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  Participants buy/sell shares, make deposits and take out loans as they monitor share prices, stay abreast of current news and manage their individual portfolio. 3 Trade. Responses to student assignments are submitted to an online database. All students and the instruc-tor are able to research all companies by reading these submissions. Optionally, the instructor may set base prices for each company. 2 Research. The instructor enters students, sets the environ-ment and timeframe, and selects or creates assign-ments that help students define a business plan.The participants complete assignments in the role of CEO of the company they have created. 1 Create. What is simCEO? SimCEO is the web’s only dynamic, interactive  business and investing simulation where students: ã Create their own businesses ã Research each others’ companies online ã Buy and sell shares online to influence share prices while managing individual portfoliosStudents apply knowledge in many disciplines in an online simulation where they develop entrepre-neurial and investing skills in an authentic, challenging, and fun environment. Three Distinct Stages Patent Pending Jetlag Learning creators of simCEO 503 Crestwood RoadHendersonville NC 28739 There is no such thing as genuine knowledge and fruitful understand-ing except as the offspring of doing -John Dewey Who are we? SimCEO was created by Derek Luebbe, Laurie Luebbe and Jay Atwood. Combined, they have over 40 years of teaching and administrative experience in education. SimCEO is a product of Jetlag Learning based in Hen-dersonville, North Carolina. Mind Your Own Business!Mind Your Own Business! Copyright  © Jetlag Learning 2006 Create. Research. Trade. Class Economy Online $41.00$40.50$40.00$39.50 Class Economy Online simCEO Mission Statement  Jetlag Learning aims to rethink education by putting the learner's interests at the forefront and engaging  students in relevant tasks and meaningful play. Create.Research.Trade.  S o  u n i q  u e, i t ’ s  p a t e n t e d ! Class Economy Online   $41.00$40.50$40.00$39.50 Class Economy Online simCEO    M   i  n   d   Y  o  u  r   O  w  n   B  u  s   i  n  e  s  s   ! Entirely online.No software or paper needed.  Easy to Set Up. Easy to Play.  ã Instructor sets the start and end dates. ã Although recommended, no class time is needed. ã Once running, it takes very little instructor time. However, the use of bulletin board news and messages can be great learning tools. ã Set up time by the instructor is only one hour. What age groups can participate? Peer-grouped simulations are challenging environ-ments that can be made appropriate for students ranging from elementary school to university. Primarily, simCEO is intended for middle and high school students. How can it effectively teach such a wide range of ages? Its flexibility is the key. Teachers select assignments or create their own  to help students define their  business. These assignments can be complex or simple; they might simply be one assignment that takes ten minutes to complete or twenty assignments that take three months to complete. Suggestions for additional enrichment activities are provided on the website. What other services are included with simCEO?  ã A free online demonstration ã Ready-made assignments, environments, and articles. Use them. Edit them. Create your own. ã Tutorials on investment, with interactive quizzes ã Lesson plans, worksheets and teacher guides connected to the national economic standards. Cost $10.00 per participant. Bulk purchasing rates are available. How can I find out more information?  Visit the Learn More section of our website at! Created by teachers. Relevant feedback as performance is evalu-ated by instructors, peers and the public Limited feedback as assignments (if any) are handed in to instructor only Instructor sets environment and can dictate changes in news and prices Environment of the simula-tion is fixed Trades influence prices of company shares Trades do not affect prices Stock trading, deposits and loans possible Students only trade shares Companies begin evenly valued at $20 Companies already fairly valued by their current market price Research business and investing variables at the students' level of under-standing To value companies, students must know terminol-ogy and complex ratios and outsmart actual investors and analysts Students must create a business to thrive in a specific environment Companies already exist The environment is fixed simCEO Other Simulations Why is simCEO better?  E a c h  c l a s s  h a s  i t s  o w n  h o m e  p a g e  f o r  n e w s  a n d  a n n o u n c e m e n t s.  A  c l a s s r o o m  T i c k  e r  P a g e  d i s p l a y s  t h e  c u r r e n t  s h a r e  p r i c e  f o r  e a c h  c o m p a n y.  Is simCEO just for economics teachers? No. SimCEO’s flexibility allows for easy connections to English, geography, politics, science, math, and many other subjects. Teachers use their teaching skills to focus student energies on meeting appropri-ate educational objectives. How does a student win the simulation? Students may measure their success by: ã Creating a company that ends with the highest share price, or ã Ending with the greatest portfolio value. However, the true measure of success comes from the skills they will learn along the way. Why is simCEO such a useful learning tool? SimCEO puts students in a situa-tion where they have to create,  write and reason for an authentic purpose – to demonstrate quality to others and not just be graded  by the instructor. Why is the quality of student work better?  When students strive to research and write profes-sional answers intended to persuade others that their business will be successful, the quality of work increases. Students understand their responses are not simply graded, but reviewed by their peers and the public. Integrate the NCEE Standards Specific NCEE standards are applied through lesson plans, student worksheets, and teaching sugges-tions.
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