mins a&o   A visitor from arrow viewed SCCM asics ! FA . mins a&oA visitor from arrow viewed SCCM asics ! FA / hr /+ mins a&oA visitor from 0dera'ad, Andhra Pradesh viewed SCCM asics ! FA / hr 1) mins a&oA visitor from 0dera'ad, Andhra Pradesh viewed SCCM asics ! FA# SCCM asics ! FA * hrs / min a&o   A visitor from an&alore, 2arnata%a viewed SCCM asics ! FA * hrs /+ mins a&oA visitor from 3nited Ara' 4mirates viewed SCCM asics ! FA 1 hrs /5 mins a&oA visitor from Muscat, Mas6at viewed SCCM asics ! FA 7 hrs ) mins a&oA visitor from 8ellore, Andhra Pradesh viewed SCCM asics ! FA 5 hrs + mins a&o   Pa&e * of SCCM asics ! FA# 9inP4 oota'le :S ;ma&e<==*+/1htt$#==sccmfa6('lo&s$ot(in=$=win-$e-'oota'le-os-ima&e(html  4rom te appended WIM file you can ten apply eiter 3olume  (te first dri3e in teappended image& or 3olume (te second dri3e in te image& in t)o simple steps )itouts)itcing WIM files' Split /e split feature of ImageX is as follo)s6image8 split c67c:dri3e')im 9<#Once WIM file is split ten it cannot be reassembled. nor can it  be mounted' Because of tis you sould retain a copy of te entire. srcinal single WIM file to )or1 )it and perform modifications. ten split only a )or1ing copy of your completed image--into eiter or bot C+s and +!+s' ,fter te split you )ill ten ;burn; eac of te fragments to indi3idual media' Thanks for visiting ... o%eS'(scri(e to)Posts #Ato%$ Recommend this on Google   Pa&e  of SCCM asics ! FA# 9inP4 oota'le :S ;ma&e<==*+/1htt$#==sccmfa6('lo&s$ot(in=$=win-$e-'oota'le-os-ima&e(html
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