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  S  hintoism   P repared by Danielle Anne E. Reodica 3 - Architecture  S  hintoism   Shinto  (Japanese, the way of the gods ), Japanese cult and religion, srcinating in prehistoric times, and occupying an important national position for long periods in the history of Japan, particularly in recent times.  Worship centered on a vast pantheon of spirits, or kami,  mainly divinities personifying aspects of the natural world, such as the sky, the earth, heavenly bodies, and storms. Rites included prayers of thanksgiving; offerings of valuables, such as swords and armor and, especially, cloth; and ablutionary purification from crime and defilement. S  hintoism    Shinto is divided into two classes: Sectarian Shinto Sub-divided into 13 major and numerous minor sects The principal sects are divided into 5 main groups: 1.Those that continue with little modification the traditions of ancient Shinto. 2.Those that emphasize adherence to Confucian ethics. 3.Those that are predominantly devoted to faith healing. 4.Those that practice the worship of mountains. 5.Those that are primarily devoted to purification rites. Shinto of the national faith of the Japanese or the  State Shinto Religion. S  hintoism  
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