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  Using MongoDB for Social Networking Websites(  Deciphering the Pros & Cons  ) 15-10-20141 Seminar on  Introduction   Social media is one of the popular buzzwords of current time   Choosing the right database supporting SocialMedia poses a challenge   MongoDB will be discussed here in this contextfor developing Social Media Networking Website 15-10-20142  Literature survey: Paper Author/Publication Findings  At the forge: MongoDB Reuven M Lerner in ACM LinuxJournal, pp.193-195, 2010Got introduced to MongoDBDatabase.Social-Data Storage-systems Nicolas Ruflin, Helmar Burkhartand Sven Rizzotti In DBSocial'11 ACM, New York, NY, USA,pp.7-12, 2011Introduced to database systemsfor social networking systemUsing MongoDB to implementtextbook management systeminstead of MySQLZhu Wei-ping, Li Ming-xin, ChenHuan, IEEE 3rd InternationalConference on CommunicationSoftware and Networks(ICCSN), Xi'an, pp.303-305, 27-29 May 2011Learned practical application of MongoDB for development. A comparison of two physicaldata designs for interactivesocial networking actionsSumita Barahmand, ShahramGhandeharizadeh and JasonYap, In Proceedings of the 22nd ACM international conferenceon Conference on information &knowledge management (CIKM'13) ACM, New York, NY, USA,pp.949-958, 2013Studied a comparison of anindustrial strength relationaldatabase management system(RDBMS) named1 SQL-X and aNoSQL document store namedMongoDB 15-10-20143   Agenda   Social Networking Website & its Components   MongoDB Database   Strengths of using MongoDB Database   Weaknesses of using MongoDB Database   Conclusion 15-10-20144
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