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School Profile: Narrandera Public School Principle: Derek Noffke Address: Adam St, Narrandera 2700 Phone: (02) 6959 2144 Fax: (02) 6959 3274 Email: - School: - Associative Teacher: Narrandera Public School (NPS) is located in the Riverina Region. The town has a population of 6, 119 and consists of one infant, primary and high school [ CITATION Nar15 \l 3081 ]. The town has a great communication with the Elde
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  School Profle:Narrandera PublicSchool Principle: Derek Nofe Address: Adam St, Narrandera 2700Phone: (02) 699 2! #a$: (02) 699 %27 &mail:'School: narrandera'pschooldetns*ed+a+'Associa-e .eacher: kerr/ncassid/detns*ed+a+  Narrandera P+lic School (NPS) is located in the 1i-erina 1eion .he to*n has a pop+laon o3 6, !!9 and consists o3 one in3ant, primar/ and hih school 4 5.A.N Nar! 8l %0!  .he to*n has a reat comm+nicaon *ith the &lders and comm+nit/ o3 ndieno+s people   NPS also pro-ides a personal and indi-id+al approach to learnin 3or all children in partnership *ith 3amilies and comm+nit/ memers (A5A1A, 20!) .he/ elie-e, that it is the ;+alit/ o3 their teachin and their posi-e personal relaonships that ha-e the most sini<cant impact on impro-in st+dents= learnin (A5A1A, 20!) NPS has a total enrolment o3 2% st+dents, *ith !2 irls and !09 o/s !> o3 the st+dents are ndieno+s and ma?orit/ come 3rom a lo*er socio'economic stat+s nl/ 2> come 3rom a lan+ae ackro+nd other than &nlish .he school has !2 permanent teachers, *ith 6 non'teachers (A5A1A,20!)NPS@s sloan to Stri-e to &$cel,B s+pports and directs the teachin and learnin across all areas o3 academic, arts and recreaonal ac-ies (Narrandera P+lic School, 20!) .he school has a PC5, a reat learnin s+pport team and a local Aoriinal &d+caon 5ons+lta-e ro+p (A&5) .he learnin s+pport team coordinates all learnin prorams *ith a stron emphasis on earl/ learnin inia-es, indi-id+al instr+con, small ro+p instr+con and iEed and .alented prorams (A5A1A,20!) .he local A&5 *orks closel/ *ith the school and contri+tes hihl/ *ithin the classrooms .he school has a dail/ Freak3ast 5l+ *hich opens 3rom :%0 to 9:! 3or the st+dents, staG and parentsHcarers Addionall/, NPS *as the <rst school in the 1i-erina 1eion to implement Posi-e Feha-io+r 3or Iearnin (PFI) inia-es (A5A1A, 20!) .he PFI proramme has ecome dominant polic/ *ithin classrooms as *ell as a ke/ trainin reso+rce 3or the reion .he school is hihl/ in-ol-ed in soEall and 3ootall 5lassroom Pro<le.he Jear 6 class consists o3 nineteen st+dents o3 *hich are !0 irls and 9 o/s, ranin 3rom !!'!% n reards to ackro+nd, ma?orit/ o3 the class come 3rom a lo*er socio'economic stat+s and man/ are ro*in in sinle parenn homes ne st+dent li-es *ith their randmother, one is cared / their a+nt/ and !% st+dents come 3rom an Aoriinal and .orres Strait slander heritae .*o st+dents come 3rom a ho+sehold o3 dr+ a+se Parc+lar aKenon is pro-ided to*ards certain st+dents to aid in asic n+merac/ and literac/ ed+caon ne st+dents in parc+lar is pro-ided *ith  dail/ one'on'one n+merac/ lessons .he class has no alleriesL ho*e-er, the school is a n+t'3ree en-ironment ne st+dent has speech diMc+lt/, one st+dent has ADDHDD and t*o st+dents ha-e O .he class has t*o hih achie-ers, a irl and a o/ .he class has an Aoriinal Mcer *orkin closel/ *ith the st+dents *ith *eekl/ dance rehearsals 3or an openin per3ormance 3or the school concert o*e-er, this consists o3 onl/ the !% ndieno+s st+dents .here is also a local Aoriinal -ol+nteer, *ho assists dail/ *ithin the classroom.he classroom teachers +se the PFI inia-e re+larl/ *ithin the classroom to e$plicitl/ teach -al+eso3 sa3et/, respect, responsiilit/ and learnin and p+licl/ reconise posi-e eha-io+rs o3 st+dents (A5A1A, 20!) Also, Jear 6 leaders are n+rt+red as leaders o3 the 3+t+re in a 3ortnihtl/ st+dent'led School Parliament( 5assid/, personal comm+nicaon, ctoer 29, 20!) Classroom Roll 5lass roll: Iink has een remo-ed d+e to con<denalit/ reasons Reerences A5A1A (20!) Narrandera Public School   1etrie-ed No-emer 02, 20!, 3rom O/ School: hKps:HH***m/schooled+a+HSchoolPro<leHnde$H9%6 HNarranderaP+licSchoolH 26! H20!5assid/,  (20!, ctoer 2) Pro<le o3 School and 5lassroom (Q Sahota, nter-ie*er)Narrandera Shire 5o+ncil (20!) Demographics  1etrie-ed 3rom Narrandera Shire 5o+ncil: hKp:HH***narranderans*o-a+HcpRthemesHde3a+ltHpaeasppTD5'U1A'2''2%VNSW Department o3 &d+caon and .rainin (20!) Narrandera Public School   1etrie-ed No-emer 02, 20!, 3rom NSW P+lic School: hKp:HH***narrandera'pschoolsns*ed+a+H

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