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  1  Answer all questions in this paper.SECTION A(10 marks )The text below is about benefits of reain!. Question 1 Read the text below. The first and last line are correct. For the remaining lines, there is onegrammatical error in each line.The   errors have been identified   for you . Write one word to correct the error    in thespace provided.   eain! is a !oo habit as it #an in#rease our $nowle!e an i%pro&e our #o%%an of lan!ua!e. From  reain!' people #o%e into #onta#t with ifferent wors. In these  wa one is able to i%pro&e ones &o#abular. Tobe able to #arr on  a #on&ersation' our &o#abular %ust not be li%ite. Otherwise' we will fin it iffi#ult to express oneself  . *ore i%portantl' other people will not be able to unerstan them.  There are all sorts of boo$s a&ailable in the shop. eain! is one of the was fro% that  peopleha&e been able to !ather infor%ation. By  reain! we #an learn about thepast' present an the future. +e learn more  about people at ifferent parts of the worl. eain! enables us to tra&el further than a ri#h men . One #an also rea for pleasure. eain! was  a %ans best #o%panion. e.!. Through (a) ,,,,,,,,,, (b) ,,,,,,,,,, (#) ,,,,,,,,,, () ,,,,,,,,,, (e) ,,,,,,,,,, (f) ,,,,,,,,,,, (!) ,,,,,,,,,, (h) ,,,,,,,,,, (i) ,,,,,,,,,,,   2 It is #heap an reail a&ailable. One %a rea boo$s of   o-ens of &arious interestin! sube#ts an reain! surel !oes to %a$e one an all roun person. Su#h people of wier $nowle!e are reail useful anwhere an e&erwhere. +ell' as the sain! !oes' / eain! %a$es a full %an.() ,,,,,,,,,,,  SECT! B (0 marks ) Question # Read the following text. Then, answer questions (a ! ( .   Typhoid fever is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi.When we take in food or drink that is contaminated with this bacteria, we can be infected. Is is an accute infectious disease characterised by high fever, rashes and abdominal pain. If left untreated, it can be a fatal disease. owever, like most disease, it can be prevented with good hygiene and proper health practices. !asically, typhoid fever is spread due to the consumption of food prepared under unhygienic conditions. person who has typhoid fever is a carrier and he or she transmits the  bacteria to the food or drink that he or she prepares if the hands are not washed properly after going to the toilet. In many countries, the lack of proper sanitation and sewage treatment is another cause. #eople who drink untreated or unboiled water will be infected while an open sewage systems  breeds flies which will transmit the bacteria to food that is e$posed.Therefore we should ensure that the food we eat at home or outside is prepared under the  best hygienic conditions.  % Questions $a% & $'% #sing information from the text, complete the following graphic organiser. T()*!+ FE,E-  & (10 marks ) Question  Read the pamphlet below. Then, answer questions (a ! ( .

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