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Script Part 1
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  R  : How are you? Doctor:  - Hi.- The patient has been complaining of back pain and night sweats. Blood tests and urine analysis are normal. MR suggestsa massi!e intradural malignant schwannoma neurofibrosarcomae tending in the psoas muscle with ner!e root compression syndromeand bone erosion. The growth e tends from #$ to #%.&ill send patient for biopsy to confirm .- 'es( )uestion? R:  *orry(  +ust didn,t follow that.s there something wrong with me? Doctor:- 'es. &ell( if you look here on your MR( you see this cephalopod-like ob+ect that,s spreading down your spinal column. That is a massi!eschwannoma neurofibrosarcoma. R:  *o sorry.  +ust don,t know what that Doctor : t,s a malignant tumor. R:   tumor?  'es/ Me? 'es/ That doesn,t make any sense though.  mean(  don,t smoke.  don,t drink. ... 'ou know.  recycle. Doctor:  ctually( your case is really )uite fascinating because   your cancer is the result of an incredibly rare gene mutation in chromosome 01( the 2%3 gene that causes the growth of malignant cells  .  think that gi!en the placement and si4e of your particular tumor( the wisest course of action is to see if we can possibly reduce this thing   down to a more manageable si4e before we consider surgery  . 5ow( chemotherapy can often result in fertility issues. R: But ,m gonna be okay? Doctor:  f you need someone to talk to we ha!e an e cellent staff hereat the hospital of social workers and psychologists. They speciali4e in these matters(and they would be able to help you . 5ow as  said( you should consider -----------------Girl Friend: 6h dam R  : #isten( ,m not e pecting you to take this on.  mean(it,s not like we,re marriedor anything. *o( you know( if you ha!e to bail(then you should. 5o hard feelings. 5ot that  want you do. hope that you don,t G : ,m not gonna bail on you( dam. ,m here for you. 6kay? t,s gonna be okay. 'eah. t,ll be okay. ll right?------------------ Friend:  ,m gonna throw up R:  7on,t throw up. 'ou,re gonna be fine F:   actually think  might throw up R:  'ou,re not gonna throw up. 5o( open your eyes. #ook at me( look at me.  F:  &hat kind of cancer is it? &hat,s the name of the cancer R:  *ome rare kind of cancer. F:  &hat,s it called R  : *chwannoma...  knew this *chwannoma? t,s schwannoma? - *chwannoma... F : &hat,s schwannoma? R  : That means tumor( basically. F:  7o you ha!e a picture of it( at least? 8an  see it? R:  &hy would  ha!e a picture of it? F : t,s common practice to fucking get pictures of shit now.. re you gonna be okay?&hat are your chances? &hat are your odds? R  :  don,t know.  looked it up and it said %9%9. But that,s like the nternet; F : That,s not that bad. That,s better than  thought.'ou,re gonna be fine( man . 'ou,re young.'oung people beat cancer all the time. <!ery celebrity beats cancer. =ucking #ance rmstrong(he keeps getting it . ( 12’ 48) ------------------03>03:=: 'ou got to look at the bright side here R: Bright side? 6f what?=: 'ou,re gonna be fine. &hat did your parents say? 7id they freak out? 'our mother?R: ,m not gonna tell her.=: 'ou,re not gonna tell her? 'ou gotta tell her. *he,ll probably deal with it better than most people. 'our dad has l4heimer,s( you know R: *he,s used to dealing with tragedy =: But you know her ( 6b!iously you ha!e to tell her.R: ,m gonna tell her . =: 'ou,re gonna be fine.%9%9. f you were a casino game(you would ha!e the best odds. 6kay. #et,s get to work. ----------------------- R:  Hi( Mom. Hi( 7ad.  Mother:  This is dam( your son. Remember? *o( what,s the big news? s Rachael pregnant R  : Mom( no. ,ll tell you( okay?  M  : 6kay( okay.  know you use protection. R  : &ow( you need to do something about this &hat?/ &ell( call the landlord( the paint,s peeling . i!e me his number( ,ll call him.  M:  That>s new. R:  'eah. Rachael made it. t,s called 6ppression 5o( it,s #iberation / That,s right( that one,s #iberation. 6ppression is in the bathroom  M  : *weetheart( your pills . There you go . *o( what,s the special occasion R  :  want to tell you something( but  +ust need you to promise me you,re gonna stay calm M: dam( don,t be so o!erdramatic.R: Mom( +ust promise( okay? 6kay(  promise / 'ou always make me out to besome irrational loon. Ha!e you e!er seen Terms of <ndearment : @esus( dam. @ust tell her.  M: Tell me what?R:  ha!e cancer.M: &hat do you mean you ha!e cancer?R:  ha!e cancer. &hat do you want me to say?M: &hen did this happen?R:  couple of days ago.M:  couple of days ago? 'ou waited a couple of days to tell me?R: ,m sorry. 'ou,re right.M: ,m mo!ing in  &hat( no no no/ ,m your mother( dam.R: 5o. < actly. That,s why. nd look( you already ha!e enough on your plate with him.M: &ho,s gonna take you to your appointments? 'ou don,t e!en dri!e a car.&ho,s gonna look after you?: ,m going to take care of him.R: Mom. Mom. Mom. &hat are you doing?M: - ,m gonna make you some green tea.  heard on the Today show that it reduces your risk of cancer by 0%A.R: &ell(  already ha!e cancer. *o( can you +ust please comeand sit down. 6kay?
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