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  Jayson Wieczorek Period 7 Siddhartha-Hermann Hesse Intro a.) Atman- means “soul”. Atman was called the “Holy One” which all would try to be in unity with  b.) Brahman-the unchanging reality amidst and beyond the world c.) Brahmin-an individual belonging to the Brahmin caste. Usually a priest d.) Maya-pretending to exhibit or claiming to have a god quality that one lacks e.) Samana-a traveling ascetic who believes that a life of deprivation and wandering is the path to self-actualization The Son of the Brahman 1. Siddhartha felt that his family and friend’s love did not make him wholly happy. He felt as though his mind wasn’t full even though the Brahmins taught him everything they knew. He was missing a sense of fulfillment and completion. 2. The verse means that without the Om, or sacred word, the soul cannot be directed toward Brahma. There must be a driving force that moves you toward inner unity. Another meaning is that once an arrow is fired, its path cannot be change. When Siddhartha chooses a path to enlightenment, Govinda cannot change his decision. With the Samanas 3. Siddhartha gets his father’s permission   by standing in a room waiting for his father’s decision. Siddhartha’s father saw his determination and let him go with the Samanas. His fathe r also saw that Siddhartha’s heart already left him and agreed to let Siddhartha go.  4. The Samanas are trying to achieve enlightenment through emptying the body of all worldly things. They regularly fast and refrain from other things. They believe that with an empty body, a unified inner self is almost certain to emerge. Siddhartha “entered” the heron and jackal to experience a new thirst.   5. Siddhartha means that the Samanas didn’t give him anything that someone else could not have taught him. 6. Siddhartha means that you can’t learn anything from the world or from people around you, only through Atman. He believes that there is no such thing as learn, there is only knowledge, and it is everywhere. 7. Siddhartha says that he wants to leave the Samanas in order to seek out the Buddha. 8. Siddhartha has no desire to walk on water because he feels as though it is a trick and is not necessary. Gotama 9. Siddhartha thinks they will learn nothing from Gotama because he already heard all of the Buddha’s teachings from second and third-hand accounts.  10. It is important for Govinda to choose to follow Gotama because it showed that he was capable of making his own decisions. Govinda always did whatever Siddhartha did, but he now choose something other than what he was doing. 11. Siddhartha’s conversation with Gotama is important because it tells the reader the reason that Siddhartha chose not to follow the B uddha. I learned more about Siddhartha’s personality and his beliefs through this conversation. Also there was a lot of possible foreshadowing about Siddhartha in Gotama’s words. 12. Gotama gave Siddhartha himself because he allowed Siddhartha to realize who he truly was and wanted he truly wanted. Gotama also helped Siddhartha solidify his beliefs about enlightenment. Awakening 13. The stages of Siddhartha’s transformation are : 1) Siddhartha felt as though he left his previous life behind him. 2) Siddhartha discovered what he was trying to learn. 3) Siddhartha recognized that he now needed to be his own teacher. 4) He felt total isolation because of his rebirth. Kamala 14. Siddhartha distrusted the world of the senses because he thought that his senses were not pure and they did work fully until he was reborn. He thought of reality differently before he was reborn. Before his rebirth, he always questioned things but now he took them for what they were. 15. To be “present” means to experience the mom ent and be mentally there, not just physically there. It means to belong to the moment. 16. Siddhartha’s inner voice said no because  
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