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  The pH Scale This is a graded number system from 0 to 14 to give a measure of the level of acidity or basicity of a solution with 7representing neutrality. Less than 7 is acidic and the lower the number the greater the acidity. Greater than 7 is basicand the higher the number the greater the basicity. Mandatory Practical Activity 13 Investigate the pH of a variety of materials using the pH scale.1. Obtain a variety of everyday solutions – rainwater, milk, bleach, vinegar, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, tea, coffee, milkof magnesia.2. Make up solutions of everyday soluble solids – glucose, table salt, baking powder, bath salts.3. Put each solution into its own clearly labelled small test tube.4. Dip the end of a strip of Universal Indicator paper into the solution.5. Match the new or unchanged colour of the tip to a colour on the pH colour chart.6. The number on the matching colour on the chart is the pH of the solution.7. Arrange in order of pH from 0 to 10 the substances that you tested. The pH of a Variety of Common SubstancesSolution pH Gastric Juice 2.0Lemon Juice 2.5Vinegar 3.3Orange Juice 4.4Rainwater 5.5Milk 6.5Pure Water 7.0Blood 7.4Saliva 7.8Seawater 8.3Toothpaste 9.0Milk of Magnesia 10.5  Copyright © 2008 Intel Corporation Contact us  | About skoool  | skoool Awards  | About Supporters  | Terms of Use  | Privacy & Security  
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