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  I do NOT release these programs so that you the End-user can benefit from it in terms of using software or any other of these releases without buying the required licenses. R!n howe#er belie#es that e#eryone should ha#e the option to test and bac$up their program and be able to run it without any problems.%urther I do NOT in any way condone the spreading of this program in other words I do NOT spread the releases to any websites &'& networ$s or any other public a#ailable location. I urge that this releases should not be spread li$e that at all.I R!n has nothing to do with the distribution of these program it is all done by third parties. (s such and according to the laws where the indi#iduals of i reside it is not my responsibility what others decides to do with these releases. )owe#er let it be said quite clearly* I +O NOT in any way condone the selling or redistribution of these program this was NE,ER my intention. R!n does NOT ta$e any responsibility of computer-loss or any data-errors that may occur from using these program. eep in mind that you are using a third party solution to something we did not de#elop in the first place.+o note that the usage of these program are legal in most countries outside the nited /tates I% and ON01 I% you own a full copy of the program - then you may usethese program for bac$up purposes and only that. It remains to be seen how affected you are of the End ser 0icense (greements 2E0(s3. They can4t supersede domestic laws remember that.(ccording to the +56( (6T in the nites /tates you ha#e no rights to circum#ent a copy protection. 7eware they will punish you harder than if you stole the shrin$wrapped software in a mall. Though R!n4s base of operation does not reside in the nites /tates and thus I am NOT bound to the / legislations li$e*8 No Electronic Theft (ct8 +igital 5illenium 6opyright (ct8 The &atriot (ct8 other / legislations 1ou should (09(1/ buy the software that you do use.This /oftware NOT encourage piracy which is an act N0(9%0 as well as being a lac$ of respect towards those who dedicate time and effort to the de#elopment of applications.I do not assume liability for incorrect use that is NOT dedicated to a #ision for informational or educational study. 9ith this I can tell you that I dedicate myselfto NOT piracy in any way I care only to share and study all forms of system and e#asion.I disagree in any form software piracy and are NOT responsible for a e#entale inappropriate or illegal use.7y using these program you automatically agree to the written agreement abo#e and thus the responsibility regarding whate#er you are affected by any E0(s is with 1O and 1O only.Than$s to* :(+ ;inso )otbird<= nonosense Nosferati>? 5i$mi$@> 6ynec; heldigard +aA (lphawa#es Nummer #y#oBar for the #arious source codes and the wor$C  Than$s to all the people who ha#e supported the de#elopment in all its forms*- fullstuff- 5i$y?D- annaThan$s for the translation*- aAroach 2English3- 7ehdad 7ouBari 2  راف 3- roonney 2&ortuguFs3- 6raft7yte 2/lo#enGHina3- Ripde#il 2+eutsch3- #anhoi#o 2Ting ,it3 ế ệ - 70@+! 2/hqiptar3- alnaloty 2 ةيبعل 3- &hobos 2&JJKLM3- Bordan=; 2%ranais3- 9eb5an 2RomnP3- Aihan 2 中国 3- Ercan OQ( 2Tr$3- mireado 2 한국어 3- agasoft 2/rps$i3- Slg(pr 27ahasa Indonesia3- -=lfre!re- 2EspaUol3- 5r T. 2&ols$ie3- 1aron./ 2  רבע 39)ERE TO %IN+ 5E*- on Twitter* Ra!nRe0oaderThan$ you #ery much.7y R!n.
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