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  1The Company has three subsidiaries,four factories,the secod largest plant is just merged company to unify ADenion of the need to improve the o! of content, deal soluon#$tatement to complete the tas%CFull content charges&Connect the tle , the project team should alsoA$enior leaders and communicate progress and ris% assessmentbFind te second largest factory for sponsor'(et!or%s sellers and suppliers of account,and the customer is paid immediately, so cash o! is negave,c *+ Co-ee companies face compeon, to locali.e the brand,the most a-ected areasA/roduct por0olio#/rocess design+C Company produce environmentally2friendly fabrics,reduce green house gas emmissions,the company p A3educon of only children4s producon on lineb5nly made container transport6$peed development company,To build a second plant, this me policyAT!o factories !ere built supply e7ible device#only meet the needs of major customerscTo prevent other sellers a!ay customers8companies from labor2intensive to capital2intensives restructuring ,amor.aon of indirect labour costs,tu :incurrcost share in the cost or standard cost allocaon cost );5f a do!nstream partner is a rst er supplier or rst er customer )1<=uic% asset rao calculated inventory) >?uipment ) /ayable receivable )11Companies to the ne! system,computer applicaon development language should be the beginning of th 1&/roduct 5pportunity rate to 1 @ ,(/ is negave nal projectAo! rate of return for the 1@#Does not ma%e money1'$aturaon capacity, #ut also increase by 1< @ , Bo! do )A5verlap##uy CapacityCnder1*3ates decline,hurdle rate )1+ob dismiss temporary !or%ers represented in the form of capacity )eadingaggingTrac%ingsurging16olume e7ible performance indicators from !hich it )capacity uli.aonproducvity e-eiciancyforecast variance18' boom line mainly refers toeconomical, environment,social1:sustainablity consistent companyAComply !ith regular re?uirement  #Train the employee1;$ustainablity system began to do !hat )Train e7ecuve management&;Bo! to increase inventory turnover rate )A ncrease the distributor center'<competor to improve the arrival rate,mar%et share, the company ho! to do )AAddional distributor center in the major mar%ets#carrier negoaonsCmeet customer arrival ratedsupplier co ordinaon   informaon systems, First , The project team should do cle me ) licy is not conducive to most rned out to be spread on the labour hour,and no! you !ant to share in the material ) 9achine ) rules ) The establishment of ?uality assurance inspecon plan )
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