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  SEIZURE Basjiruddin A Bagian Neurologi FK-Unand  SEIZURE  A seizure is temporary abnormal electro-physiologic phenomenon of the brain, resulting in abnormal electrical neuronal activity in the brain  A seizure is a sudden change in behaviour characterized by changes in sense of feeling or motor activity (movement) due to an abnormal firing of nerve cells in the brain  It can manifest as a physical convulsion, minor physical signs, alteration in mental state, various psychic symptoms (such as deja vu or jamais vu)  Type of seizures and symptoms depend on : ã Where the abnormal electrical activity takes place in the brain ã What its cause ã Age ã General state of health   Seizures can be caused by ã head injuries ã drug toxicity space-occupying lesions in the brain (tumor, abscess) ã infection (encephalitis, meningitis) ã metabolic disturbances ã lead poisoning ã stroke (embolic, hemorrhage) ã mal formation  Half of the patients, no cause can yet be found


Jul 23, 2017
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