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Shikwa By Allama Muhammad Iqbal Poet

Shikwa By Allama Muhammad Iqbal Poet
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Transcript (Bang-e-Dra-105) Shikwa (   ) The Complaint ( Read Explanation here -  ﭘ  ﯾ  ﺗ   ﮐ   ﻧ  ) ShikwaTHE COMPLAINT Stanza (1) Kyun Ziyaan Kaar Banun, Sood Framosh RahunFikr-e-Farda Na Karum, Mahw-e-Ghum-e-Dosh Rahun Why should I choose the loser’s role? Forbear to seek what gain I may?Nor think of what the morrow holds, But brood o’er woes of yesterday?Naale Bulbul Ke Sunoon, Aur Hama Tan Gosh RahunHumnawa Main Bhi Koi Gul Hun Ke Khamosh RahunWhy should my ears enraptured hear the plaintive notes of Philomel?Fellow ‐ bard! a rose am I to lose me in sweet music’s swell?  Jurrat Aamoz Miri Taab-e-Sakhun Hai Mujh KoShikwa Allah Se Khakam Badahan Hai Mujh KoFor I too have the gift of song which gives me courage to complain,But ah! ‘tis none but God Himself whom I, in sorrow, must arraign! Stanza (2) Hai Baja Shewa-e-Tasleem Mein Mashoor Hain HumQissa-e-Dard Sunate Hain Ke Majboor Hain HumI grant that we have earned repute as ever reconciled to Fate,But to You still a tale of pain I can no longer help narrate.Saaz-e-Khamosh Hain, Faryad Se Maamoor Hain HumNala Ata Hai Agar Lab Pe To Maazoor Hain HumThough we may seem like voiceless lyres, within, imprisoned anguish cries;Its urge compels, and I obey, Framing these plaintive melodies. Ae Khuda Shikwa-e-Arbab-e-Wafa Bhi Sun LeKhugar-e-Hamd Se Thora Sa Gila Bhi Sun LeHear You, O God! these sad complaints from those of proven fealty;  From lips accustomed but to praise hear You these words in blame of You! Stanza (3) Thi To Maujood Azal Se Hi Teri Zaat-e-QadimPhool Tha Zaib-e-Chaman, Par Na Preshan Thi ShamimFrom when eternal Time began, Your Timeless Self had also been;But then no breeze its sweetness spread though the Rose reigned the garden’s queen.Shart Insaaf Hai, Ae Sahib-e-Altaf-e-AmimBoo-e-Gul Phailti Kis Tarah Jo Hoti Na NasimCanst You, in justice, but confess, O Lord! from whom all favours flow,Had not the south wind toiled in love the world Your fragrance would not know?Hum Ko Jamiat-e-Khatir Ye Preshani ThiWarna Ummat Tere Mehboob (S.A.W.)  Ki Diwani ThiThe glad travail we sought for You Rejoiced our souls and was our pride—Thinkst You the followers of Your Friend Insanely spread Your Truth so wide? Stanza (4) Hum Se Pehle Tha Ajab Tere Jahan Ka Manzar Kahin Masjood The Pathar, Kahin Maabood Shajar Before we came, how strange a sight was this most beauteous world of Thine (yours)!  For here to stones men bowed their heads, and there in trees did ‘gods’ enshrine! Khugar-e-Paikar-e-Mahsoos Thi Insaan Ki Nazar Manta Phir Koi Un-Dekhe Khuda Ko Kyunkar Their unenlightened minds could seize nought else but what their eyes could see,You know, Lord, Your writ ran not—Man neither knew nor worshipped Thee (You)!Tujh Ko Maalum Hai Leta Tha Koi Naam Tera?Quwwat-e-Baazoo-e-Muslim Ne Kiya Kaam Tera And canst You say that even once one of these did Your name recite?It was the might of Muslim arms fulfilled Your task and gave them Light. Stanza (5) Bas Rahe The Yahin Saljuq Bhi, Toorani Bhi Ahl-e-Chin Cheen Mein, Iran Mein Sasaani BhiYet once there lived the Seljuks here, Turanians too, and wise Chinese,Sasanians drew their breath and thrived In rose ‐ perfumed Iranian breeze; Issi Maamoore Mein Aabad The Yoonani BhiIssi Dunya Mein Yahudi Bhi The, Nusraani Bhi And elsewhere in Your peopled world the Greeks of Yunan held their sway,While sons of Israel side by side with Christian nations had their day.
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