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In-depth look at Smart Cards
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  SMART CARD  INTRODUCTION   A smart card , chip card , or integrated circuit card  ( ICC ), is defined as any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits which can process information. This implies that it can receive input which is processed - by way of the ICC applications - and delivered as an output.  The card is made of plastic, generally PVC, but sometimes ABS. The card may embed a hologram to avoid counterfeiting.   A smart card is a card that is embedded with either a microprocessor and a memory chip or only a memory chip with non-programmable logic.  The microprocessor card can add, delete, and otherwise manipulate information on the card, while a memory-chip card (for example, pre-paid phone cards) can only undertake a pre-defined operation.   A smart card  is a card with a microchip in it. Such cards are used as a method of identification and authentication.  CH R CTERESIS OF SM RT C RD    Dimensions are normally credit card size. The ID-1 of ISO 7810 standard defines them as 85.60 × 53.98 mm.  Contains a security system - tamper-resistant properties (e.g. a secure cryptoprocessor,secure file system, human-readable features) and is capable of providing security services.   Asset managed by way of a central administration system which interchanges information and configuration settings with the card through the security system. The latter includes card hotlisting, updates for application data.  Card data is transferred to the central administration system through card reading devices, such as ticket readers, ATMs etc.  BENEFITS Smart cards provide a means of effecting business transactions in a flexible, secure way with minimal human intervention and in a standard way.Smart cards are used as a method of identification and authentication.
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