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Senate Splits Third District; GOP: 'Evil Gerrymandering'

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Weather r &gdy, chut* tf * t- J+M ihtotn COOIIMU* Me to- * ttytt MVnrtd by partial clearfag. Ugh today new 71 along shore. Low tonight In mid Its. Fair with seasonable temperatures tomorrow. High In 80i. Saturday, fair and mild. VOL. 88, NO. 248 Red Bank Area Ifinid diflr. llwfy tbroucli Frld&r. Steand Clai* FostAj* Flld «Tlt« l Bis* uul it AidlUoMJ Mlillni OHIcet f Copyright Hie Red Bank Register, Inc MONMOUTH COUNTY'S HOME NEWSPAPER FOR 87 YEARS Dbteibatioo Toiky 31,000 DIAL 7414)010 THURSDAY, JUNE 16, c PER COPY PAGE ONE Senate Splits Third District; GOP: 'Evil Gerrymandering' REAGAN MEETS WITH IKE Ronald Re agan, left, Republican candidate for governor of California, and former President Dwight D. Eisenhower are all smiles as they re interviewed by newsmen yesterday»t Eisenhower's Gettysburg, Pa., home. (AP Wirephoto) By CHARLES A. JOHNSTON Saturday at 11 a.m. before getting action in the Assembly. TRENTON - Called a most evil gerrymander and a rape The bill would split the present Monmouth-Ocean Third Dis- of New Jersey, by Republicans,* Senate Democrats early this trict, represented by freshman morning put across a Congressional redistricting bill. putting Monmoulh and six nor- Democrat James J. Howard, But because they couldn't get mally Democratic towns of Middlesex and Ocean together. together before midnight, the measure would.have to lie over It slipped through the Senate, two days until a special session by a IS to 12 count, with two senators absent. Sen. Richard R. Stout, R-Monmouth, 5th, who called the bill most evil, and Sen. William T. Hiering, R- Occan, 5th, voted no. Action came after many hours of high pressured conferences with Democratic Gov. Richard J. Hughes pushing the lawmakers to a decision. From it they hope will come help to most of the 11 incumbent Democratic congressmen though they concede that it will cost at least the chair of Rep. Paul Krebs, of the 12th District in Essex County. Mr. Krebs, a former state CIO president, was sacrificed, over his own bitter objections, with reluctant support from his home county party leaders and some forces in organized labor who backed up Hughes' argument that alternatives would take a heavier toll.. Most of the 11 Democratic congressmen, including Mr. Howard, were in the Senate chamber as the hour-long debate, which started at 11:15 p.m., raged. (See DISTRICT, Page 2) Case, Howard Hail Army Decision Signal School Staying at Fort FORT MONMOUTH - The Signal School is here to stay. That was the official word released yesterday by Secretary of the Army Stanley R. Resor in Washington. He said the Department of Army announced its rejection of a Haines Board Study recommendation, which would have consolidated the Signal School here with the Southeastern Signal School at Fort Gordon, Georgia, and eventually merged the two facilities at the Georgia Army installation. The announcement brought praise from two of New Jersey's congressional delegation. Republican Sen. Clifford P. Case said: This reaffirms the assurances I was given by Gen. Frank S. Besson over a year ago that the Signal School would remain at Fort Monmouth. I am glad to have this reassurance. (Gen. BessDn commands the Army Materiel Command, parent organization of the Signal Corps and the Electronics Command.) Democratic Rep. James J. Howard (3d Dist.) said: This decision should put to rest, once and for all, the recurring rumors of the Signal School's moving. This is good news to me, and 1 Kavalek: Township Could Be Behind Eight Ball Sewer Hassle Shows Signs of Political Fiasco the sewer program which was drawn prior to creation of the authority. At the time the authority was established, the committee indicated its belief that Mr. Kupper would continue his work, by virtue of appointment as authority But Board Architect Wants Written Word State Favors Work at School engineer, for reasons of economy in costs and continuity in planning. Mr. Kupper himself recommended creation of an authority. But an authority faction, led by Vice Chairman Edward Schumann, has opposed his appointment and refused to move it. Only two members, chairman Beecher and Vincent P. Lamb, are supporting Mr. Kupper. To appoint another engineer would mean breaking the Kupper contract (with the Township Committee), the mayor confirmed, and this is likely to already completed preliminary based on the fact that he has mean litigation involving $500,- 000 to $1 million, or the value of the contract. Near $1 Million Mr. Kupper himself estimates the amount at near $1 million. By FRANK W. HARBOUR MIDDLET0WN - The Townihlp Committee is facing a. problem that could turn into a political fiasco and become one of the major issues in the upcoming election campaign. What U Ao about the Sewer Authority and the planned $23.4 million regional sewer program? Mayor Ernest G. Karvalek admitted last night that the governing body could find inself. behind: the eight ball. H» made the.statement as the authority continued its deadlock on the appointment of Charles J. Kupper as authority engineer, and in light of a recent admis- LONG BRANCH Permission continue the building ban unti columns remedied, Mr. Boyken Brookwood School in Jackson has been granted by the state he receives the state directive in said. Township in Department of Education for writing. Mr. Boyken added, however, Some observers and private ension by authority chairman Evan work to resume on a portion of ' Howard W. Hofajmbe, architectural supervisor of the state work stoppage be continued un- Long Branch project, designed to that Mr. Holcofflbe suggested the gjneers have predicted that the Beecher that some major phases the Junior high school where construotion has been stopped since department, told Mr. Boykexi by exclude wind braces for the roof, 6F sewer planning are now at at i standstill. June 2, but Richard O. Boyken, telephone yesterday that an inspection of the section Monday will meet the same fate. Mr. Kupper is township sewer city Board of Education archl' engineer and has a' contract for teot, said yesterday he would showed the 34 out-of-plumb steel Shrewsbury Planners Told Water Co. Plans SHREWSBURY - The Mo* tract at Shrewsbury Ave. and mouth Consolidated Water Co. Sycamore Ave. the same from will build its new headquarters which the bank and Anderson and maintenance buildings on Brothers' tracts were carved. Shrewsbury Ave. about 900 feet The water company parcel, 300 from the intersection of Sycai ote Ave. about 600 feet feet' on Shrewsbury Ave. and The two structures have yet to separated from the bank by the be designed, but Oscar A. New quiit, vice president and general manager, told the Planning Board last night a perpetual wa ter fountain will be prominent on the. front lawn as a symbol of the company's abundant resources. There's no danger of a ( 'water shortage at Monmouth Consolidated, he said. i? Announcement of Monmouth Consolidated'^ building site con' firmed reports that the march of ratables to Shrewsbury Ave, Is continuing. The Boro Busses Co. and Central Jersey Bank and Trust- Co. built there recently, Ebsco Industries is building now, and Anderson Brothers moving and storage firm has a subdivi ion. Seek Subdivision Monmouth Consolidated made application for a subdivision o( a parcel from the Gray-Lewis Sycamore Ave., to demolish old coal bins and a shed and build a storage building for fertilizer. The metal building, with a barn red enamel finish to match the commencement exercises last night, detractors of the school other Lawes buildings, will be board and its building policies deep, will be set back 202 feet from the road. were busy. Also getting final approval was Milton Garr, secretary of the parcel subdivided for Anderson's. Frank J. Patock's plan for constore City-Wide Civic Association, re- Mr, Newquist brought with struction of a luncheonette and leased samples of a printed sheet next to the Patock Con- Of newspaper clippings describing him to the Planning Board the rendering of a $300,000 headquarters (See NEWQUIST, Page 3) the collapse of a roof at the the company had planned to build at the site of its pumping station oh Hoey Ave., Long Branch, before it was denied a variance by that city. Construction here would be similar, he said. The rendering showed a. 100-foot-wide, glassfronted structure. The manager said the site would be home base for a fleet of radio-equipped maintenance vehicles that would be dispatched each morning and return in the evening. Subdivision Classified The board classified the subdivision as major, but took no further action on It last night. The board gave final site plan approval to the Lawes Coal Co., til the inspection report Is verifipd in writing. The steel columns are in Block D of the $3.5 million project, the area comprising the auditorium and lobby. The June 2 work stoppage was the result of a May 25 state inspection which disclosed the wayward columns. Findings Reported George Soffel, a state school building inspector, made the Monday/examination and reported his findings to Mr. Holcom&e. While most city school officials were attending the high school The Jackson Township incident, which occurred during a Thanksgiving recess when classes were not in session, was ultimately blamed by engineers on an improper weld in a steel ceiling support. Only one classroom was involved, the roof collapse happened at the height of a heavy downpour. Calls for Probe Meanwhile, Councilman Edgar N. Dinkelspiel, in a letter to Gov. Richard J. Hughes, called for a complete legislative investigation into the state Department of Education to ascertain why their inspectors permitted these conditions (at the junior high school) to exist for so long & period, without demanding that the work be stopped before defect upon defect accumulated. (See SCHOOL, Page 3) Is Portland Rd. Private? Strike Rekindles Hassle HIGHLANDS - The strike against the Ocean View Retreat Nursing Home, Portland Rd., now in its third day, may have rekindled a long standing borough controversy whether or not the road leading to the home is private. William J. Romaine, 78 Portland Rd., whose home fronts on the disputed roadway, complained bitterly last night of pickets Garden Apartment Zone Is Urged in Middletown MIDDLETOWN - Rezoning to permit garden apartments in the township will be recommended to the Planning Board and TowniMp Committee by the special board subcommittee on zoning. The committee, which announced its decision pn a twoyear study In the Issue of apirtments last night, agreed to recommend that apartments be Allowed In these zones: R-7,-15, -22, arid '30., Also,. the committee will recommend converting the R-45 zone in the Shadow Lake area of River Plaza, Into an! R-45A, For Sale ; Furniture, rugs, etc. See classified ad and call (Adv.) Sellout Sale Page 29 See details of McFaddln Cadil atsoldj'ten piitj (Adv.) - - ; / ' v zone to allow apartments there too. These zones encompass more densely settled areas of the township. In total area, this comprises some 50 per cent of the municipality, Control! Asked Robert G. Strong, vice-president of Herbert H. Smith Associates, the township planning consultant, outlined these controls the committee will propose to.- adoption into the zone code: No high-rise type apartments will be allowed. Apartments will be allowed only after they have met with approval of the Zoning Board Outdoor Antiques Show Behind Allenwood General Store, Sat., June 18, 10 to 5:30. of Adjustment after a public hearing and;with Planning Board approval of site design. -Density requirements; 10 units per acre in the R-30 and R-45A zones, 12 per acre in the R-22, 14 in the R-15, and 16 in the R-7. Lot coverage; no more per building than would be covered by a house in the same zone. Ratio of one-bedroom to twobedroom must be 85 per cent one-bedroom or efficiency and 15 per cent two bedroom. Unit size; 380 square foot minimum for efficiencies, 600 square foot minimum for, onebedroom, and 800 square foot minimum for two-bedroom apartments. (See APARTMENT^PagB 2) marching in front of his house what basis the police chief ruled and on his property. I'm not on strike, he declared, and I didn't do anything the road is private. Battle Over Road He harked back to his battle to deserve tickets on my two years ago with Borough land. / Council regarding ownership of And in a neighborhood like the road. I did a lot of research of borough records at that time, he this, where a person can hear a whistle, 15 people marching up (See STRIKE, Page 3) and down all night make a heck of a lot of noise. How's a guy going to get some sleep? Called The Mayor Mr. Romaine reported that he had called and complained to Mayor John A. Bahrs, who did nothing...'' He called and complained to Borough Attorney Benjamin Gruber, who didn't even return my call. And he called to complain to Monmouth County Jail Warden Earl A. Smith, Sheriff Paul Kiernan, and P. Paul Campi, undersheriff, without any action. I finally got a Lt. Hordorf who said he'd call his brotherin-law by the name of Cook, who might be able to get hold of Klernan or Campi, contended Mr. Romaine. I'd like to know one thing: how do citizens get hold of these people in an emergency in case these plcketers become unruly? Mr. Romaine said he ruled out calling local Police Chief Howard Monahan because he is under the impression this road Is prl vate and told strikers to stay off it, so now they're picketing on my property instead. , Mr. Romaine questioned- on engineering and a major part of final engineering. Normally unless the contract is broken Mr. Kupper would not be paid fees due him until contraction work starts. But if another engineer is appointed, the governing body will immediately be faced with the payment problem. Asked where the committee would get a million dollars or the amount due (which some officials estimate would go no higher than $750,000), in such event the mayor replied: There is only one thing I can say, we would be behind the eight ball. That is why this problejn is so serious and why it must be resolved with all haste. ., No Authority Money Mr. Lamb, authority treasurer, confirmed that the authority could not raise the money since it will work with revenue bonds and there presently is no revenue, and further pointed out that it is not an authority obligation. Committeemen have also noted that a lawsuit could involve the question of damages. Although a number of strong (See SEWERS, Page 3) hope the people of Monmouth share my pleasure. Rumors Ended In disapproving the recommendation, which was one of 74 made by the Haines Board in its study of the over-all Army school system, Army Chief of Staff Harold K. Johnson brought an end to long-existing rumors on the status of the Signal School here. The announcement was made here by Col. Donald Adams, deputy commandant of the Signal Center and. School, acting as official spokesman for commandant Brig. Gen. Thomas. M. Rienzi, who was in Washington on official Army business. In line with the announcement, Col. Adams said continued expansion is planned for the Signal Center and School here, both in (See SIGNAL, Page 3), ROAD TO THE BOG Improvement work on Texas Rd., above, looking south, in vicinity of Burnt Fly Bog was begun late la it week affer Marlboro Townthip Council granted Dominick Manzo of Matawan Township a variance for a landfill dump there. Mayor Walter C. Grubb, Jr., said operationi were not to have been started until township engineer approved specifications for both dump operation and road improvement. Mayor Grubt) Acts to Bar Premature Dump Activity MARLBORO - Mayor Walter C. Grubb, Jr., said last night that Dominick A. Manzo of Matawan Township will be instructed not to begin operations at Burnt Fly Bog covered by a variance granted him last week until conditions of the variance have been met. The mayor, who was away when council granted the variance last Thursday, said he has received many calls from residents of the township and the local community concerned over the Burnt Fly developments of recent days. A plan for conservation of the bog area, advanced by local and county planning consultants and endorsed by state conservationists, had drawn considerable popular support. State authorities said the landfill dumping operation proposed by Mr. Manzo was not compatible with the conservation plan. The township last year denied his variance request for that reason. On Tuesday of last week, however, the township Zoning Board of Adjustment approved a renewed variance petition. On Thursday the Township Council, suspending its rule requiring prior consideration at a Monday night study meeting, granted the variance. The.3-2 council vote wjs split on political faction lines, with the majority Purpose and Principle members voting approval. «The haste of that and subsequent action, Mayor Grubb said,, apparently has alarmed those concerned over an apparent threat to the conservation project. A condition of the variance, the mayor said, was that tlie township engineer approve specifications for both the dumping operation and for approach road Improvements, to be made ^jy the applicant, before the work started. Several residents calleji (See GRUBB, Page 2) ' ' Radical Saigon Buddhists Yield in Hue U.S. Marines Make Gallant Stand SAIGON (AP) - Thirty U. S. Marines held off 300 attacking Viet Cong for five hours today In a last-man stand that Will go down in Marine Corps history. U. S. military headquarters said all but two of the Leathernecks were killed or wounded. The Marines ran out of ammunition and fought the overwhelming Communist force hand Allen-Scott._ Amusements Blrthi. '. '... Bridge ; John Chamberlain Classified Comics.'. _-.. Crossword Punle.. Edltorltli..^. C. A. Johniton to hand with bayonets and then with rocks before air and ground reinforcements drove off the attackers. The reconnaissance platoon from the 1st Marine Division was defending an observation pos atop a barren, rocky hill 12 miles northwest of Chu Lai and obou 325 miles northeast of Saigon. It was attacked before dawn by Todays index Page I IS JJ I Page Herblock 6 Movie Timetable M Obituaries - I & 4 Outdoor World _ JS Palette Talk 25 Sports Stock Market.: 21 Successful Investing 21 Synagogue r..'.. J Televblon» Women's Newi JH4 waves of Viet Cong who first unleashed intensive machine gun and small-arms fire and then assaulted the Marine post from all sides. The sergeant commanding the post radioed.for air support, and Marine planes hit the Viet Cong with napalm while helicopters strafed the attackers with rockets-.-«;:, Just after dawn helicopteis lifted a company of 300 Marjtje' (See VIET NAM, Page 2).i Legislature Approves Vote on Night Racing TRENTON (AP) - The New Jersey Legislature gave the green light yesterday to a public referendum on the issue of whether to allow night racing at harness and thoroughbred tracks in the state. The bill mm goes to the governor. '. A week ago, the Assembly voted to permit a November referendum on a proposal that would establish night harness racing; It was broadened in the Senate to take In all tracks and seat back to the Assembly which cat curred in the amendment.,3c would require signature of GMS Richard -I. Hughes to go on $$, ballot..*- ' As This bill, went down the hjjt with a harness and came ba * with a saddle, said Assemh man Joseph Woodcock, (See NIGHT, Page 2) JS-Tnursday, June 16, 1966 THE DAILY REGISTER Apartments No single project will exceed J50 units. An overall limitation «partmenta in the revised cod' of not more than 10 per cent o the existing housing dwellings i; 7 the township (there are an est: mated 9,000 to!0,00d, thus tin -maximum number of apartment will be between 900 and 1,000 a first). It must be on a site where tan be hooked into the townshii sewer system within five year; (package plants will be allowec. only five years).. A public water supply wi
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