Session 3 a Framework Consumer Analysis

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  A Framework for Consumer Analysis Affect, Cognition and BehaviourSession 3  Recap Session 1 ã Actionable insights for marketing  – Could be untested assumptions, generalizations  – theory of marketers that drive action   –  to marketing persuasion ã What do we know about teenagers? ã How do we learn?  – The power of embarrassment  Recap Session 2 ã Consumption Roles  – Complex nature of consumption ã There are many diverse consumption phenomena beyond functional and utilitarian  – Hedonic  – Symbolic  – Impulsive  – Habits , Rituals, conditioning and buying Inertia  – Herd behaviourand Imitation , Vicarious consumption  – Consumers can develop relationships with brands  Recap Session 2 Contd. ã Marketing’s Influence on Society  – Consumption is very pervasive and Marketing is a powerful social force  – “Blurred boundaries” between marketing efforts and “the real world”  – What is the influence of marketing on the Society? Is it all positive?  – Consumer addictions, materialism ã Anti-Consumption ã Does consumption enhance happiness


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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