Snowmobile Off Highway Vehicles Search and Rescue Funds Boating. Vessel Account RBS WIF

Snowmobile Off Highway Vehicles Search and Rescue Funds Boating Vessel Account RBS WIF Distribution of moneys collected -- County snowmobile fund -- State snowmobile fund -- State snowmobile
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Snowmobile Off Highway Vehicles Search and Rescue Funds Boating Vessel Account RBS WIF Distribution of moneys collected -- County snowmobile fund -- State snowmobile fund -- State snowmobile search and rescue fund. (2) Each county with a bona fide snowmobile program shall be entitled to receive from the department eighty-five percent (85%) of the moneys generated for that county during that registration period. Counties with a bona fide snowmobile program may use up to fifteen percent (15%) of their county snowmobile moneys upon recommendation by their county snowmobile advisory committee for snowmobile law enforcement purposes. Equipment grants are available under the Off Road Motor Vehicle Fund (ORMV) grant program but it requires a 50% match is required. Program is administered by IDPR. A. Snowmobile search and rescue fund (1) There is hereby created in the state treasury the snowmobile search and rescue fund. Moneys in the snowmobile search and rescue fund shall be perpetually appropriated to and shall be used by the director of the Idaho state police for the purpose of defraying costs of search and rescue operations which are conducted by a county sheriff's office to assist or recover individuals riding snowmobiles, and for no other purpose. Money for the fund comes one dollar that was added to snowmobile registration. Grants for equipment are available through the ORMV program. 50% match is required for Equipment. Each Sheriff may also have a Off Highway Vehicle Safety Program. $1.00 from each OHV registration goes into this fund. The program is entering its third year. The first year 9 Counties participated and last year 13 were involved. Funds from this program can be used for OHV expenses from the Sheriff s Office and the funds are sent to the County from IDPR. b. A program shall be recognized as an off-highway vehicle law enforcement program if it is sponsored by a county sheriff to promote off-highway vehicle safety, education, and law enforcement and is overseen by an advisory committee of three (3) or more individuals to include at least one (1) sheriff or deputy sheriff, one (1) motorbike representative, and one (1) all-terrain vehicle or utility type vehicle representative. ( ) e. Money in the off-highway vehicle law enforcement fund shall be used by the Department for the purpose of defraying costs of off highway vehicle related law enforcement activities that are conducted by a county sheriff s office and for no other purpose. Defrayable costs shall include: ( ) i. Wages (including overtime wages) of county sheriff s deputies directly engaged in off-highway vehicle law enforcement, as described in this Section; ( ) ii. Wages for court appearances pertaining to violations of Idaho law pertaining to off-highway vehicles, as described in this Section; and ( ) iii. Direct costs to the sheriff s office required to facilitate the enforcement of off-highway vehicle laws, including vehicle purchase costs, fuel costs, supply costs and vehicle maintenance costs. ( ) 2016 Counties and Dollar Amounts: COUNTY AMOUNT COUNTY AMOUNT ADA $ 10, GEM $ 3, BINGHAM $ 5, IDAHO $ 7, BLAINE $ 3, KOOTENAI $ 15, BONNEVILLE $ 10, LATAH $ 4, CAMAS $ 1, MADISON $ 1, CARIBOU $ 2, MINIDOKA $ 2, CASSIA $ 4, OWYHEE $ 12, CLEARWATER $ 3, POWER $ 1, ELMORE $ 5, TWIN FALLS $ 9, FREMONT $ 6, VALLEY $ 7, ISA GRANT FUND $ 36,661.00 Funds that are not designated by the user or that are allocated for a County that does not have an OHV Safety Program are distributed through a formula. Some of those funds go to Counties with Programs and some goes to the ISA. Funds that go to ISA are to be distributed to Counties that have a specific need for additional funds. Last year ISA distributed $35,680. Those funds will be distributed as a grant through the Operations Committee with final approval by the Board of Directors. Idaho Statue The sheriff of each county shall: (a) Be the official responsible for command of all search and rescue operations within the county; (b) Prepare and keep current a plan to command the search and rescue capabilities and resources available within the county. (3) All aerial search assets shall be under the coordination of the Idaho transportation department's division of aeronautics. The ground aspects of the search and rescue of lost aircraft and airmen shall be under the supervision of the county sheriff, in coordination with the chief of the bureau of homeland security and the administrator of the division of aeronautics. (4) Nothing in subsection (2) of this section shall apply to search and rescue operations within the incorporated limits of any city when the city performs such service. (5) Nothing in subsection (2) of this section shall apply to the rescue of entrapped or injured persons where their location is known to be within a fire district where the fire district performs such service. (6) Nothing contained in subsection (2) of this section shall apply to the removal of entrapped or injured persons where the person's location is known to a local EMS agency licensed by the state of Idaho This fund is for reimbursement to the Sheriff s Search and Rescue. A small portion of the gas tax funds this account. It is paid based on set reimbursement rates and does not pay for any wages. Forms are found on the ISA webpage. Requests for funds go to the Butte County Sheriff Search Reimbursement Forms Search and Rescue Training Application Search and Rescue Equipment Matching Fund ENFORCEMENT. The sheriffs and deputy sheriffs of the respective counties shall be primarily responsible for the enforcement of this chapter and in the exercise of their authority may stop and board any vessel subject to law. 85% of the boat registration fee goes to the State Vessel Account. Up to 15% may be retained by IDPR. Boat owners may designate a primary and secondary county of use. The money is then allocated as 70% to the primary and 30% to the secondary county. If only one county is designated, then that county gets the entire amount Remittance of fees: (6) Only those counties in the state with a boating improvement program, as recognized by the department, shall be eligible to receive moneys from the state vessel account. A boating improvement program means that one or more recognized boating facilities are being developed and/or maintained within the county's jurisdiction and/or that the county has or is actively developing a recognized boating law enforcement program. (7) Moneys apportioned to the eligible counties shall be placed in and credited to an account which shall be known and designated as the county vessel fund, which shall be used and expended by the board of county commissioners for the protection and promotion of safety, waterways improvement, creation and improvement of parking areas for boating purposes, making and improving boat ramps and moorings, marking of waterways, search and rescue, and all things incident to such purposes including the purchase of real and personal property. The board of county commissioners is also authorized to use and expend funds from the county vessel fund outside the county when the board deems it advisable and for the public good. National program administered by the US Coast Guard. Idaho funds are administered by IDPR. These funds are distributed to eligible Counties using a complex formula. Matching funds are required for this program. The County must match 50% of the funds allocated to the County. Only vessel account funds may be used for the match Butte, Clark and Lincoln counties currently do not receive allocations for county vessel accounts because they have not established a program and/or do not have any facilities. The following counties do not currently receive RBS grants: BANNOCK CAMAS IDAHO LEWIS SHOSHONE BUTTE CLARK LATAH LINCOLN TETON Grant program administered by IDPR. Money comes from the State gas tax. It is 66% of a 1.28% slice of the tax or about 1.1 million per year. Match amount varies depending on type of project. Funds must be used to make improvements for boaters.
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