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Whether smoking in public should be banned
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  Page 1  of 4   Name: Thang Minh Le Student ID: 14055996 Class: 6M Topic: Smoking should be banned in public places. Do you agree or disagree?? Smoking is one of the major problems around the world. Many people who work under pressure think that smoking is a useful way to relieve stress after hard working hours, but the others are concerned about the bad impacts of cigarettes on health. In some countries, some politicians proposed a motion to forbid smoking in public places. Cigarette makers are strongly critical to the above motion, because it puts their own interest under a big threat. If Governments completely forbid smoking in public places, many workers who work in the industry will lose their jobs. However, the other parts of society highly appreciate this idea, for it is an effective solution to reduce the dangers of cigarette. This essay argues that smoking should be prohibited in public places. First of all, it is clear that smoking in public places may leave the unexpected consequences for society. It is not good for children who always see the images of adult’s smoking in crowded place s . Children’s ability to realize the potentially dangerous outcomes of using cigarette is very limited. The curiosity of boys and girls encourage them in trying novel things, so they have tendency to act the same as people around them. Moreover, some teenagers consider smoking as an action to mark their transition into adulthood and maturity As a consequence, when the smoking habit has formed since we were child, it really hard to quit it. If the bad thing is repeated from generation to generation, humankind will face up with a disaster about health. Secondly, many people are well aware of the bad effects that smoking brings to their health, but fewer have a right evaluation of the harm that smoking is to environment. After using a cigarette in the public places, throwing a cigarette on the ground is one of common habits of smokers. However this is a bad habit, the cigarette butts leave the harmful effects for the environment. The cigarette butts need a lot of time to disintegrate. As reported by McLaren (2005) “Traditional butts are made of synthetic polymer cellulose acetate’ and never deg rade, only breaking apart after roughly 12 years.”  The land is polluted by the cigarette butts, because the cigarette  Page 2  of 4   butts are not biodegradable. In addition, the irresponsible smokers in the developing countries still throw the cigarette butts into rivers and lakes that are harmful for the lives of aquatic creatures. McLaren (2005) also argued that cigarette butts took an hour of contact with water to leach chemicals such as cadmium, arsenic and lead into marine enviroment. As a consequence, people and the other creatures use polluted water supplies that cause dangerous diseases to deprive people of life. If the smoking ban in public takes effect, the cigarette butts are no longer a big problem and everyone will enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment. Finally, smoking in public put our health in danger. Instead of enjoying a fresh and clean air, non-smokers inhale toxic air that is created by smoke in the public places where many people always smoke. Studies demonstrated that secondhand smoke may lead to ear infections, respiratory symptoms, respiratory infections and infant death syndrome (SIDS) in children. In addition, many adults catch lung cancer and heart disease because of secondhand smoke. Studies demonstrated that cigarette smoke contained 4,000 compounds which are adverse for health and cause cancer. As reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), nonsmokers who breathe secondhand smoke can get hazardous effects on cardiovascular system that can raise the risk for heart attack. Furthermore, CDC also proved that nonsmokers who get close secondhand smoke at home or work intensified their lung cancer risk up to 20  – 30%. This means that by getting close to smokers, ordinary people may die by cancer that is caused by second hand smoke. It is unfair for non- smokers who suffer bad outcome of health, because they inhale toxic air. It is clear that smoking should be disallowed in public places, because of leading to unexpected outcome for society, having harmful impact on the enviroment and creating a danger for people’s health. By offering a prohibition against  smoking in crowded places means that the Government takes action against the danger of tobacco for people’s health . They are concerned about the cigarette related diseases. In addition, the ban encourages smokers to reduce and give up tobacco completely and discourages non- smokers in following the smoker’s steps. The ruling of Government brings much benefit to community and improves the quality life.  Page 3  of 4   Bibliography 1. Christian Nordqvist (2014) Why is smoking bad for you? 2. McLaren, W. (2005) Cigarette Butts: One Huge Problem, Two Solutions. 3. Secondhand Smoke (2009) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Page 4  of 4   Reference 1. Christian Nordqvist (2014) Why is smoking bad for you?  Available at: (Accessed: 17 October 2014) 2. McLaren, W. (2005) Cigarette Butts: One Huge Problem, Two Solutions.   Available at : (Accessed: 7 December , 2009) 3. Secondhand Smoke (2009) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Available at: (Accessed: 5 December , 2009)
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