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  SEEMONRAJA  Ras Al khaimahUnited Arab EmiratesEmail : hone! #$%&'#%(%#&')*+OMA ,-EM*,A+ EN*NEER*N RO/ESS*ONA+ 0),S SUER1*S*ON Accomplished and focused professional with demonstrated experience of 12 years  in  petrochemical plants.  Recognized for professionalism, positive mental attitude, commitment to excellence, and demonstrated ability to communicate and working with senior management and below workers . Self-motivated and able to work independently or in a team. xcellent interpersonal skills, able to communicate and collaborate effectively with co-workers at all levels. E S*++S ! ands on # $heoretical %nowledge! &rocess # System 'mprovement ! (eadership # )entoring! *reative thinking # problem solving! $rouble shooting # maintenance! *omputer operation +)S ffice! SA& business entry! Achieving target production # uality  AREA O/ E4ER5*SE ♦ &recommissioning # commissioning ♦ &lant start up # Shut down activities ♦ nsuring S policy ♦ &)S activities of euipments ♦ $raining impart to working personal ♦ mergency action plan # power interruption ♦ nergy conservation management ♦ &lant operation # *S control system E)U,A5*ONA+ 6UA+*/*,A5*ONS ! iploma 'n &etrochemical $echnology .... .April /00/ from $he state 1oard of $echnical education. RO/ESS*ONA+ E4ER*EN,E 1) Company 2 JBF RAK LLC,P.B No. 6! , RAK, #$A%). &'ration 23rom Sep /4, /005 $o $ill.  Post hel( 26unior engineer , 7*.& &rodn.8  &escription 2900 )$ *apacity of )anufacturing &$ *hips.71ottle # 3ilm :rade8 echnolo*y 2*hina $extile 'ndustrial ngineering 'nstitute  2) Company 2:A'(7'ndia8 ($, &'ration 23rom Sep, /00/ to 6ul /005. Post hel( 2iploma $rainee, 3ield perator-&olyethylene plant. ,AREER RORESS*ON  613 RA% ((*, RAS A( % A')A , ;A &C+ +$P%R-+R / +0-F -N C0AR%PL3%+%R R%+-N PR&$C-N. Responsible for the *S operation for the manufacture of &olyester resin for bottle grade # film grade applications.! )aking daily reports # raw material consumption, logging of process parameters.! nsuring product uality and analyse the deviation and taking corrective action.! 'nventory of the plant and R) consumption ratio on monthly wise, reduction in waste.! &erformance increase of the plant with energy management # euipment maintenance.! 3ollow up of &rocess activities and euipment change over.! nsuring efficient product change over with minimum transition materials.! Actively taking part in planning of product change over.! ad involved in the precommisioning and commissioning operation of  &7/ x /00 $&8 + Solid state polycondensation units.! nsuring S policy # man power planning.! $aking correction action and uick start up of the plants during power interruption.! Analyze the root cause for the waste generation and impart $otal uality management to rectify the  problem.!Actively involved in resource optimization for production cost reduction.! xposure to fire fighting, emergency response,&&<s use training, permit system + height work, cold # ot work and vessel entry.! =ell versed with the 'S standards of 'S 900>,//000,>?000> and  SAS >@00>, and taking part in conducting internal audits and documentation. 0i*h li*hts4 ã Successful identification and arrested owtherm internal leakage in the sterification reactor which gave operational problem and increased production cost. Shut down activities and start-upof the plant after modification. ã Achieved highest production over designed plant capacity and implemented system modificationand process improvements. ã Replaced cobalt acetate colouring agent with toner solution and optimized the process. ã Successfully blended $A with &$A as raw material, optimization of process # outputted low production cost.   :A'( , 'ndia Plant perator Poly ethylene plant. 'nvolved in the the &rocess of polyethylene manufcature as the process operator.! )aking daily reports, logging of process parameters and water analysis.! uipment change over and ensuring smooth operation of the plant.! nsuring good manufacturing practices and S policy.;'&)B$S AB( DISTILLATION COLUMNGAS SCRUBBEROXO REACTORMOLECULAR SIEVEDRYERHETERO PHASE RECTORVACUUM SYSTEMGLYCOL RECOVERYHIGH PRESSURE GEARPUMPSTORAGE TANKSGAS FIRED HEATERSCONVEYING SYSTEMRECIPROCATINGCOMPRESSOR CENTRIFUGALCOMPRESSORSCREW PUMPSEVAPORATORSTUBULAR REACTORLIQUID RING VACUUMPUMPVAPORJET EJECTORSYSTEMVAPORIZERSCENTRIFUGAL PUMPSPELLATIZING SYSTEM &RSBA( $A'(S Bame2 5.+%%5N RAJA 3ather<s Bame2S.)asilamaniate of 1irth2/C 6un >959.Age D Sex2C4 yrs, )ale)arital status 2)arried(anguages known2nglish, $amil, )alayalam, indi&assport Bo23. ?/94/E4ate of 'ssue20C.0@./004
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