Self Interest

Self Interest Theory
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  Self-interest Theory By Jia Chen Koh   What is it? ã Self  - interest  refers to a focus on the needs or desires of oneself. Even at our best, we are only out for ourselves“   We do everything, from the considerate to the heroic, for our own benefit.  Consider this….    “  You're walking down a quiet road one evening and suddenly come upon a horrible scene. Ahead of you is a truck turned on its side and lying on the pavement is the driver, a young man. His face is bloody and he is barely moving. What do you do? You help. But why do you help? What, exactly, is your motive?”      You are likely to reply that you helped in order to save the man and reduce his distress. But many psychologists would offer a different explanation   When we see someone in distress, we ourselves will also experience feelings of distress (shock, worry or fear).   These unpleasant emotions lead us to want to reduce those feelings and increase our own well being.   To do so, we choose to reduce our own distress by helping.   What appears to be altruistically motivated behaviour is really only self interest in disguise
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