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  NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK ENGINEERS –  UCF CHAPTER Issue 2  NSBE Members Presenting their “ Survival Kit ”  at the Third GBM! NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK ENGINEERS  A Word from our Publications Chair by Tiffany Brown  Hello everyone! My name is Tiffany   Brown and I am currently serving as   your 2014-2015 Publications Chair. I   hope you all have had a great first   month of the semester. The executive board, including myself,   are excited that you have taken interest   in joining our organization and we   promise it will be a decision you wo n’t   regret. This school year we have   implemented programs and events that   will help you grow academically as well   as professionally. We understand that there are many   students who struggle with balancing   their course load and that is why we   want to help you reach success and   continue to thrive in all your classes. As far as professionalism, we will provide want you to get involved with impacting   the community. As STEM majors we want to expose and   engage the youth with different   methods of activities so they can   understand how getting an education   can go a long way, being in STEM   provides great opportunities, and it can   help them change their environment. It is not only the youth we want to reach,   however, but also the parents because   they can be a reinforcement of how   valuable this can be. We want to increase   our standards and be the inspiration that   will get others to achieve their goals.   Thank you.  “Op portunities ”   NSBE UCF had its third general body   member of the year this past month.  Teen Achievers  Page 2 you with workshops that will teach you   what to wear, how to network, what to   say, how to improve your resume, and   many other beneficial tips. Aside from   academics and professionalism, we also We kicked off “T een Achievers ”  at Jones High School in September. Page 2   NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK ENGINEERS –  UCF CHAPTER REGION III | Issue 2 2  “ Opportunities ”  was the title of our   third general body meeting of the year. The goal of this general body meeting   was to inform NSBE UCF members of    the many opportunities they have   available to them as a member. We started off the meeting with a team   building exercise in which members   were to build a survival kit based on 20   different items we gave them and a   location in which they will be living.   After preparing the survival kit, the   teams presented their survival kits to a   panel of judges. The teams would have   to describe exactly how their kit would   help them survive on the moon as well   as giving a backstory as to how they   were stranded there to begin with.   Some of the presentations were very   good and the membership put a lot of    thought into the items they chose. After the ice breaker, we had two great   speakers from the Air Force. Many people   believe that if you want to be in the air   force, you have to be involved in combat   which is not necessarily true. The speakers   were not there to recruit, but rather to open   our eyes about the different opportunities   the Air Force presents to engineering   majors. We were informed about the   different career opportunities available to   engineers post-graduation as well as great    job opportunities to earn money and   experience while in school. Major Ernest L. Foster, II  This past month, NSBE-UCF went to   Jones High School for Teen Achievers.   Teen Achievers is a program for high   school students to interact with college   students to find out what they want to   do in their future careers. I t’s  important to help inspire the kids to   aim higher in school so that they can   accomplish their future career goals. By   us attending these session, we are   helping show them that through hard   work, valor, and determination, they can   achieve anything.   NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK ENGINEERS –  UCF CHAPTER REGION III | Issue 2 3  Part of our mission is to help our members “ succeed professionally ” . One of the event we put on each year is a mentor mixer. The idea of the mentor mixer is for our members to interact with professionals who ’ ve already completed school and are now in the industry to connect with one another and keep in touch throughout our member ’ s career as a student. Additionally, the mentors are there to help them transition from student to professional when the time to graduate comes. The mentor mixer had a good turnout where we networked with professionals from various companies such as Duke Energy, Lockheed Martin, Ferran Services and Contracting, and others. They talked about what they did in their fields and the purpose of what their companies serve. It was interesting hearing about how not all establishments conduct themselves the same way as far as attire but you still need to behave in a professional manner. That ’ s an aspect that we want to help our members to be successful in and continue to make evident of how important professionalism is. Many people join NSBE for the academic, professional, and community events we put on throughout the year. However, what makes people stay and invest into NSBE more is the family atmosphere we provide. Since we are one big family, i t’s on ly right that we also have social events! We had our first members only social last month. Membership Chair Deandra Dixon wanted to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for members both new and old to bond and get to know one another better. At the social, we had the opportunity to meet a few members of the NSBE Valencia Chapter. Being the only two chapters in the Central Florida region, it ’ s important for us to bond together since we will be working together to serve our region throughout the year. Throughout the night, members ate, enjoyed a variety of card games, and even hit the “ Shmoney Danc e”  a handful of times.   NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK ENGINEERS –  UCF CHAPTER REGION III | Issue 2 4  Major: Computer Engineering Minor: Mathematics Year: Senior  From: Brooklyn, NY Birth: September 9th  1. Why did you choose Engineering as your major?   Having family born in Haiti, a place where there ’ s a lack of electricity and technology, I wanted to do something that could contribute the growth of such places as well as in America. I also have a passion for electronics and fascinated by the contribution done by people such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  2. Have you had an internship, co-op, or job related to Engineering that you have enjoyed?   I have not had an internship or a co-op opportunity yet. I wish to get one soon. Texas Instruments, Northrop Grumman, Intel or any place that will develop my knowledge of electronics or programming skills is ideal.  3. As of right now, do you have any plans after graduation? Are you continuing your education or heading into the job market?   My plan after graduation is to get work for a great company that develops my current skills as well as teach me other valuable skills. I will like to eventually get my masters in Electrical Engineering.  4. What is something you are passionate about? It could be a hobby or maybe volunteering for a specific cause on the side of attending work and school, etc.   I am passionate about fitness and health, although I don ’ t look the part. African-Americans have a 50% chance of getting diabetes, which can be decrease with knowledge of improving nutrition and fitness. I use to help as an assistant coach of a high school track team. 
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