Session Guide No 4 Pc Assembly and Software Installation

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  SESSION GUIDENO. 4 Session Title PC Assembly and Software Installations Duration of Session 4 hours / 240 minutes KeyUnderstandingto bedeveloped ã Computer Technicians should possess the KSAs inperformin! the proper procedure in PC Assembly andSoftware Installation ã  There are di erent strate!ies in PC Assembly thatneeds to be analy#ed and de$eloped ã  There are some problems in software durin!installation specially if the hardware is not compatiblewith the !i$en software LearningObe!tives %y the end of this session& the participants are able to' ã Perform proper procedure in PC Assembly andSoftware Installation ã Analy#e the di erent strate!ies in PC Assembly ã Identify the basic problems in Software Installations esour!es ã #andouts (Computer )ardware Ser$icin! * Competency(%ased+earnin! ,aterial -C)S * C%+,. ã $ideo %resentations (ccupation )ealth and Safety(PC Assembly(Types of etwor1 ã &dditional esour!es (Cisco IT ssentials 3irtual es1top(3,5are * 3irtual ,ana!ement Software ã 'aterials and Tools( (6 System 7nit(Screws and Screw dri$er(peratin! System8e!ional S1ills nhancement Trainin! for Tech(3oc Teachers 9 )#S * N)II 6  SESSION GUIDENO. 4 (:ce Application(ri$ers(Anti(3irus(ther 8elated Applications Introdu!tory&!tivity ; minutes ã 5all Paper Pu##le The participant will be !i$en a wall paper -cut intopieces.< They are !oin! to sol$e the pu##le within ;minutes &!tivity + 2; minutes ã Introduce the 3irtual ,ana!ement Software SimulationProcedure' ã Clic1 ,y Computer ã Select ri$e ' ã Clic1 the Simulation =older ã Select 3,5are =older and install 3,5are >Application ã 5or1 on the Simulation &!tivity , 2; minutes ã Introduce the Cisco IT ssentials 3irtual es1topSimulationProcedure' ã Clic1 ,y Computer ã Select ri$e ' ã Clic1 the Simulation =older ã Select Inde?<html to use the application ã 5or1 on the Simulation &nalysis ã )ow can you relate the introductory acti$ity to themain topic@ ã 5hat would you do if there is problem in installation@ ã Is it easy for you to do the assembly and disassembly@ ã 5hat is the di erent between S and Software@8e!ional S1ills nhancement Trainin! for Tech(3oc Teachers 9 )#S * N)II 2  SESSION GUIDENO. 4 &bstra!tion 0 minutesPowerpoint Presentation' ã )BS ã PC Assembly ã Software Installation3ideos' ã Software Installation ã PC Assembly  &ppli!ation 620 minutes ã Indi$idual acti$ity in PC Assembly and SoftwareApplications ã PC Assembly Procedure' Step +( Get Organi-ed ather all of your components and lay them out in anor!ani#ed fashion< ,a1e sure you ha$e the toolsreDuired((!enerally& youEll need at least a phillipsscrewdri$er and possiby a tor? dri$er -dependin! on yourcase hardware.<nsure that you ta1e precautions to pre$ent electrostaticdama!e to your PCEs components< round yourself beforetouchin! any sensiti$e eDuipment< Always handlecomponents by their ed!es< A$oid touchin! any contactsor metallic surfaces< Step ,(   )ongure )o/puter )aseStep 0(   Install )%U1%ro!essorStep 4(   Install 'e/ory 2 &'3Step (   %repare1Install 'ot5erboard 8e!ional S1ills nhancement Trainin! for Tech(3oc Teachers 9 )#S * N)II F  SESSION GUIDENO. 4 Step 6(   Install #ard Drives and )D1D$D DrivesStep 7( Install $ideo )ardStep 8( Install &!!essoriesStep 9( Initial %o:er;upStep +<( =IOS SettingsStep ++( Install Operating Syste/ ã Standard S/Software Installation Procedure' Step +( De!ide :5at you :ould li>e to do < Are you !oin! to reinstall your operatin! system because of problems& up!radin! your current $ersion& or are you installin! an operatin! system on a new computer@ ,a1e sure that you ha$e the new operatin! system install pro!ram< 5indows and ,AC reDuire that you purchase a C or 3 8om-s.< 7buntu and other +inu? are free and can be installed from a Gash dri$e too< Step ,( =a!> up your data.  If you are reinstallin! your operatin! system& it is li1ely that you will need to wipe the dis1< %ac1 up your data before doin! so& as e$erythin! on the dis1 will be destroyed< If you are simplyup!radin!& it is o1ay to s1ip this step& but it is ad$isable to sa$e at least the most important Hles on your computer< Step 0(   )o/pletely :ipe all infor/ation fro/ t5e 5ard dis!.  This will insure that you do not carry problemso$er into the new install< =or instructions on how to do this watch the $ideo at http'//www<youtube<com/watch@$fICJ,,r0,ew installations of 5indows and +inu? o er to replace all data on your entire hard dis1< So completely wipin! it prior to installation is unnecessary< Step 4( =oot up.  Turn on your computer and Duic1ly enter the boot menu< The ownerEs manual for your 8e!ional S1ills nhancement Trainin! for Tech(3oc Teachers 9 )#S * N)II 4
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