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Walkability research project - in progress
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   ARCH 632 Summer 2018 Walkability in an old Railway suburb and a New Urbanist Township in the context of Montreal  Supervised Research Project Sumeet Kulkarni Supervised by: Prof. Vikram Bhat  Walkability in an old Railway suburb and a New Urbanist Township in the context of Montreal  Case studies of Town Mount Royal (old Railway suburb) and Bois Franc (New Urbanist) townships, Montreal. Sumeet KulkarniSupervised by Prof.Vikram BhattPeter Guo-hua Fu School of ArchitectureMcGill University, Montreal August 2018  A report submitted to McGill University in partial fulllment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Architecture© Sumeet Kulkarni 2018   Acknowledgements ii  Table of ContentsTitle AcknowledgementsList of Figures AbstractChapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Hypothesis and Research question 1.3 Methodology  1.4 Research LimitationsChapter 2: Literature Review  1.1 Range of research available 1.2 Types of research and methods deployed 1.2.1 Dimensions of walkability  1.2.2 ‘D’ variables 1.2.3 Measuring urban design qualities 1.2.4 Street design features 1.2.5 Planning features 1.2.6 Pedestrian features 1.2.7  Attributes of walkability  1.2.8 Operationalising walkability  1.2.9 Space syntax and Spatial analysis 1.3 SynthesisChapter 3: Case studies 1.1 Choice of case studies 1.2 Town Mont-Royal (An older neighbourhood developed as a railway suburb) 1.2.1 Quantitative factors Background and statistics iii
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