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Announcing SAP GUI for Windows 7.40
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  Generated by Jive on 2014-10-08+02:00 1 SAP GUI: Announcing SAP GUI for Windows7.40 Posted by Melanie Reinwarth  Oct 1, 2014  On behalf of the SAP GUI team, I am delighted to announce that SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 will be releasedon October 8th. This release offers the following new features:  ã SAP Blue Crystal Theme SAP Blue Crystal is a new visual design theme which succeeds Corbu. It is the standard theme of Fioriapplications and has been adapted to the specific needs of SAP GUI. Furthermore, it is fully compatible withthe previous themes and comes with a new color palette and icons which are better scalable. The backgroundtexture has a stroke pattern in white and light blue with a gradient layer. The picture below shows the new BlueCrystal theme in comparison to the Signature theme which is still the default for SAP GUI for Windows: ã SAP NetWeaver Business Client Integration  SAP GUI: Announcing SAP GUI for Windows 7.40Generated by Jive on 2014-10-08+02:00 2 As of SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) 5.0, which is delivered on the SAP GUI DVD, SAP GUI forWindows can be embedded into the NWBC, so that the user has one shell that unifies multiple frontends. Onedesktop/taskbar icon consolidates NWBC and SAP GUI sessions, tasks, frequently used links etc. in a tabbedview NWBC frame as shown in the picture below. For the integration, you simply install SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 together with the SAP NetWeaver BusinessClient (NWBC) 5.0. This has the following advantages:  ãã Easier Configuration:  The persisted connection and connection configuration data from SAP GUIfor Windows, SAP GUI for Java and NWBC is unified in a modern and easy way: ãã There are only two configuration files involved and they are stored in the same directory. ã Configuration files can either be stored locally or on a central server or share. ããããDeployment options “pull” and “push” are available.ã The configuration files are the same for SAP GUI for Windows, SAP GUI for Java andNWBC.  This new format is called “SAP UI Landscape”.ãã Automatic Data Migration:  If SAP GUI has been used already, the connection data will bemigrated automatically into the SAP UI Landscape format. ã Embedded and Parallel Use of SAP GUI:  When SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 is installed togetherwith NWBC, by default, SAP GUI and SAP GUI Shortcuts will be launched through NWBC.However, you have also the possibility to use SAP GUI and NWBC in parallel. To do so, youmerely have so select the new component Install SAP GUI Desktop Icon / Shortcuts even though NWBC is installed   to install the SAP Logon (Pad) Desktop Icon and to register SAP GUI shortcutsto SAP Logon.  SAP GUI: Announcing SAP GUI for Windows 7.40Generated by Jive on 2014-10-08+02:00 3 Note:  At the moment, these new configuration features are only available when using SAP GUI togetherwith NWBC. However, in the long run, this procedure will become the default for all SAP GUI installation and configuration scenarios.Thus, with SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 you have the option to either run SAP GUI standalone with the oldconfiguration files (fully compatible to SAP GUI for Windows 7.30) or run SAP GUI embedded into NWBC withthe new SAP UI Landscape format.  ã Installation Improvement Registry values can now be set on installation package level, for example, for the following SAP GUI options: ãã Accessibility ã Path to the SAP GUI branding image ã Path to the Central Configuration File (new and old format) ã SAP GUI ThemeYou will find the whole list on the package configuration tab in NWSAPSetup.  ã SAP Screenreader Extensions SAP GUI Screen Reader Extensions (SRX) are now part of the SAP GUI for Windows installation, see note1139953.SRX enable the use of SAP GUI together with the screen reader program Jaws for Windows. The Extensionsare Jaws-based scripts that make the SAP GUI accessible via the SAP GUI object model. And finally a few remarks on the support and maintenance strategy : ãEnd of support of SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 is on October 31st, 2015 (see note 147519).As of July 15, 2015 the support will already be „limited“.ã SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 is compatible and will be maintained until January 9, 2018. ã We urgently recommend to start planning upgrades to 7.40.2671 ViewsErick VerbenaOct 7, 2014 3:58 PMGreatest... See u tomorrow!!!!Sean Campbell  in response to Tudor Riscutia  on page 4  Oct 7, 2014 3:43 PMAnd business users dont deserve a nice looking interface ?   SAP GUI: Announcing SAP GUI for Windows 7.40Generated by Jive on 2014-10-08+02:00 4 When we have the very people who are meant to be pushing this tech, moving with the times, holding us backwith DynPro. All Hail the battleship grey interface, its worked for 25 years so why change it now. Just because somethingworks doesnt mean you shouldn't try and improve it. Like it or not the world is evolving and end users arent just your technical specialists anymore. The morepeople use tech in there daily lives the more those same people will expect a consumer level of interaction,design and usability, in the business applications they use everyday. With comments like yours above you arefailing to move with the times and if SAP isn't careful it is completely possible that its competition will moveforwards and possibly even surpass us whilst we are standing still and the tech is evolving. (case in point is theWorkDay HR app) Coming soon - Rise of the FiorierJean Marcel Acacio de LimaOct 7, 2014 3:35 PMWow! Sap Community urges for tabbed view!Marius BeckerOct 7, 2014 3:17 PMThe blue chrystal theme looks nice. It's always good to have a fresh look from time to time. I also hope for atabbed view. Can it be done with NWBC using only SAPGUI tabs?Michael HowlesOct 6, 2014 4:40 PMCool. Any plans for tabbed GUI windows for us cavemen who still use SAPGUI and not NWBC? Andrew GilsonOct 6, 2014 4:12 PMAny word on the SAPGUI installation tool with version 7.40? Will there be an upgrade/improvements with thattool?Punith _032Oct 2, 2014 7:26 PMGood Info, Great...To...Hear....SAP GUI with Theme Of FIORI ....Melanie Reinwarth  in response to João Lucas Dal Farra  on page 4  Oct 2, 2014 12:08 PMThe delivery is planned for December 2014.João Lucas Dal FarraOct 1, 2014 10:49 PMAnd SAP GUI for java?! When?!?!
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