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  SCRABBLE Vasantha allar    Two or more players sit around a 15 square by 15 square playing board that is initially empty.  At the start of the game, a set of 100 tiles, each marked with a letter and a point value, are placed so that their letters are out of sight, either by placing them in a bag or by placing them face-down on the table. Each player has a wooden holder, known as a rack, for holding letters to be played, which is empty at the start of the game.  2. To decide who goes first , each player draws a single letter tile from the bag  (or, if there is no bag, from the tiles which have been laid face-down on the table). The player who draws the letter that is closest to A in the alphabet goes first. If there are two players who draw the same letter, and that letter is the closest to A of all letters drawn, then all players throw back their tiles and draw another tile at random, repeating this process until a single player wins the draw. After the first player takes a turn, the player to her or his left will take a turn, and this process will proceed in a clockwise direction around the board.  3 The first player takes 7 letters from the Scrabble bag and places them out of sight of the other players on that player's rack.  Other players must then draw sufficient letters to put seven letters on their respective racks. Players must draw their letters in the order in which they will play, but they should not wait until it is their turn to draw their letters, as having the letters sooner gives everyone a chance to think ahead about how they will play.
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