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slam book for students for getting the information from our friends with picturers
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  1SLAM BOOK OF K.SIVA PRASAD REDDY  1. Advice for me.2. Any Name, u would Like 2 Call Me 3. Are you proud of yourself?4. es! ! in# ! a! ever appened !o you?$. Color for me%. &edica!e a son# 4 Me.?'. &escri(e in one word, )riends ip is*. &escri(e in one word, L+) is-. &escri(e your &aily rou!ine?1. &escri(e w a! you feel like wakin# up on Monday mornin#.11. &escri(e your soul ma!e/12. &escri(e yourself in 3 sen!ences?13. &o you (elieve in 0od? +f yes ! en w y and if no, ! en w y?14. &o you (elieve in love?  y or w y no!?1$. &o you ave (oyfriend#irlfriend? SLAM BOOK OF KSPREDDY  2SLAM BOOK OF K.SIVA PRASAD REDDY 1%. &o you like !o sin# in ! e s ower?  ic son#?1'. ver cau# ! a virus, disease or sickness?1*.  o was yours crus on a  c arac!er w en you were !eena#ers?1-. )avori!e ooks?  y?2. )avori!e 5pression?21. )avori!e 0ames22. )avori!e 6por!s23. )avori!e aca!ion 6po!s24. 0if! for me2$. 7ave you ever fan!asi8ed a(ou! a friend9s #irlfriend?2%. 7ow do u )eel en u !alk !o me?2'. + am your?2*. +f + was your slave for a day, w a! would you ask me !o do for you?2-. +f u #o! a C ance !o ask me some! in# a(ou! My :ersonal Life?3. +f you are an au! or, w a! (ook would you wri!e? SLAM BOOK OF KSPREDDY  3SLAM BOOK OF K.SIVA PRASAD REDDY 31. +f you can invisi(le, !ell w a! firs! ! in#s u do?32. +f you could (e ! e world leader you wan! !o (e, w o would you (e?33. +f you could #e! one superpower, w a! would i! (e?34. +f you could mee! one person, dead or alive, w o would i! (e?3$. +f you #ive ano! er c ance !o live ur life.  a! will you do?3%. My Name in ur : one3'. My na!ure3*. My weakness3-. Nicknames people call you ?4. ;ne ! in# ! a! u Love ! e Mos! a(ou! Me43. 6ome ne#a!ive poin!s in you.44. 6ome posi!ive poin!s in you.4$. 6omeone w o knows all your secre!s?4%. 6pecial !alen!s?4'. 6u##es! a  s ow for me !o wa!c . SLAM BOOK OF KSPREDDY  4SLAM BOOK OF K.SIVA PRASAD REDDY 4*. 6u##es! a we(si!e for me !o #o !o.4-. ell me a(ou! ! ree funnies! friends you know in your life?$.  e (es! ! in# a(ou! you.$1.  e ! in# u like mos! in My )ace$2.  a! are your o((ies?$3.  a! else do you do in your free !ime?$4.  a! inspires you?$$.  a! is ! e funnies! ! in# ! a! as ever appened !o you?$%.  a! is ! e las! movie you <us! saw and did you like i!?$'.  a! is ! e one food ! a! you would never #ive up?$*.  a! is your all !ime funnies! prank?$-.  a! is your deepes! fear?%.  a! is your favori!e ac!ivi!y and w y?%1.  a! is your favori!e color and w y?%2.  a! is your favori!e drink and w y? SLAM BOOK OF KSPREDDY
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