Selected Calendar to the Weyman Family Papers,

South Caroliniana Library Manuscripts Division University of South Carolina Selected Calendar to the Weyman Family Papers, Author: Weyman Family Extent: 671 items (0.5 linear feet) 1 oversize
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South Caroliniana Library Manuscripts Division University of South Carolina Selected Calendar to the Weyman Family Papers, Author: Weyman Family Extent: 671 items (0.5 linear feet) 1 oversize folder Accession #: 7414 See other finding aids to collections held by South Caroliniana Library Summary: Residents of South Carolina and elsewhere. Family letters, bills and receipts re household expenses, legal papers re settlement of the estate of Catherine Weyman, Samuel Gale s involvement with the South Carolina Factory at Rio Pongo in western Africa, and papers documenting his claims for compensation following destruction of the S.C. Factory by British troops in an effort to suppress the international slave trade. Places represented include Charleston (S.C.), Bangor (Maine), Glennville (Alabama), Bexar County (Texas), New York (N.Y.), South America: Bogota and Maracaibo (in Colombia), Rio Pongo (in Guinea, West Africa), and elsewhere. Selected Calendar: Assessment, Mar An Account of Property destroyed and otherwise lost by the British troops, on an expedition from His Majestie s colony of Sierra Leon to the Rio Pongo windward coast of Africa. Letter, 2 Oct (Charleston, S.C.) Catherine Weyman, to Edward Weyman (in New York), re family news, commenting on prospects for renting the Store, discussing the dismissal of several bank officers, and reporting preparations to meet an attack during War of 1812. Letter, July 1815 (Charleston, S.C.) J[oseph] T[urpin] Weyman, to E.B.W. (West Chester County, N.Y.), informing him that Mr. Goodman had left the store to begin a factorage business at Bailey s Warf. Letter, 14 Aug. 1815, (Charleston, S.C.) C.W., to E.B.W., N.Y., discussing business prospects since the declaration of peace and advising, every one here have altered their plans Since the peace - and all are again returning to it [Charleston] with more avidity than ever. Letter, 6 June 1816 (London, England) W.H.G. Page, to Samuel Gale (New York), requesting that he sail to England to testify for your Friend Mr. Cunningham, discussing the principal points of the case, and outlining his intended prosecution. Letter, 15 June 1816 (Charleston, S.C.) J.T.W., to E.B.W. (New Rochelle, N.Y.) re the mercantile business and informing him that there was no school at the Mt. Bethel Academy as Mr. [Elisha] Hammond has gone to Columbia [S.C.] Letter, 4 Mar (Charleston, S.C.) C.W., to E.B.W. (New Rochelle, N.Y.) advising him re the sale of Charleston Library Society stock. Letter, 28 May 1817 (Charleston, S.C.) C.W., to E.B.W. (New Rochelle, N.Y.), discussing financial situation of Jack, an African- American slave in debt, informing him that she had big Jack on account of his own folly, he ow d upwards of $100 for wages and wou d not pay me one Cent - but said he wished to be sold so he has got a good master - and I hope he will treat him better than he has me, and mentioning that Cousin Sam[uel] Maverick was acquiring a house in town Letter, 25 Nov. 1817, (Charleston, S.C.) J.T.W., to [E.W.], reporting that the high price of cotton had improved business prospects. Will, 20 Jan of Samuel Gale recorded in Charleston, S.C. Letter, 29 Jan J.T.W. to E.W. (New Rochelle, N.Y.),reporting death of Samuel Gale while at the Weyman home, relating that he had bequeathed his estate to John Gale and members of the Weyman family, and moving to a new store. Letter, 4 June 1818, (Charleston, S.C.) J.T.W., to E.W. (New Rochelle, N.Y.), discussing his mercantile business on King Street, with Frugality & Industry I hope to do well. Letter, 2 Dec. 1818, (Charleston, S.C.) J.T.W., to E.W., New Rochelle, furnishing him an account of the sales of his apples and advising him to ship cider to Charleston as I think you will do much better than selling it in N York ; Letter, 30 May 1826 Beautfort T. Watts, to R[obert] H. Weyman, relating that he had been disappointed in his efforts to settle Weyman s claim against the government due to the failure of the London house of Goldsmith & Co. with a loss to this Republic [Colombia] of about four millions of dollars ; Letter, 27 Aug (Maracaibo, Venezuela) A. B. Nones, to R.H.W., N.Y., stating that Col. Watts had obtained from the government acknowledgement of the debt announcing that Bolivar was to pass through Bogota on his way to Venezuela, I have no doubt he will soon reinstate order. Confidence will thereby be again restored; & with it a revival of good times and active business ; Phrenology Reading, 12 Feb Phrenological Character of Lydia Catherine Weyman as ascertained by S. Kirkham. Letter, 16 Apr (Charleston, S.C.) W[illia]m B. Yates, to Miss Weyman, thanking the teachers and pupils of your valuable seminary for a gift of $20.00 through the Ladies Bethel Flag Society to be used for providing destitute seamen with clothing. Letter, 14 Feb (Liverpool, England) D[avid] A. C[raig], to M[ary] Rosalie Weyman, (Charleston, S.C.) reporting his arrival after the most difficult voyage of his life, mentioning the visible starvation and misery, and stating, Yet whilst hundreds are dying of starvation in this country & in Ireland the quays are crowded with corn, flour & all kinds of provisions you speculators wo be unto you! 2 Letters, 8 June [18]48 and 26 Jan (West Point, New York) A.W. Weyman, to M.R.W. (Glennville, Alabama), friendly letters discussing his studies and activities as a cadet at the United States Military Academy. Letter, 4 Apr (Glennville, Alabama) Mollie, to M.R.W., looking forward to her return and mentioning that there were two Daguerian artist[s] in Glennville which are creating a good deal of excitement especially among the ladies. [The Daguerreian photographers cited in this letter were active in Glennville, a town formerly located in Barbour County, that is today found within the jurisdiction of Russell County.] Letter, 11 May 1853 (Bangor, Maine) Fannie W. I[ingalls], to the [Misses Weyman], family letter thanking them for a daguerreotype portrait. 2 Letters, 25 June and 17 July 1853 (Bexar County, Texas) Joseph B. Weyman, to M.R.W., discussing a recent visit from her brother, advising, I don t only think that you would not be satisfied in this country but I know it, mentioning his intention to Rais[e] stock if I ever get any money, and stating: [My] hands are getting Texas skin on them as the American skin has all pretty well come off. Letter, 6 July 1853 (Charleston, S.C.) Mary [McOwen], to Kate [Lydia C. Weyman], referring to the summer exodus on account of the heat, commenting on the opening of Moultrie House [an elaborate hotel opened, July 1850, on Sullivan s Island that offered accommodations for 200 guests] and its popularity, and relating details re celebration of July 4 th 3 Letters, 11 July and 4 Sept and [1856], [Bangor, Maine] L.C.W., to [James Price and M.R.W. Price], discussing her visit with the Ingalls, commenting on local opinion towards the South in Maine during late antebellum era, attending a Bl[ac]k Republican meeting addressed by [James Warren] Nye of New York, meeting the speaker, and citing the anti-southern bias of the press. Letter, 1 Nov (Chalchihuites, [Mexico]) Edward A. Weyman, to [M.R.W. Price], regretting to learn of the Charleston earthquake, Poor old Charleston it has suffered more than its share and criticizing the despotism of the Mexican government.
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