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  paragraph 1:introducing the topicparagraph 2:discussing the reasons and effects of leaving schoolparagraph3:discussing the solutions Dear editor, I’m grateful to contribute to this issue of our school magazine. As we all know, a lot of Moroccan students leave school early, and go out to work   in dierent places under extremely dicult conditions which don’t respect the most basic rights of human beings. ome of them work in restaurants, others work in garages etc!. et, all of them are abused, and they get only the least possible payment. o, what are the reasons which push #oroccan children to lea$e school early, and %oin the labour market& And, how can we a$oid this phenomenon& The majority of Moroccan children don’t choose to leave school .'hat is to say, some children don’t ha$e families to fend for them. As a result, they are obliged to lea$e school, and ha$e a  %ob in order to help their ha$e food and money .(esides, some children ha$e sick or disabled parents, and, conse)uently, they ha$e to earn money to for their poor families. *ther children, also,are aected by the huge rise of unemployment in our country .'herefore, they don’t see any bene+t behind pursuing their education. 'hey would rather +nd a work. inally, some children who are addicted to smoking or alcohol are forced to lea$e school ,and ha$e a %ob in which they can earn money to practice their destructi$e habits. These are only some of the reasons which push children in our country to leave school . Let’s then turn to the proposed solutions for this problem . irst of all,  parents  ha$e to shoulder the great part of the burden. 'hey must pro$ide their children with the necessary re)uirements for their education. In other words, students must ha$e books ,clothes etc!so that they would not feel that they are inferior in front of their mates. And,as a result, they would not lea$e their education. -arents should ,beside this, be in fre)uent contact with their children’s schools in order to know their children’s conditions.'his can predict and stop any future failure .The government ,likewise, should assume its responsibility  .'here must be laws which oblige parents to keep their children at school until a certain le$el or age .urthermore,  the go$ernment must help poor families so that they can educate their children .#oreo$er,  employees  must not hire children in theirwork till the age of / so that children would ha$e at least the baccalaureate le$el. Civil organiations  ha$e also a role to play in this area .'hey can educate children about the ad$antages of going to school and the drawbacks of working at an early age. In sum ,everyone of us is responsible for protecting the children’s right of education .


Jul 23, 2017

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Jul 23, 2017
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