Short Film Script 1st Draft

Draft 1 of my Short Film Script
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  EXT. STREAM - DAYA young man sits on the ground next to the edge of a stream.A tripod is stationed next to him, with the camera attachedon top. The camera is recording. The young man looks throughthe camera. He sees leaves flowing on the trees. Hepositions the camera so it faces the stream. He watches theripples in the water. He rotates the movement of the camerain a fluid motion, so it records the ripples flow gentlydown the river. He does this three times. The young manmoves his head back slightly and smiles. The young man turnshis head, and his eyes widen. His mouth opens slightly.YOUNG MAN(Gasp)A young woman is sitting a few metres away from the youngman. The woman has her arms folded across her chest in atight fashion. Her knees are shaking. Her body is shaking.Her face is shaking. She is rocking back and forthcontinuously. Her eyes are open wide. She slowly unfolds herarms, which are shaking vigorously. She opens the palms ofher hands, and stares absorbedly at them. A few momentspass. The woman puts her hands in her hair, and rubs itenergetically. The young man watches her, blinks, and joltshis head. He puts his hand on the ground, and begins torise. He stops, and sits back down again, looking back atthe stream in front of him and shakes his head forcefully.He looks back at the woman, who is still running her handsthrough her hair.YOUNG MAN(Sigh)The young man rubs his hair slowly.YOUNG MANI can’t do it. I can’t approachher.He hits his leg lightly. He connects his fingers from bothhands with each other, and puts them to his mouth. He bitesthe tips of his thumbs. The young man turns towards hiscamera. He lowers his hands. He gazes at the camera, withhis head slightly tilted. He looks back at the young woman;she is sitting with her arms draped across her hunchedknees. The young man then looks back at the camera.YOUNG MAN(Dramatic sigh)He lifts his hands to the tripod, and slowly positions it soit faces the girl. The tripod legs make a small sound as(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 2.they touch the ground. The young man looks back at the youngwoman, and then at his camera. He slowly bends down to lookthrough the camera, and as he does so, he alters his gaze tothe woman and back to the camera. He presses the red buttonon the camera. The recording time flashes in the corner ofthe screen. The young man opens his mouth and smiles. Hemakes the camera zoom in on the young woman. He looksthrough the camera at her cheeks, her nose, and her eyes. Hemoves the camera shot so it focuses on thegirlsâ [U+0080][U+0099]  body. He slowly reaches down andtouches the front of his jeans. He strokes his jeans for afew seconds, before looking down, and releasing his hand. Helooks at his hand, and grimaces. He shakes his head, andputs his hand onto his forehead.YOUNG MANWhat am I doing?He looks back through the camera, and smiles again as helooks upon the young woman. The young woman turns her headtowards the young man, and then looks forwards again. Asecond later, she whips her head around.YOUNG WOMAN(Gasp)The young man jumps, and stops looking through the camera.The young woman lifts herself up from the ground, and standsup. She faces the young man.YOUNG WOMANWhat the fuck do you think you’redoing?YOUNG MAN(Stutter)The young woman storms towards him and looks down at him. Helooks up at her, and bites his lip. He looks at the camera,and then back at the young woman. He looks back towards thecamera, and removes the camera from the tripod withtrembling fingers. He takes the camera in his hand, andlooks up at the young woman. He offers the camera to her.The young woman looks at the camera for a moment, and thenat the young man. The young man smiles, lightly.YOUNG WOMAN(Scoff)She walks away from the young man. The young man turnsaround to watch her. She walks down the pathway, scratchingand shaking her head as she does so. The young man lowershis hand, and looks down at the ground momentarily. He looks(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 3.back out at the stream, and then at the trees. He looks downat the camera in his hand. He closes his eyes.YOUNG MAN(Heavy sigh)He places the camera down on the ground. His footsteps areheard, and slowly grow fainter.
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