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Siemens - Distributed Control System

A guide to Siemems DCS technologies.
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  Study Title ã Executive Overview Siemens DCS Offerings SIMATIC PCS 7, APACS, Teleperm DCS Business Siemens AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a major globalautomation supplier ith acti!ities ocused on the areas o  industrial and in rastructure, energy, and healthcare# In $scalyear %&&' (ended September )&*, the company had o!er +&&,&&&employees in '& countries and re!enue rom continuingoperations o -7.#. billion, roughly the same as the pre!ious year#In %&&/, Siemens regrouped its business into three operatingsectors0 Industry, 1nergy, and 2ealthcare# The Industry sectorand its products and solutions address industry customers and ismade up o si3 di!isions0 Industry Automation, 4ri!e Technologies, 5uilding Technologies, 6SAM, Industry Solutions,and Mobility# The range o o8erings at the Industry Automation and 4ri!e Technologies di!isions e3tends rom standard products to systemsolutions or energy and automation technologies used in themanu acturing and processing industries# These di!isions areresponsible or the design and production o a ide range o  industrial automation products, including P9C, C:C, 4CS,industrial PC, electric dri!es, as ell as an array o supportingso tare and peripheral products, including lo !oltage products,communications products, and programming and operationalso tare# 4ri!e Technologies o8ers products and solutions orindustry ranging rom motors and electric dri!es to mechanicalcomponents including gearbo3es#  The 5uilding Technologies di!ision bundles Siemens; o8erings orbuilding security, automation, and operation < both as a ser!icepro!ider and a manu acturer o products and systems# 6sram;sproduct port olio includes lamps and optoelectronic semiconductorlight sources such as light=emitting diodes, related electroniccontrol systems, and light management systems# The IndustrySolutions di!ision is a systems and solutions integrator or the Copyright  © ARC Advisory Group ã ã !or #ter#$l %se O#ly ã 1-1  Study Title ã Executive Overview industrial plant mar>et, co!ering e!erything rom planning toconstruction and operation# The Mobility di!ision netor>s a idearray o transportation systems to mo!e people and goodse?ciently# The 1nergy sector primarily addresses energy pro!iders, but alsoindustrial customers, particularly in the oil @ gas industry# Theossil Poer Generation di!ision o8ers highly e?cient productsand solutions or poer generation based on ossil uels# 68eringsrange rom indi!idual gas and steam turbines and generators topoer plant construction on a turn>ey basis# The eneable1nergy di!ision bundles Siemens; acti!ities in the ind energymar>et# The 6il @ Gas di!ision o8ers products and solutions orthe e3traction, transport and con!ersion o oil and gas# The Poer Transmission di!ision is a leading supplier o products andsolutions in the high=!oltage $eld# The specialties o the Poer4istribution di!ision range rom solutions or the automation o  poer grids to products li>e medium=!oltage sitchgear andcomponents# Siemens' Totally Integrated Automation” SiemensB all=encompassing automation concept is >non as Totally Integrated Automation (TIA*# This concept le!erages oneclass o automation products across all applications# hile somestandard components are used to achie!e the Totally IntegratedAutomation !ision, the emphasis remains largely on integration o  Siemens; products#  TIA is characteriDed by a three= old uni ormity in so tare(con$guration and programming*, data management, andcommunication# This is accomplished using common engineeringtools and common hardare, so tare, and netor>ing inter aces#In the mar>etplace, this strategy translates into commoncomponents applied to a !ariety o applications ormerly ser!edby application=speci$c products# SiemensB industrial automation solutions use the netor>ingtechnologies rom Pro$bus International (PI* and Industrial1thernet# Industrial 1ther=net is used as the system busconnecting controllers, 2MI ser!ers, and batch ser!ers, and orinter=controller communication# At the IE6 le!el, P6I5FS 4P 1-2  ã Copyright  © ARC Advisory Group ã ã !or #ter#$l %se O#ly  Study Title ã Executive Overview ser!es as the high=speed netor>, hile P6I5FS PA segmentse3tend the $eldbus to netor>ed $eld instruments# inally,P6Inet is Pro$busB emerging industrial 1thernet standard thatill augment the Pro$bus architecture as 1thernet gainsacceptance at the de!ice le!el# Pro$bus also o8ers application=speci$c pro$les to address a ide !ariety o speci$c netor>ingrequirements# or 2AT users, PCS 7 o8ers integration o 2AT=compatible $eld de!ices# SIMATIC CS ! SIMATIC PCS 7 is Siemens; PAS o8ering that ser!es as the ulcrum or all o Siemens; process industry strategy# SIMATIC PCS 7currently has o!er se!en thousand reported installationsorldide# ul$lling the TIA !ision o common hardarein rastructure across application domains, SIMATIC PCS 7 includeshardare based on the common SIMATIC plat orm# SIMATIC PCS 7utiliDes common 1T%&& Series IE6, common P6I5FS and1thernet communications, common con$guration, engineering,operator inter ace, and a single uni$ed automation database#  The SIMATIC PCS 7 1ngineering Station (1S* pro!ides tightintegration and automated data transition beteen engineering,con$guration, operations, and 2MI# The I1C .)=compliantprogramming tools o8er easy engineering o the con$gurationlogic using a single database, pre=con$gured library bloc>s orcustom bloc>s, statement list, ladder diagram and unction bloc>s# The 1S is based on Siemens; Step 7 programming so tare, thuscontains all its strengths in addition to Structured Control9anguage (SC9*, Process 6bject !ie, Continuous unction Chart(CC*, Sequential unction Chart (SC*, Sa ety Matri3, and ISA=//compliant plant hierarchy !ies#  The Component ie in the 1S allos or con$guration o controlhardare and is typically the !ie or maintenance personnel ortechnicians# Con$guration can be done in standard unctionbloc>s or in SC# Fsers can also create customiDed unctionbloc>s# The Plant ie ithin 1S is the logical !ie that pro!ideshierarchical structuring o the plant by process area, unit, orcomponent# Copyright  © ARC Advisory Group ã ã !or #ter#$l %se O#ly ã 1-  Study Title ã Executive Overview  The Process 6bject !ie in 1S is the primary engineering !ie o  1S and o8ers a single point o entry# It pro!ides a modular andobject=based graphical !ie o the engineering process andpro!ides a de!ice=oriented perspecti!e or con$guration# Process6bjects represent de!ices such as pumps, motors, and $eldde!ices by pro!iding access to conte3t=speci$c in ormation suchas IE6 assignment, control hardare, 2MI representation, archi!es, unction bloc> parameters, alarm priorities, and alarm messages# 1S reduces design costs and startup times by automaticallyreusing data rom the control strategy con$guration during thecreation o the 2MI en!ironment# The ability or the operator to!ie and interact ith SCs is generated automatically or bothcontinuous and batch applications# Graphical representations o   aceplates can also be deri!ed automatically rom controlstrategies# Fsers can automatically generate process graphics rom the controller con$guration# 4isplays are populatedautomatically ith symbols, hich are pre=lin>ed# Con$gurationmanagement tools ithin 1S include a central changemanagement tool or SC modi$cations and an audit trail orcon$guration changes# Security in 1S can be lin>ed to theindos security scheme to control logon access# 1S also o8ers concurrent engineering, enabling a hole team o  engineers to or> on the same control strategies rom multiple,geographically distributed locations simultaneously# This allos or global distribution o engineering tas>s and engineering o  multiple projects simultaneously# More important, hoe!er, is thecollaborati!e sharing o engineering best practices in a dynamicay across multiple plants#  The system automatically guarantees data consistency# 9in>ingCA4ECA1 tools to Simatic PCS 7 impro!es data trans er rom theP@I4 (Piping and Instrumentation 4iagram*# The output data o  the CA3 tools can be trans erred direct to the engineering systemo Simatic PCS 7, hich simpli$es data e3change, reducespotential error sources, a!oids duplicated entry o data, and cutsthe con$guration time# 1-#  ã Copyright  © ARC Advisory Group ã ã !or #ter#$l %se O#ly


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