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    Squad Leader Classic H-1 4/3/2004   8. INFANTRY SUPPORT WEAPONS 8.1 Support Weapons (SW) are carried by infantry units and can be fired by them in addition to their inherent firepower. They do not have a covered arc and can be fired in any direction (unlike ordnance). 8.2 5.75 No infantry unit may fire more than one type   of support weapon in the same fire phase. LMG, MMG and HMG are all considered one type   of support weapon. 8.3 The following chart summarizes which types of infantry unit can use which types of SW and how many they can fire without losing their inherent firepower. Infantry Support Weapon Usage SW Squad Crew/HS Leader/Hero LMG, MMG, HMG  A   1 B ½ FP B#-1 CD  ATR   2* 1* 1 FT, DC 1 F 1 BF 1 F PF, MC,  ATM   4*   2 B 1 PIAT 2* 2 B 1 Baz, Psk 2* 1 B CD Radio NA NA 1 G Light Mortar 1* 1 1 C Notes:  A - One MG or 4 FP factors at no cost, or two MGs & forfeit inherent FP. B - One SW but loses inherent FP. C - Any two leaders / heroes may fire at full FP with no B# increase. D - Hero has option to fire at full strength by adding 1 to TO HIT / IFT DR & increasing B# frequency. F - Use by other than scenario-designated combat engineer unit or -2 / -3 leader / hero constitutes use of a captured SW. G - Hero may use only if designated or generated from a leader. * May fire up to double that number by forfeiting inherent FP.   8.4 Possession [Editor's note - these rules increase realism but do add to complexity so both players must agree to the use of these rules before play.]  8.4.1 164.1 When employing these rules it becomes necessary to determine possession of SW's among multiple infantry units in the same hex. Therefore, care must be taken to arrange stacks such that the possessing unit is directly beneath all SW's in its possession. Leaders/heroes may be considered part of the first MMC beneath them for SW possession purposes. Infantry may not fire nor carry SW's they do not possess, but may possess as many SW's as can legally stack in a hex. 8.4.2 Stacks may be rearranged within a hex to change possession of SW's between different units only during a friendly MPh and/or APh; Exception: Whenever a HS/leader/hero is formed, the unit it is created from may impart any SW it has to the newly created unit automatically. Such a change of possession may not take place during the MPh if the unit gaining possession fired its inherent FP or any SW's during the preceding PFPh or was in TI Status. Any weapon, which is fired during the PFPh, may not be transferred during the following MPh; any weapon fired during the AFPh may not be transferred during the following APh. No equipment may change possession more than once per phase. Units may not gain or maintain concealment while changing possession of a SW. 8.4.3 Note that rearrangement of ownership of weapons between units in the same hex is dependent on normal hex stacking limits, if a hex contains a bunker, entrenchment, sewer, or multi-level building a separate hex-within-a-hex situation may apply. (For example, units outside of a bunker may not trade possession of SW's with units inside the bunker until the unit actually moves within the bunker.) A unit    Squad Leader Classic H-2 4/3/2004   may never give up its inherent FP to another unit. 8.4.4 Should an infantry unit possessing SW's be eliminated, those SW's are placed beneath all infantry units which may be in the same hex and are not controlled by any unit until possession is gained during subsequent MPh/APh Acquisition. 8.4.5 Possession of SW's on vehicles in motion may not change except among passengers of the same vehicle. Berserk, broken, and grounded units may not acquire possession of SW's. If a unit breaks but then rallies in the same hex, acquisition of its own SW's is automatic.   8.5 Acquisition 8.5.1 164.2 Any non-berserk infantry on foot may try to gain possession of uncontrolled SW's (whether captured or friendly) once per hex per phase during its MPh and/or APh. Acquisition is possible only in the acquiring unit's currently occupied hex and requires passage of an Acquisition dr. Acquisition is gained on any dr < 6. A separate Acquisition DR is required for each SW in the hex that the unit wishes to acquire. Normal smoke DRM's apply. Acquisition is not possible in water, marsh, or mudflat terrain or during a melee even if control is merely being passed from one friendly unit to another. Acquisition is not possible while enemy units occupy the same hex. 8.5.2 A unit trying to gain possession during the MPh qualifies for a -1 drm to the Acquisition dr for each MF of possible movement it expends in the acquisition hex beyond that needed to enter the hex (if any). Such expenditure would count as movement for DF purposes unless the unit expended only one MF, in which case it would be considered a form of Assault Move-ment. The MF's expended could include bonus MF's from leader accompaniment, double time, or even ski bonus MF's. Support Weapon Acquisition Chart Condition Acquisition drm Tunnel location or hidden / concealed SW   +1 Night, fog, rain, deep snow, falling snow* +1 SW in LOS & normal range of unbroken enemy unit +1 Terrain is Wheatfield, brush, woods, crag or rubble   +1  Acquiring unit is a squad   -1    Acquiring unit is a SMC   +1 SW is 5/8 counter, attached to parachute, in vehicle   -2 *Per each condition; only night is applicable to equipment inside buildings, bunkers, or in abandoned vehicles; normal smoke DRM's apply.   8.5.3 A unit trying to gain possession during the APh qualifies for a -1 drm to the Acquisition dr if it begins and ends that phase in that hex without changing levels. A unit inside a special terrain feature within a hex such as a bunker or entrenchment would not qualify for the -1 drm while attempting to gain possession of a SW outside of those features even though they remain in the same hex. 8.5.4 An acquisition dr is not necessary to acquire possession of a SW currently possessed by another friendly unit. However, a unit may not gain and transfer possession of a SW in the same turn. Leadership modifiers never apply. 164.11 Since a SMC is considered a part of a MMC, can a SW possessed by a SMC be freely given to that MMC in any phase?  A. No - any friendly MPH or APh. {OAF} 164.2 Can a unit advancing into a hex for the  purpose of CC (i.e. enemy units are in the hex)    Squad Leader Classic H-3 4/3/2004   acquire loose SWs in that hex, especially if the enemy units are only vehicles?  A. No. {OAF}   8.6 Captured and Allied Equipment and Vehicles 8.6.1 Foreign allied troops trying to repair a malfunctioned allied support weapon eliminate that weapon with a repair die roll of 5 or 6. Otherwise, troops may use allied support weapons with no other detriment, providing they start the scenario with those weapons in their possession. 8.6.2 90.1 Any support weapon, which falls into enemy possession, may be utilized by the opposition for its own attacks. Special captured weapons such as flamethrowers, demo charges, and ordnance of any type do not have to be manned by elite troops, leaders, or crews. Radios are not considered support weapons for purposes of this rule. 8.6.3 90.11 Friendly units not normally qualified to use special weapons such as flamethrowers or demo charges may also use these weapons, but they use them as if they were captured support weapons. 8.6.4 90.12 A captured support weapon has its Breakdown Number decreased by 2 due to lack of familiarity with the weapon and difficulty of ammunition re-supply. A captured support weapon that breaks down is permanently eliminated. 8.6.5 90.13 All attacks (including American) by captured ordnance must use the red TO HIT numbers and add a +2 DRM to all TO HIT attempts. Attacks by captured support weapons, which do not use a TO HIT table, have their firepower factors halved when rolling for effect on the IFT. 8.6.6 90.14 In some scenarios, special rules may prohibit certain nationalities or types of units from utilizing some or all captured support weapons to reflect the unskilled nature of the troops involved. SQLA - [22A, 23A] German 838s, Russian 628s, and American 847s may use DC and FT of their own nationality without penalty unless restricted by SSR. 90.1 If a German AT Gun is captured by the Russians, does it use the black or red TO HIT numbers?  A. Red. Ordnance captured by another nationality always uses the red TO HIT numbers. {COI4-70}{COD-74} 90.11 & 90.12 Are special weapons used by unqualified friendly troops permanently eliminated when they break down?  A. Yes. {COI4-70} 90.12 Do captured Demo Charges and ATMs fail to explode on an effect dice roll 2 less than their normal breakdown number?  A. Yes, captured Demo Charges would acquire a Breakdown Number of 10+. {COI4-70}{COD-74} 90.13 Does a captured MG or Demo Charge used against an AFV suffer any penalty other than increased breakdown frequency?  A. No. {COD-105} [Editor's note - the next two answers seem to conflict to me - take your pick.] 90.12 Is the breakdown number of a captured weapon used by a non-elite squad (or non-crew) decreased by 2 twice; once for being captured and once for not being a qualified crew or assault troop ?  A. No - it is decreased only once. {17.2-46} 90.13 Can regular squads (eg. German 4-6-7) man a friendly ATG or other ordnance weapon normally served by a crew, as though it were a captured  piece with all penalties involved?  A. Yes. {OAF} 90.13 Can regular squads man a captured ordnance weapon with two times the captured penalties assessed for normal captured weapons, for example, if a 4-6-7 German squad captures a   Russian ATG, can they fire it using a +4 modifier To Hit and a +4 modifier for breakdown, instead of the normal +2 assessed a capturing German crew?  A. Yes. {OAF} 90.6 Is it legal to move a captured 60mm or smaller mortar?  A. Yes. {KM}    Squad Leader Classic H-4 4/3/2004   90.6 If a gun is captured in tow, may it be moved from the capture hex, and if so may it be moved again if it eventually un-hooks in a new hex?  A. Yes. {KM} If a crew captures ordnance (i.e., ATG), do they suffer the +2 TO HIT and -2 to breakdown penalties for captured equipment?  A. Yes. {BT}   8.7 Deliberate SW Destruction 8.7.1 Any non-berserk, unbroken MMC may destroy or deliberately malfunction any SW's, vehicles, or ordnance in its possession during any CCPh in which it does not engage in CC. An unbroken SMC could destroy or malfunction only one such counter per CCPh. The destruction or immobilization of vehicles (or malfunctioning of their armament) is limited to their inherent crews or subsequent occupying infantry. 18.1 & 17.8 Could a unit purposely jam a support weapon rather than destroy it?  A. Yes. {COI4-67}   8.8 Random SW Destruction 8.8.1 Anytime a KIA result on the IFT occurs in a hex after all modification, re-roll one die on the IFT for each SW/ordnance in the hex using the column to the left of the FP column which generated the KIA. A +1 DRM would apply if the fire that caused the KIA was due solely to inherent infantry fire (unless PBF), airbursts, and/or MG's and a -1 DRM would apply if the KIA were due to an AFV overrun. No DRM from the srcinal KIA DR would carry over to the subsequent SW destruction DR. If the result of that DR is another KIA on the new column, that SW is eliminated as well. Otherwise, the SW remains in the target hex for possible later acquisition and use. Exception: a SW in a rubbled or burning hex is automatically removed. Note that random SW destruction cannot occur as a result of an initial KIA on the IFP column, in CC, or automatically to non-portable ordnance due to Overruns. Overruns which end their turn in the target hex check for Random SW Destruction of non-portable / abandoned weapons even if the overrun did not result in a KIA unless that weapon was in a trench/entrenchment. 8.9 Machine Guns [Editors note - the MG rules are re-stated in section 143 of GI because of the number of small sections previously used.]   8.9.1 Infantry Usage A squad may fire any one MG or two LMG's at no cost to its own inherent FP, or any combination of two MG's with normal MG FP effect in excess of 4 FP factors. Squads taking the latter course forfeit their own inherent FP for that player turn except in CC. A leader may fire any one MG as Area Fire, but the breakdown frequency of that weapon is increased by lowering the B# by one. Two leaders may fire any one MG at full FP with no lowering of the B#, If a leader mans a MG (either singly or in combination with another leader) he loses any leadership DRM he may have exerted over other firing units in the same hex. However, he would maintain the leadership DRM for his own fire provided he is not part of a FG that would otherwise not have that leadership DRM. Crews / HS's may fire any one MG with full FP but in so doing lose their inherent FP for that player turn (Exception: only LMG's may be used in CC). A crew / HS
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