Site Survey Report Angola July 2005

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  Report INAMET Building Luanda-Angola.Dira Fred MolotsiAssisted by Emmanuel Magagwa. Introduction. A site survey of te !ro!osed lo ation for te #$%& '!!er Air  Networ( )#'AN* station at Luanda+ Angola was ondu ted during te !eriod of , t  -, st . /uly 001.Te lo ation is at te Luanda InternationalAir!ort on te se tion used for military air rafts. Tere are two e2isting buildings !robably build in te early si2ties.Te buildings are lo ated faraway from te terminal building were te entral fore asting offi e is lo ated. It is a se ure area of ourse as it islo ated in te military !remises. In tis regard se urity and es ort are alwaysre3uired. Te building om!rises of tree offi es. It was used to ouse teold 4aisala Digi ora system and te radio-teodolite wi  as beenremoved. Te building as a flat and strong roof to! suitable for teinstallation of te antenna for te u!!er air system. A fi2ed ladder wi gives a ess to te roof to! from witin an be seen learly troug te !assage. )Figure 1*. Te roof to! an also be a essed from outside trouga stair ase )figure *. I ave also re ommended tat te 5adome wi  stillan ored on te roof to! sould be removed as it would inibit te sigtingof te target during laun ing. It as also been re ommended tat suitable !ower !oints be installed in te tree offi es. Angola uses two !in !ower so (ets ommonly found in Euro!e. Te !ower is 0 volts 10 67... ,  Te building as sown in te above figures needs some refurbisment beforete installation of e3ui!ment. Te building is ,8.m long and 1.m wide.Te 95 and Dire tor of INAMET: Mr. #ualberto /oao is eager to aveLuanda u!!er air station re-establised en e e would urge te Angola#overnment to !rovide te ne essary funds for te refurbisment of te buildings witin te ne2t few monts. Te old Digi$ora M,, and te old5adio-Teodolite !ower su!!ly are still lying inside te building as sownin figures 8 and ; and will be removed during te refurbisment of te building.Te generator and balloon filling sed is about 0m away from te u!!er air sounding e3ui!ment building+ it is <m long and 1m wide. Ele tri ity isavailable as well as water. Te old &tuart ydrogen generator still lies insidete building and will ave to be removed. As it ould be seen from teatta ed figures te building needs a om!lete reabilitation. Te doors mayave to be re!la ed as almost all glasses on tese doors are bro(en. It may be better if te roller doors may be onsidered. Te e2isting ydrogen tan( may be used as it a!!ears to be still in good ondition.Te u!!er air station is lo ated far away from te o!erations room wi  is lo ated in te terminal building. It is not lear ow te fa ilities will be onne ted to ommuni ations entre in te fore asting offi e. It is owever e2!e ted tat a tele!one lin( may be used to onne t te u!!er air building to te o!erations room. Visit to Lubango 19 th  July   2005. Te air fares to and from Lubangu were !aid for by INAMET. Tis sowstat te Dire tor is very (een to ave te !ro=e t im!lemented as soon as !ossible.Lubango is one of te stations listed under te #&N stations. Te station asan old u!!er air station wi  as not been in o!eration for a long time =ustli(e te one in Luanda. Te Angolan autorities are also eager to reestablis   tis station. Lubangu is about eigt undred )00* (ilometers sout of Luanda in te >unene 9rovin e.Te Met offi e as an offi e in te terminal building of te Lubangu air!ort.Te offi e is urrently being refurbised. A few instruments were foundinside tis o!erations offi e. Te instruments are yet to be !ut intoo!eration wit te e2 e!tion of te wind dis!lay unit te 4aisala ?AD ,wi  was onne ted but not o!erational due to !roblems of !ower. Te met s3uare sown on te figure below will be used for te installation of te newly a 3uired 4aisala Milos 100 Automati ?eater station. Te site isalong te runway to !rovide a good !rofile of te !revailing weater  onditions along te run way.?e ten visited te u!!er air station wi  is about five (ilometers form teair!ort. Te u!!er air station building in Lubangu onsists of two buildingste u!!er air e3ui!ment building and te ydrogen generator and balloonfilling sed. Te stru tures as sown in te atta ed figures are similar totose of te u!!er air station in Luanda. Te e3ui!ment building still ouseste old radio-teodolite ?B5T-5 antenna installed on to! of te roof andstill overed by te antenna over. 9ower and water are available owever te two buildings =ust li(e tose in Luanda need om!lete refurbisment.)9lease note tat !otos for Lubango are sent se!arately as tey ould not fitin te file.*As you are aware our mission to Angola was to ondu t a site survey at teLuanda u!!er air station and assess te fa ilities and ma(e a!!ro!riatere ommendation to enable you to see( te ne essary funding for te !ossibility of reestablising te u!!er air station in Luanda. %ur assignmentwas also to arry out ins!e tions at some #&N stations and determine watassistan e may be re3uired to bring te stations to normal o!eration. Te reason wy te Angolan autorities de ided tat we visit Lubangu istat urrently tey do not ave a single u!!er air station o!erational en etey wanted us to visit tis station so tat we ould also bring it to your attention for onsideration wit Luanda so tat te #$%& donors may 8  sym!ateti ally re onsider teir stand and assist in te re-establisment of Lubangu u!!er air station.  Meeting with the ssistant Minister o! ost and #eleco$$unications%on. nna Maria de &ui$ares 21 st  July 2005 at 15'0 hrs. Te Dire tor of INAMET arranged an a!!ointment for us to see te 6on.Minister so tat we ould brief er on te ob=e tive of our visit to Luanda.Basi ally te Dire tor wanted te Minister to understand e2a tly wat te#overnment of Angola will be e2!e ted to do wit res!e t to te !ro!osedassistan e.I e2!lained to te Minister tat under te #lobal $limate %bserving &ystemsome of te #lobal '!!er Air stations and some of te #&N &tations ave been found to ave eased teir o!erations. It as terefore been deemedne essary to assist tose ountries wose stations ave eased o!erationsand in Angola one of te u!!er air stations identified is Luanda. I tene2!lained to te Minister tat my mission to Luanda was to asses tee2isting fa ilities and !rovide a re!ort to te #$%& oordinator for  onsideration and a!!ro!riate a tion.Te Minister said te mission we undertoo( to Angola was very im!ortant totem. Tey would wel ome any assistan e ?M% ould offer as te#overnment is urrently engaged in uge !ro=e ts of rebuilding te ountryafter te of ivil war. &e said Angola is a very large ountry wit , !rovin es only ,8 stations out of  weater stations are o!erational. &esaid te #overnment of Angola would be grateful to ?M% for watever su!!ort ould be !rovided !arti ularly wit te re-establisment of te u!!er air stations as urrently tere is no u!!er air station wi  is o!erational. &e !romised tat se would do everyting to ensure tat te e2isting u!!er air fa ilities are renovated to fa ilitate te re e!tion of te e3ui!ment !ro!osedu!!er air e3ui!ment. Te Minister also as(ed me to as( you if onsideration ould not be made for te !rovision of additional u!!er air e3ui!ment for testation in Lubangu. I told er tat I will onvey er re3uest but informed er tat my mission was only onfined to assess te fa ilities in Luanda as anu!!er air station. ?at I observed is tat te Angolan autorities are eager to ave te u!!er air station in Luanda o!erational before te end of te year if !ossible. ;


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