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    Squad Leader Classic  F-1 4/3/2004   6. CLOSE COMBAT 6.1 Basic Close Combat Resolution 6.1.1 20.1 Close Combat is an alternate type of fighting which can occur only during the Close Combat Phase between opposing units in the same hex. There are no terrain modifications to Close Combat dice rolls. 6.1.2 20.2 Unlike regular Fire Combat, Close Combat is considered simultaneous and both sides fire on the other-even if one or both sides is eliminated by opposing fire (Exceptions: poor visibility, Partisans, concealed counters) 6.1.3 20.3 In Close Combat, the firepower factors of attacking Units are compared to the firepower factor of the enemy units being attacked in order to arrive at a ratio of attack to defence strength known as odds. For example, if two 6-2-8 squads attack a 4-6-7 squad the odds would be 12-4 or 3-1. Fractions are always rounded down in favour of the defender. Once odds are determined the Close Combat Table on the Quick Reference Data Chart is consulted to determine the Kill Number for those odds. If the Kill Number or lower is rolled the attacked units are eliminated. The dice must be re-rolled for each separate Close Combat attack. 6.1.4 20.4 You may divide your Close Combat attacks in any manner you wish so long as no unit attacks more than once per Close Combat Phase. You may attack all or only some of the enemy units in the hex. You may combine all your Close Combat into one attack or break it down into smaller combats. All Close Combat attacks must be designated prior to any Close Combat dice rolls. 6.1.5 20.5 LMGs are the only support weapons which can be used In Close Combat. They add to the firepower of an attacking unit but are not included in the firepower of a defending unit when determining Close Combat odds. LMGs have no penetration factor when utilized in Close Combat. 6.1.6 20.6 The leadership modifiers of each leader in the same hex may be applied to one pre-designated Close Combat dice roll per player turn. 6.1.7 20.7 Close Combat attacks may not be made against a leader unless the leader began the Phase as the only enemy unit in the hex. 6.1.8 20.71 If at the end of the Close Combat Phase, all friendly squads which started the phase in the hex are eliminated, then any leader units in the hex are eliminated also. 6.1.9 20.72 A leader which begins the Close Combat Phase alone in a hex with enemy units is given a nominal firepower attack and defence strength of 1. The leader may not use both his nominal firepower strength and man a LMG, but his leadership modifier does affect his Close Combat Attack dice roll. 6.1.10 142.6 Pinned units in CC have their FP halved for offence only. They still defend in CC with their normal inherent FP. 20.1 Does smoke affect Close Combat?  A. No. {COI4-68} 20.4 May a unit be attacked more than once per  player turn in Close Combat?  A. Yes, but all such attacks must be pre-designated. {14.5-34}{COI4-68} 20.4 & 73.5 Suppose a Close Combat attack is made against both a CE (exhausted) and non-CE unit. Would the -1 DRM apply to both units?  A. No - the DRM would only apply to the CE unit.  Assume the dice roll is a '6'; the CE unit would be attacked by a '5' dice roll, the other unit by a '6', even though there was only one dice roll. The same logic would be applied to IFT attacks on combination CE-non CE targets. {16.1-34}{COI4-38}{COD-104} 20.5 Is the firepower of a LMG doubled in Close Combat?  A. No. {16.1-34}{COI4-38}{COD-104} 20.6 Can a leader in a melee use its leadership DRM defensively to worsen an opponent's attack?  A. No -leadership DRMs can be used only to improve your own fire. {COI4-38}{COD-104}    Squad Leader Classic  F-2 4/3/2004   20.72 Suppose two or more leaders are alone in a hex with enemy squads in Close Combat. Do they each have a nominal strength of 1?  A. No - together they would have nominal defence strength of 1. Of course, if they had a LMG, they could man it at full effect for an attack strength of 2. {COI4-68}   6.2 Visibility Effects 6.2.1 158.1 The moving player who has just advanced into CC may deduct 1 from his CC attack DR's only during the player turn he advanced into CC for any one condition which lessens visibility in the CC hex (smoke of any kind, night, fog). Advancing reinforcing units in subsequent turns would not be eligible for this DRM as long as the melee persists. Units in melee with a smoke making capability may attempt to place smoke during their PFPh, but may place it only in their own hex. 6.3 Melee 6.3.1 20.8 If units of both sides remain in the hex after all Close Combat attacks have been executed, those Units are locked in melee and may not leave the hex until one side or the other has been completely eliminated. 6.3.2 20.81 Units locked in melee cannot fire out of the hex during any subsequent Fire Phase, or conduct any other activity other than Close Combat. 6.3.3 20.82 New units may be brought into the melee hex within the limits of stacking during their Advance Phase. 6.3.4 20.83 The melee hex may be fired on using Fire Combat from units outside the hex but such fire affects both friendly and enemy units alike. 6.3.5 20.84 As long as a melee exists in a hex no support weapons can be captured in that hex. 6.3.6 158.2 WITHDRAWAL FROM MELEE: Any non-berserk unit engaged in melee (Exception: melee inside a bunker with enemy units outside the bunker) may attempt to withdraw from melee into an adjacent non-enemy occupied hex by announcing its   intention to do so at the start of the CCPh before attacks are designated. Withdrawing units may not make CC attacks. Withdrawing units are subject to a -2 DRM to all CC attacks made against them during that CCPh. The withdrawal DRM is only -1 if any visibility hindrance is present in the melee hex. The withdrawal DRM could be favourably modified by adding a +1 DRM for every friendly, unbroken unit in the CC that is not attempting to withdraw. If the withdrawing unit is a leader/hero, it may be attacked in CC as a separate target with a defence strength of 1 - unless it is withdrawing with a MMC, in which case it shares the fate of that unit. If there is more than one such unit, the leader may secretly choose the one it will be considered part of prior to any resolution of CC during that turn. 158.21 If the declared withdrawing unit is not eliminated or captured, it is placed at the end of that CCPh in any adjacent hex free of enemy units that it could normally reach were it moving in its APh. 158.22 Units withdrawing from melee may carry SW's, etc. (move prisoners, horses, wounded, or SW's during that CCPh) in excess of their IPC only by increasing their vulnerability. Non-broken withdrawing units may attempt to take their wounded and SW's with them when they withdraw, but do so at the expense of an additional -1 DRM per PP taken in excess of their IPC. 158.23 Partisans do not suffer the -2 DRM for CC withdrawal provided they qualified for the first-attack advantage of an ambush, and they make their withdrawal attempt in the first CCPh following their ambush attack. 158.24 Units withdrawing from/into a minefield or into a booby trap hex are immediately attacked by those devices with no chance for booby trap disarmament.    Squad Leader Classic  F-3 4/3/2004   6.3.7 158.5 Mounted cavalry, cyclists of all kinds, vehicle passengers, and even skiers who survive their initial round of CC are not required to remain in melee. These units have the choice of dismounting and remaining in melee without their prior handicap, or moving out of the melee hex in their mounted mode normally during their next MPh. Should they dismount, their form of conveyance remains in the melee hex with them and is subject to capture (Exception: AFV's are not subject to capture and are free to leave the melee hex in their MPh). Should no friendly units remain behind to keep the enemy in melee, those enemy units are freed from melee and may DF on the exiting units in the adjacent hex. 20.8 & 59.6 Assume spreading fire reaches a hex in which opposing units are locked in melee. Can they each go to a separate hex and break the melee?  A. No - 20.8 takes precedence. They cannot leave the hex while in melee and are consequently eliminated. {COI4-68} 20.81 & 89.3 Can a Russian squad locked in melee eliminate its prisoners?  A. No. {COI4-38}{COD-104} 20.83 & 20.9 Suppose four squads (2 Russian and 2 German) are locked in melee and during the Russian Prep Fire Phase outside fire into the melee hex breaks both Germans and one of the Russian squads. What happens?  A. The broken Russian squad is eliminated, the two German squads are either eliminated or captured at the Russian's option and the good order Russian squad is free to move or fire as if it had started the phase alone in the hex. {COI4-38}{COD-104}   6.4 Broken Units in Melee 6.4.1 158.3 A broken unit in the same hex with an enemy unit is not automatically captured/eliminated. Broken units may be attacked in CC and are subject to a -2 DRM to the CC DR. Broken units in melee may not rout during the RtPh, but they must attempt to withdraw from melee. (Note that a melee does not exist until both sides end a CCPh in the same hex.) Broken units may withdraw into any adjacent hex in the same manner as above, but once there normal rout rules would apply in any subsequent RtPh. Broken units may never attack. 6.5 Cowering 6.5.1 121.2 All IFT or Close Combat attacks which derive any portion of their firepower total from the inherent firepower of a squad or crew may be adversely affected due to that unit's partial failure to fire under stress. If the IFT or Close Combat resolution dice roll, prior to any modification, results in doubles (same number on both die) the attack is executed on the next lower column of the IFT or Close Combat tables UNLESS a leader (even a '0' or' +'leader) is directing that fire.
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