Services Conclave Programme - 28 Oct

The file shows the description of the Services Conclave to be held on Nov.12-13, 2014 by CII.
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    Services Conclave 2014 Promoting Services Export from India - Opportunities12-13 ovem!er 2014 #ednesda$ %&ursda$S&angri-'a e( )el&iProgramme)a$ 1* 12 ovem!er 2014     +ocus Sectors Professional Services IC% %ourism ,ealt&care Education Creativit$ and Entertainment and 'ogistics 030 -1000 &rs.egistration1000 / 1100 &rsInaugural Session* Promoting Services Export from India-Opportunities Services share in world GDP was 65.9 per cent but its share in employment was only 44 per cent in 202.Services constitute a ma!or portion o #ndia$s GDP with a 5% per cent share in GDP in 20&'4.   (he servicesector industry plays a critical role in the social and economic development o the country and has emer)edas the lar)est and astest')rowin) sectors in the world economy. (he annual e*port o services rom #ndiastands at +45 billion while the e*port o merchandise stands at +&2.5 billion. ,owever- the Servicessector has phenomenal e*port potential and thus- there is a need to e*plore the challen)es- opportunitiesand issues with respect to services e*port rom #ndia in various sectors. . #elcome ddress r C&andrait aneree oderation Director General- ## ddress !$ r alvinder o&an Sing& hairman- ## Services ouncil- / *ecutive hairman- 1ortis ,ealthcare %&eme ddress* r .aeev 5&er ommerce Secretary- inistry o ommerce / #ndustry  Special ddress*   s irmala Sit&araman  inister o State or ommerce / #ndustry- 1inance- and orporate 3 airs Inaugural ddress*r run 6aitle$7 inister or 1inance- orporate 3 airs- and De ence Closing .emar8s*r C&andrait aneree1100 - 1119 &rset(or8ing %ea:Coffee1119 - 1219 &rsSession 1* 5e$ Sectors for Services Exports IC% %elecom nimation .  ) ;aming etc (he e*port o Services Sector in #ndia is presently dominated mainly by #( and #(eS e*ports. ,owever-there is hu)e potential in other sunrise sectors lie 3nimation- Gamin)- Desi)nin) etc. 3part rommaintainin) the #(#(eS sector e*ports- what steps are reuired to encoura)e and enhance niche areae*ports in this sector7 Session oderator* r 6 S )eepa8 3dditional Secretary- inistry o ommerce / #ndustry Industr$ Experts*r alin 5o&li hairman' 8ision ommittee- lectronics / omputer So tware *portPromotion ouncil S:; / Group hairman / <- 3raina nterprises Pvt. =td. r< .avi ;and&i hie >e)ulatory < icer Policy:- ?harti 3irtel  r =is&al ;ondal 1ounder / <- G<@ii #nc r Srivatsan .aan <- ?ain onsultin) Session ddress*r . S S&arma7 Secretary- Department o lectronics / #n ormation (echnolo)y r< .a8es& ;arg7 Secretary- Department o (elecommunications > Closing .emar8s* r 6 S )eepa8  2  1219 - 1319 &rsSession 2* Professional Services ?rc&itecture ccounting anagement Consultanc$ Services@* Opportunities and .eformsneeded (here is hi)h potential o e*ports o pro essional services and there is a need to revamp the pro essionaldevelopment ramewor by e*pandin) the talent pool- deepen the e*pertise- and enhance the low o hi)huality pro essionals. (his session will discuss the potential and challen)es in enhancin) pro essionalservices e*ports rom #ndia7 Session oderator*r Sud&ans&u Pande$ Aoint Secretary- inistry o ommerce / #ndustry Industr$ Experts* r Pandia .aan 1ounder- a1oi r Sana$ gar(al entral ouncil ember and hairman- ommittee on conomic-ommercial =aws / B(<- #3#- #nstitute o hartered 3ccountants o #ndia: r Saurine   )os&i Cana)in) Director- 3( earney r Premendra .a e&ta   ember- >esearch ouncil o S#> E ?>#; / 1ormer President- ouncil o 3rchitecture > Closing .emar8s* r Sud&ans&u Pande$1319 - 1419 &rs'unc& 1419 - 1919 &rsSession 3* %ourism* Prospects  ottlenec8s (ourism is an important and lourishin) industry- and )ain ully employs lar)e number o people. #n terms o total tourist arrivals- #ndia la)s behind many countries. 3ccordin) to the Borld (ourism <r)aniFation- by theyear 2020- it is e*pected that #ndia will become the leader in the tourism industry in South 3sia- with about.9 million arrivals. Bhat more is reuired or the (ourism sector to become a critical ore* earner7 Session oderator* s As&a S&arma 3dditional DG- inistry o (ourism irlinesB Perspective*r .a&ul &atia  <- #ndi)o ,oteliersB Perspective*r .a8es& Sarna   3  D / <- (a! Group %ravel gentsB Perspective*r 5aran nand  o* / in)s =td inistr$ Perspective*r P 5umaran Aoint Secretary- inistry o *ternal 3 airs Session ddress*r =ipul itra  Principal Secretary (ourism:- Gu!arat > Closing .emar8s* s As&a S&arma 1919 - 119 &rsSession 4* edical and ,ealt& service* Export Potential #ndia has made positive strides towards becomin) a )lobal health and wellness destination. 3vailability o latest medical technolo)ies and in rastructure- relatively cheap cost o medical treatment- and availability o n)lish speain) medical and health care pro essionals maes it a hot destination. Bhat more is reuiredto become a leadin) destination or health services7 Session oderator*r 6 S )eepa8 3dditional Secretary- inistry o ommerce / #ndustry Industr$ perspective* r )alit Sing& President- 1ortis ,ealthcare )r Preet&a .edd$7 *ecutive 8ice hairperson- 3pollo ,ospitals nterprise =imited )r ares& %re&an 1ounder hairman o edanta- / 8ice hairman- Services *portPromotion ouncil  r ad&ur =arma  8P operations- olumbia 3sia hospitals- #ndia Pvt =td 5e$note Session ddress*r 'ov =erma7 Secretary- inistry o ,ealth / 1amily Bel are > Closing .emar8s* r 6 S )eepa8110 - 130 &rset(or8ing %ea: Coffee  4
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