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  Indian Institute of Management Kashipur Bhanujeet Choudhary | Kunal Delwadia | Varun Srivastava   (PGP 2013-15 Batch)   stitva Delivering life style in ecommerce Post purchase customer experience 2 nd  October 2014  Executive summary 1 stitva S. No. Scenarios % Reduction in queries  Total cost before  Total cost after % reduction in customer handlinjg cost 1 Optimistic 100% 6300 2170 65.56% 2 Pessimistic 50% 6300 4235 32.78% 3 Most Likely 85% 6300 2787 55.76% ã   Indian e-commerce is projected to explode from $10 billion to $43 billion in the next five years, according to Nomura's India Internet Report dated 21-08-2014 ã has fared extremely well in terms of Views per day, conversion & brand development featuring in almost all popular e-commerce forums ã   With over 900mn telephone connections, India remained the world’s second largest telecom market in the world and still growing, hence we tried to baseline a plan around this ã   ‘SMS Query’ aims to meet to increase customer satisfaction and reduce operational cost on querying and complaints for ã   ‘SMS Query’ will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction to more than 95 in six months, while increase the retention rate from current 68% to 75% in the next quarter ã   It will lead to a decrease in querying costs and complaints by 50% in the next six months Refer Appendix I  Consumer Challenges 2 ã   Consumers are not able to get the correct information about voucher and discounts ã   Consumers are not updated from time to time about their individual voucher details and daily discount schemes Voucher related ã   Customers are not able to track the order in transit ã   It doesn’t have sufficient details about the tracking number, may be because of multiple handling ã   Inadequate display of information on the DSP tracking pages Tracking of order ã   Status of the order ( Pre and post) and Delivery dates ã    Trendy .com’s internal issues of malfunctioning in handling of each order ã   High turn around time of internal processes, delay in vendor procurement and delay in delivery of specific pin codes due to inefficient courier service and situational factors Dispatch related ã   Due to above three major issues, the customer retention is 64% ã    Trendy .com is not able to retain 38 % of their customers ã    Trendy .com is not able to match customer’s expectation which results in the higher attrition rate which can affect the company’s bottom line very significantly Customer retention stitva Refer Appendix II  Query resolution 3 stitva Key Performance Indicators ã   Goal 1: Boost sales by at least 15% in the next quarter ã   Goal 2: Rise in retention rate from 62% to 75% in the next quarter ã   Goal 3: Reduction in cost incurred on query/complaints and increase in internal CSAT score, 50 % and 95 respectively ã   Goal 4: Grow site traffic by 20% in the next year ã   Goal 5: Reduce customer service calls by half and less than 20% in 6 months and a year respectively Key Features of ‘SMS Issue’ ã   What will be its long term perception of customer about the company? ã   Will customers start to complain about too frivolous issues? ã   Will the system be regulated properly or it itself become a basis of queries? ã   Will national rollout of scheme lead to increase in query/complaints numbers rapidly ? ã   Will customer addressed here will be profitable to the organization ? ã   Is “SMS Query” made available to selected customers, selected by profile? ã   What could be the focus: customer satisfaction or new customers? ã   Is highly paid employee (Expert) talent acquisition to address the queries, bearable? ã   Reachability:  The ‘SMS Issue’ system will reach to all sections of the society, considering the penetration of telecom sector in India. Moreover, equal treatment is likely to come first on the expectations list of any potential customers ã   Convenience:  Ability to resolve the problems in an efficient manner as it would in turn enhance the services provided to the customers ã   Quick Response: timely response and constant technological development are of utmost importance for speedy exchange of information and customer retention ã   Complexity : ‘the simpler the system, the easier the access’ Road Blocks and Risk Refer Appendix IV ã   Live chat on web page ã   Send Email and SMS regarding transaction number every time an order is placed by a customer ã    Automated generated voice call for routime queries such as  vouchure and discount details, status of order etc. Recommendations

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