Secrets of Pillars in Masjid e Nabawi

This file gives information about the pillars in Masjid e Nabawi location and its history.
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  SECRETS   OF   THE   PROPHET’S   MASJID    –   THE   PILLARS   There   are   certain   pillars   in   the   Prophet’s   masjid   in   Madinah   which   have   a   special   significance.   Alhamdulillaah,   the   locations   of    these   pillars   have   been   preserved   till   today.   Signs   were   placed   to   indicate   the   names   of    these   pillars   known   as   ‘ Ustuwaanah’   in   Arabic.   Many   people   who   visit   the   Prophet’s   masjid   are   oblivious   to   these   pillars   or   are   unaware   of    the   history   behind   them   so   in   this   article,   I   will   illustrate   the   location   of    each   pillar   and   tell   you   the   story   behind   them   which   took   place   during   the   time   of    the   Prophet   .   If    you   are   fortunate   enough   to   visit   the   Prophet’s   masjid,   try   to   visit   these   locations.   Mulla   Ali   al   Qaari   (rah)   (  Nur ad-Din Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Sultan Muhammad al-Hirawi al-Qari) the great Islamic Scholar writes:   “Those   pillars   of    the   Masjid,   which   are   of    special   virtue   and   blessed   should   be   visited   by   the   visitor   of    Madinah.   There   he   should   keep   himself    busy   with   optional   prayers   and   supplication.”   Ustuwaanah   Hannaanah:    This   pillar   is   located   behind   the   mihrab   of    the   Prophet   on   its   right   hand   side   and   is   the   most   blessed   of    the   pillars   for   this   was   the   Prophet’s   place   of    prayer.   During   the   Abu   Bakr   Siddique   (r.a)   khilafat   period,   to   give   respect   and   save   the   Sujood   place   not   to   step   on   this   by   others,   he   constructed   a   thick   wall.   Later   Umar   ibn   Abdul   Aziz   (rah)   the   famous   pious   Khalifa   made   a   Mihrab   shape   to   this   thick   wall.   On   that   pillar   spot   there   once   used   to   grow   a   date   palm.   The   Prophet   used   to   lean   on   it   while   delivering   the   khutbah   (sermon).   When   a   minbar   was   made,   the   Prophet   began   delivering   his   sermon   from   there.   When   this   happened,   the   sound   of    crying   was   heard   from   the   tree   and   it   could   be   heard   around   the   whole   masjid.   The   Prophet   then   went   to   the   tree,   placed   his   hand   on   it   and   the   crying   stopped.   He   then   said:   “The   tree   cries   because   the   remembrance   of     Allaah   was   near    it,   and    now    that    the   minbar    is   built    it    has   been   deprived    of    this   remembrance   in   its   immediate   vicinity.   If    I    did    not     place   my    hand    on   it,   it    would    have   cried    till    the   Day    of     Judgement.”    The   pillar   which   has   been   placed   in   its   place   is   called   Ustuwanah   Hannanah   because   the   word   ‘hannaanah’   is   used   to   describe   a   crying   camel.   Ustuwaanah   A’ishah   (May   Allah   be   pleased   with   her).      This   is   also   called   the   Ustuwaanah   Muhajireen   because   the   Muhajireen   (emigrants   from   Makkah   to   Madinah)   used   to   sit   near   this   spot.   The   Prophet   used   to   offer   his   prayers   at   this   place   before   he   moved   to   the   place   at   Ustuwaanah   Hannanah.   It   is   also   called   the   Ustuwaanah   Qur’ah .   The   reason   for   this   is   that   Aa’isha   (may   Allaah   be   pleased   with   her)   reported   that   the   messenger   of    Allaah   said:   “In   this   Masjid    is   one   such   spot    that    if     people   knew    the   true   blessed    nature   thereof,   they    would     flock    towards   it    in   such   that    to    pray    there   they    would    cast    lots   (Qur’ah).”    People   asked   her   to   point   out   the   exact   spot   which   she   refused   to   do.   Later   on,   after   Abdullaah   Ibn   Zubair   (r.a)   persisted,   she   pointed   to   this   spot.   It   is   called   Ustuwaanah   Aa’isha   because   the   Hadeeth   is   reported   by   her   and   the   exact   spot   was   shown   by   her.   Alhamd   Lillaah   I   got   a   chance   to   pray   at   that   spot.    Ustuwaanah   Tawbah   /   Abu   Lubabah .  
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