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  Service News No. 1101422011-12-05Milking DeLaval cleaning unit C200 and C200 Combi New software version 1.70  A new software version is available for DeLavalcleaning unit C200 and C200 Combi.The release of the new software will be done intwo steps, n From 7th of November, the software version1.7 is available in Configuration Tool 3.4 andat Intranet for down load.(Products&Solutions/Solutions/Hygiene&Cleaning/Cleaning units). n C200 Production beginning 2012 Note!   If updating from software versions older than 1.51, the CPU-board 94776930 needs to beinstalled prior the update. n External booster heater, setting P54 = 2 caused the external heater to be active dur-ing all circulation cleaning phases ( II and V),should only be active at phase II if defined ashot circulation. n External booster heater, setting P54 = 2 caused overfilling/flooding container due tolevel sensors input to stop functioning after cleaning phase I. n  Adjustable cleaning time per detergent P70 ,now works with powder detergents. Time setat P41  dispense detergent from the left scoopand for P43 , right scoop. n Parameters P58  Alcom bus and P69  HerdNavigator now work as expected. Corrections from previous version 1.60 © DeLaval 2011.2011-12-05, Version 11 (3)86348001  n  Alternating detergent dispensing counter now counts up even if cleaning is stopped butstill not aborted. In previous software ver-sions 1.51 and 1.60 the counter counts uponly when cleaning is ready; with this changeit’s possible to manually end the cleaning inadvance without disturbing the detergent dis-pensing counter. n Rapid advance of cleaning phases to reachtimer start reintroduced. n Cleaning programs 4 and 11 with a cold cir-culation cleaning (phase II) the left detergentscoop is now flushed hot water a limited time,defined as time to fill up water to the low levelsensor. Note, setting at parameter P21  Pro-longed scoop filling time affects the total timewhen the water run through left detergentscoop. n Second emptying of the Trombone at end of cleaning phase. This is to improve the drain-age of the Trombone and handling of failurecondition when water inlet valve is leaking i.e.water could be left in the Trombone at end of cleaning. Reintroduced functionality © DeLaval 2011.2011-12-05, Version 12 (3)86348001  n Reduced temperature detergents (RTD)option. In order to support RTD for C200cleaning programs following new parametershas to be taken in consideration: P75 Reduced temperature detergent 0 =Disable (default)1 =Cleaning with reduced boiler temperature;the initial start temperature of the alkalinecleaning is determined by the boiler tem-perature setting. Note if cleaning unit hasno internal heater this setting affects alsothe acid cleaning, which will operate onreduced temperature. Pre-rinse tempera-ture is adjusted by parameter P36 .2 =Cleaning with mixing cold water into hotwater to reduce start temperature of thealkaline cleaning. The initial start tempera-ture of the alkaline cleaning is adjusted byparameter P636 , hot water delay time.Compensation filling will be through hotwater valve. Acid/Disinfection cleaning phase are notaffected and fill up as normal (parameter P636 inactive). n Parameter settings for start and return tem-perature limit –Start temperature alkaline cleaning P11 ,acid cleaning P611 . –Return temperature alkaline P10 , acidcleaning P610 . n Tank cleaning program No.3 introduced(C200 Combi). –The program consists of cleaning phaseI to IV. Phase number V, final rinseremoved due to avoid contamination of unclean rinse water.  Anders WestmanProduct Specialist - Supply Systems New functionality © DeLaval 2011.2011-12-05, Version 13 (3)86348001

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Jul 23, 2017
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