SEC. 6 - People v Mamaril

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  Sec. 6 – Issuance and Form of Search Warrant People of the Philippines, plaintiff-appellee vs. Olive Rubio amaril, !ccused-appellant F! #S$  On 25 March 2003, at 9:30 o’clock in the evening, SPO4 Alexis Gotioc, along !ith the e #ers o$ %ntel O&eratives o$ 'arlac (it)Police Station an Phili&&ine *r+g n$orce ent Agenc) -P*A., i &le ente Search /arrant o1 44( ate  March 2003 iss+e#) +ge Ali&io + +l o$ 6ranch 77, 8'( (a&as, 'arlac against the a&&ellant Ma aril in her resience1  Prior to the search, the &olice tea invite 6aranga) aga!a Oscar 'a#a o o$ 6aranga) Mali!alo to !itness the con+ct o$ thesearch an sei+re o&eration in the a&&ellant’s ho+se1  /ith 6aranga) aga!a 'a#a o, the &olice tea &resente the search !arrant to a&&ellant an in$or e her o$ the &+r&ose o$ thesearch an her constit+tional rights1  A$ter!ars, SPO4 Gotioc, the esignate searcher, starte searching the a&&ellant’s ho+se, in the &resence o$ the a&&ellant anaga!a 'a#a o1  *+ring his search, he $o+n on the to& cover o$ the re$rigerator one -. &lastic sachet containing !hite cr)stalline s+#stance1  'herea$ter he &re&are a (erti;icate o$ Goo Search an (on;iscation 8ecei&t !hich the a&&ellant Ma aril re$+se to sign1  'he &lastic sachet !as #ro+ght to the 'arlac Provincial (ri e <a#orator) $or =+alitative exa ination1  'he exa ination con+cte #) ngr1 Marcene G1 Agala, the >orensic (he ist !ho teste the !hite cr)stalline s+#stance, )iele&ositive res+lts $or 01055 gra o$ Metha &heta ine ?)rochlorie, co onl) kno!n as sha#+, a angero+s r+g1'he $act+al version &resente #) the e$ense is:  On 25 March 2003, at 9:30 o’ clock in the evening the &olice o$;icers arrive at a&&ellant’s ho+se an sho!e her a search !arrant1  'herea$ter, the &olice en searche her ho+se #+t $o+n nothing1  'hen a certain Police O$;icer Pangilinan aske her !here she !as slee&ing1  /hen she re&lie that she !as insie the h+t, the &olice o$;icers &roceee to an searche the &lace an $o+n the &lastic sachet containing the sha#+1  'herea$ter, she !as #ro+ght to the s+#@station at Mali!alo an !as tol, &artic+larl) #) SPO4 Gotioc an a certain Ma’a *+la)that in exchange o$ P20,000100, no case !o+l #e ;ile against her1  /hen she tol the that she i not have one), she !as etaine1  ?o!ever, on cross@exa ination, the a&&ellant a itte that the allege extortion o$ P20,000100 !as not re&orte to the higherranking &olice o$;icers1Acc+se  A&&ellant clai s that the &olice o$;icers $ra e her +& an &lante the sha#+ insie her ho+se #eca+se o$ her re$+sal to givethe one)1  vent+all), an %n$or ation !as ;ile against Ma aril !hich states that: acc+se, i then an there !ill$+ll), +nla!$+ll) ancri inall) have in her &ossession an control Metha &heta ine ?)rochlorie kno!n as Sha#+, a angero+s r+g, !eighing ore  or less 01055 gra , !itho+t #eing a+thorie #) la!1 (O'8A8 'O <A/  B&on arraign ent, Ma aril entere a &lea o$ not g+ilt)18'(  acc+se@a&&ellant g+ilt) o$ violation o$ Section , Article %%, o$ 81A1 975 -(o &rehensive *angeo+s *r+gs Act o$ 2002.  On a&&eal, the (A r+le that the evience $or the &rosec+tion $+ll) &rove #e)on reasona#le o+#t the ele ents necessar) tos+ccess$+ll) &rosec+te a case $or illegal &ossession o$ a reg+late r+g, na el),  the acc+se is in &ossession o$ an ite or an o#Cect ienti;ie to #e a &rohi#ite or a reg+late r+g,  -#. s+ch &ossession is not a+thorie #) la! an  -c. the acc+se $reel) an conscio+sl) &ossesse sai r+g1  (entere on the con+ct o$ the search o$ a&&ellant’s ho+se that )iele the &rohi#ite s+#stance, the (A +&hel that the searchcon+cte #) the %'< O&eratives o$ 'arlac (it) Police Station, in coorination !ith the P*A, on the resience o$ the acc+se@a&&ellant Ma aril an the sei+re -. &lastic &ack o$ Dsha#+D !eighing 01055 gra are legal1  ?ence, as a conse=+ence o$ the legal search, the sai Dsha#+D seie on the occasion thereo$, is a issi#le in evience against theacc+se@a&&ellant1%n this a&&eal, acc+se@a&&ellant &resente ne! arg+ ents, that -. the search !arrant !as not #ase on &ro#a#le ca+se, hence, theevience allegel) o#taine thro+gh it a) not #e a itte to s+&&ort the acc+se@a&&ellant’s convictionE   an -2. the &res+ &tion o$ reg+larit) in the &er$or ance o$ o$;icial $+nctions #) &+#lic o$;icers cannot &revail over the &res+ &tion o$ innocence1 ISS%&$ /O the search !arrant !as #ase on &ro#a#le ca+se R%'I()$ S  'he contention o$ the acc+se@a&&ellant is that the iss+e search !arrant !as not #ase on &ro#a#le ca+se1  She relie heavil) on its arg+ ent that SPO4 Gotioc, as the a&&licant o$ the search !arrant, i not testi$) on $acts &ersonall)kno!n to hi #+t si &l) relie on stories that the acc+se@ a&&ellant !as &eling illegal r+gs1'he re=+isites $or the iss+ance o$ a search !arrant are: -. &ro#a#le ca+se is &resentE -2. s+ch &ro#a#le ca+se +st #e eter ine &ersonall) #) the C+geE -3. the C+ge +st exa ine, in !riting an +ner oath or a$;ir ation, the co &lainant an the !itnesses he or she a) &ro+ceE -4. the a&&licant an the !itnesses testi$) on the $acts &ersonall) kno!n to the E an -5. the !arrant s&eci;icall) escri#es the &lace to #e searche an the things to #e seie1  S $  6ase on the recors, the (o+rt is convince that the =+estione search !arrant !as #ase on a &ro#a#le ca+se1   A &ortion o$ the irect testi on) o$ SPO4 Gotioc sho!e that the #asis $or his a&&lication $or search !arrant againast the acc+se!as $or the reason that there !ere an) &ersons !ho !ere going to her &lace an the) have #een hearing ne!s that she is selling&rohi#ite r+gs an so e o$ the !ere even ienti;ie1  Moreover, the) alrea) con+cte s+rveillance &rior to the a&&lication $or search !arrantE an accoring to Gotioc, he &ersonall)hear that the acc+se !as ealing &rohi#ite r+gs1 Section 6, Rule 126 of the Rules on Criminal Procedure  &rovies that:%$ the C+ge is satis;ie o$ the existence o$ $acts +&on !hich the a&&lication is #ase or that there is &ro#a#le ca+se to #elieve that the) exist,he shall iss+e the !arrant, !hich +st #e s+#stantiall) in the $or &rescri#e #) these 8+les1  'here is no general $or +la or ;ixe r+le $or the eter ination o$ &ro#a#le ca+se since the sa e +st #e ecie in light o$ theconitions o#taining in given sit+ations an its existence e&ens to a large egree +&on the ;inings or o&inion o$ the C+gecon+cting the exa ination1  %t is &res+ e that a C+icial $+nction has #een reg+larl) &er$or e, a#sent a sho!ing to the contrar)1  'he e$ense’s reliance o$ the =+ote testi on) o$ the &olice o$;icer alone, !itho+t an) other evience to sho! that there !as ineelack o$ &ersonal kno!lege, is ins+$;icient to overt+rn the ;ining o$ the trial co+rt1 'he acc+se@a&&ellant, having $aile to &resent s+#stantial re#+ttal evience to e$eat the &res+ &tion o$ reg+larit) o$ +t) o$ theiss+ing C+ge, cannot not #e s+staine #) the (o+rt1 /?8>O8, the instant a&&eal is *&(I&* 1


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