SeizuresandDriving Feb 2012

Seizures and Driving Feb 2012
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  Seizures and driving  FEBRUARY 2012  Introduction If you have epilepsy or seizures you may be eligible to hold a learner permit or driver licence for private vehicles as long as your seizures are well-controlled. You should discuss this with your doctor.You are required by law to notify VicRoads if you have any serious or chronic medical condition or disability that may affect your fitness to drive. This includes seizures and epilepsy. Failure to notify could also affect your insurance cover.VicRoads determines your fitness to drive on a case by case basis in accordance with national medical standards. Medical advice and assessment outcomes are also considered. In every case individual circumstances apply and you may wish to discuss these with your doctor.  Learner permit and driver licence Applying for your first learner permit or driver licence If you are applying for your first learner permit or driver licence, and you have epilepsy or seizures, you must notify VicRoads and provide a medical report. VicRoads may request a report from a specialist in epilepsy before a learner permit or a driver licence can be issued. The report must be no more than six months old.If you do not notify VicRoads that you have epilepsy or seizures when you apply for a learner permit or driver licence, your learner permit or licence could be withdrawn.You must obtain medical clearance before you sit for your learner permit or driver licence test by faxing your medical report to VicRoads Medical Review on (03) 9854 2307 or posting it to PO Box 2504, Kew VIC 3101. Mark it clearly with the words FOR PRIOR APPROVAL. If you already hold a learner permit or driver licence If you hold a current learner permit or driver licence and you develop any serious or chronic medical condition or disability including epilepsy and seizures, you must notify VicRoads. To retain your licence To retain your licence you must provide a medical report to VicRoads. You will be advised whether a report from a general practitioner or a specialist in epilepsy is required. The report must be no more than six months old.If you have another seizure, you must notify VicRoads.  Seizure-free periods for drivers of private vehicles The period that you must be free from seizures before driving depends on the type of seizure, the circumstances surrounding it, and whether you hold a private or commercial licence. The frequency of periodic reviews may vary depending on your medical report and the opinion of VicRoads medical advisors. Driving commercial vehicles Guidelines for commercial truck, taxi and bus licences are stricter than those for private licences. In many cases, if you have had a seizure, you may not be permitted to drive these vehicles. If you wish to drive a commercial vehicle, you will need to consult a specialist in epilepsy who can provide VicRoads with a medical report to assist in determining your fitness to drive. A conditional licence may be considered taking into account this medical opinion, the size and condition of the vehicle, the duties to be performed and the hours to be worked. If your licence is suspended or cancelled VicRoads may suspend or cancel your learner permit or driver licence on medical grounds. Your permit/licence may be reissued if you provide a satisfactory medical report and meet other licensing requirements. Retesting If you have not held a learner permit or driver licence within the last five years, you may have to sit a knowledge test and driving test to regain it. Note:  Motorcycle learner permits are valid for 15 months or until you obtain a motorcycle licence. If you do not obtain a motorcycle licence before your learner permit expires, you will need to be retested and have another learner permit issued.


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