Scene E

-A dysfunctional family-
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  -Scene E-(A dysfunctional family)(18.10.2014)(Relu)First day at sunset. Amala has to go back home for dinner. She patters along the town's streets until she reaches her house. She opens the door and starts towards the main staircase. She is stopped halfway by a voice calling her. Mother: Amala. Amala turns around and faces her mom who is standing near the foot of the stairs. Amala: Yes, Mom? Mother: Dinner is ready, sweetie. Amala: I'll be with you in a second.Scene fades to black.The whole family is eating in the dinning room around a rectangular table. There is Amala, her mother, her father and her 7 year old little sister, Sonia. You can hear the clattering of the tableware. Amala is facing her mom and her Sonia stands opposite her dad. Amala is sitting quietly, trying not to draw too much attention. The mother briefly looks at her and starts to talk. Mother: There was a lot of commotion today. (After a moment of silence) Sonia: Mommy, what's a commotion?   (Giving a side glance to her Sonia) Amala: It's when people make noise because they are agitated. : Do you think you can spell it? (Flustered) Sonia: O-Of course I can! : ... : Lets see. : C : O : M : O : T : I : O : N (Eyes closed with a bright smile) (Giggles) Amala: Close enough.Sonia just mumbles something avoiding eye contact while her face goes red. Amala: Hahaha. Father: You shouldn't rush into answering when you're not sure. Mother: It's okay, sweetie. They're just being mean. : There are two Ms in commotion . : Just so you can learn.The mother helps herself to some more food. (Getting back to the point) Mother: That was quite a scene to behold this morning.   : No wonder the town is in an uproar. : That awful face. : And did you see that painting inside the church? : These are mad times we're living in. Father: The police have no clue  what's going on. : But from the looks of it, they want to brush it off as a harmless prank. (To Amala) Mother: Do you know anything about it? Amala shakes her head. Mother: You're sure you don't have anything to say about the matter? Amala: Well, we are trying to investigate it. : We think a kid did that. Mother: Of course kids did that. : No adult would do something so childish. : It wouldn't make sense. Amala: But there's no proof of that!Her mother looks at her for a couple of seconds. Father: Watch your tone. Amala: Sorry.Clattering continues.   Mother: I just hope they catch the ones responsible soon. : So we can enjoy the rest of summer. (Turns to the two girls) : By the way. : Did you girls do your homework? Sonia: I did! Amala: ...The mother looks at her. Mother: Well? Amala shakes her head no . Mother: I knew it. : That's not very serious. Father: Dear, it's okay. : She just prefers to have fun. Mother: But it's essential to study assiduously, especially when one has difficulties. Sonia: A-ci-du-sli? (Giggles) (Looks at her Sonia with a happy smile) Amala: Don't try. : This one's too hard for you. Mother: We're having an important conversation now. : You almost failed your last year of school.

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